Interior Design Ideas Pinterest

By | May 9, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Pinterest – Although 2023 fashion trends are my specialty, I would also like to share with you tips and decorating ideas for a new interior design this year. And it’s a good time, because Pinterest has just revealed plans that we will see a lot in the next twelve months! Bright colors, eco-friendly decor, found at antique flea markets… it’s a waste of all the cool Pinterest 2023 summer interior design trends we’ll soon see everywhere!

Every year, after opening the gift, we experience a great post-holiday detox, and before the start of winter sales, it’s time for Pinterest home decor trends! Are you planning a small piece of furniture for your living room, bedroom, or entryway in the next few months? All the more so because what’s new in interior design is looking for my favorite source of inspiration, which will teach us what our homes should look like this year! If you liked the interior trends of 2022, do not worry, I am here to convince you that some of them will continue to mix with new ones. Mushrooms, brilliant sounds, handmade items… Here is a great inspiration to give your home maker, according to the greatest interior design trendsetter!

Interior Design Ideas Pinterest

Interior Design Ideas Pinterest

Like it or not, bright colors will be the stars of your home this year! And 70 vintage oranges would be at the top of the list! If fashionistas have already invited this bright color to their living rooms, interior design lovers will also give it a go and transform their homes. With a small touch using decorative objects such as candles, lamps or pillows. Whether it’s for a statement orange wall, curtain, or couch, orange will be the key color of the year. And it will create a real psychedelic atmosphere! Ha! I really like orange terracotta, which has already made its mark in the modern kitchen of 2023.

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Good news for decor enthusiasts with care: pets will be a big part of most home decor trends on Pinterest in 2023! And especially if they are accompanied by ornaments of things, especially intended for cats and dogs. Playhouses, DIY bread cups and baskets, dog pools, DIY swamps, etc. Some home decor (and outdoor decor) provides everything you need to create a little paradise for your four-legged friend!

For some time, full marketing strategies have been proliferated on social media. The result? Second hand is a fast fashion trend and will become a real way of life in 2013… And you love it! More than just decorating your home for a fraction of the price, flea markets allow you to find unique and hard-to-find jewelry that you can even buy online! Instagram accounts, e-boutiques, garage sales… There are many easy options to find small stores to decorate your home, while also on the planet. The right way to decorate the reception this year, according to Pinterest? Combine antiques with modern decorative elements to create the ultimate, bohemian or 100% personal interior!

“Logo design will no longer be a big forgotten thing by 2023,” says Pinterest! According to the interior design trendsetter, the first impression is always the most important when inviting guests. So the problem is to decorate this corner of the house! In 2023, with the right decorating ideas, it will become a room in itself, like a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom. The concept? Make the most of it! Therefore, to build a porch, to put a side table in a beautiful part, to put antiques in it, a modern lamp to light up the space or to create plants to show energy. Finally, you never miss another chance to make a good first impression!

When we suffered from the plague and the insurmountable blockade, a small green garden became a necessity. To maintain your green outdoor corner or your green wall on the balcony, in 2023, we use sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. For example, we try to have a beautiful urban garden without consuming a lot of water by looking for a way (or a tool) to collect rainwater. Similarly, we like plants that don’t need a lot of water, are easy to care for, and can withstand a dry environment. In the bathroom, we’re swapping out the tub for Italian Rain, so Mother Nature will do her a favor!

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2023 will be the year of the magical mushroom, according to Pinterest experts! And it’s no joke! In the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even in the bathroom, the mushroom will be an ornament like any other. Luscious, colorful and crazy, they will herald the return of psychedelic forms to our interiors. But how do you find the most desired jewelry item in time to exchange your space? But Ikea of ​​course! Among the fruits of the new collection of January 2023, the lamp mushroom continues to grow. You can also find what you want in other places like H&M Home, Kare Design or Sostrene Grene.

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What is the Dulux color of the year 2023? We’ve found a shade that’s inspired by nature: we’ve been listed on ELLE DECOR’s Pinterest boards as our favorite spaces of 2017. From a Scandinavian-bohemian bathroom to a dance-inspired powder room with bold wallpaper, ready to pour your heart out. When you’re done, stop by our popular rooms on Instagram.

Interior Design Ideas Pinterest

When Homepolish designer Erika Yeaman couldn’t decide on a unique style for her Dallas home, she went with the best of both worlds: Scandinavian minimalism and bohemianism. This hot powder bath features natural materials and rich textures that come together to create a homely feel.

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In the dining room, antiques include an Italian wing chair in Glant leather, leather chairs, a travertine base table, Jim Thompson silk-covered banquette pillows, artwork includes a large painting by Jon Schueler, a white column statue. Richard Faralla and metal sculpture by Brian Wall.

In the bedroom, the bed is decorated in the line of Robert Kime and dressed in antique French clothes, the side table is 18th century English, the lamp is Indian in the 19th century, the mirror is Italian in the 18th century and the tables are of Latin origin. , French and American. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball Off-White.

This light-filled, 22,000-foot dream home in Utah by Alice Lane Home Collection may be in an unlikely location, but the decorating game is stronger than ever. With 14 chairs, a custom zebrawood table completes the dining room.

Minnie Driver’s Hollywood Hills home, designed by Peter Dunham, combines global influence with a healthy dose of English flair and charm.

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Here, the living room couch is covered in Schumacher fabric, the cocktail table, 1940s Italian walnut table, lamp and jute rug are all from Hollywood Home. A ’50s French bergère at Lee Jofa is covered in flowers and a vintage French bracelet with a 1960s suzani top.

This Upper West Side space by designer Kimille Taylor proves that style and function can coexist. In the dining-room, the table and banquets, in Maharam mohair, are custom designs; The Koi chair and chair are painted by Allen Anthony Hansen.

Rachel Parcell’s Pink Peonies walk-in closet takes things to the next level. Between white, pink, and black accents, gorgeous furniture from the Alice Lane Home Collection, and a separate floor-to-ceiling shoe cabinet, it’s the perfect space for a fashion lover’s dream.

Interior Design Ideas Pinterest

Designer Sean Anderson’s Memphis country house features dark colors and gothic decor. In his mysterious but manly living space, you will find everything from a collection of bugs to animal horns and rough carved wood and whitewashed floors, all of which leave a wonderful impression.

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In one of New York’s tallest towers, the design team of Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson created a charming Manhattan home with a palette of bold fabrics and sparkling spaces. Here, the foyer console and mirror are from Hudson Furniture, and the cocktail table beyond is a custom design.

Fashion designer Erin Beatty’s West Village by Work + Sea apartment is high on style and family furniture. Dust room wallpaper evokes the feeling of being in a dense forest. Barclays merged with Samuel Heath’s institution.

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