Interior Design Ideas White Walls

By | May 7, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas White Walls – For Dominic Gebru, narrow hallways and an awkward floor plan led him to Washington, D.C. That wasn’t enough to stop the apartment from being rented out—it was the paint. “When I first walked past, it looked horrible to be honest; I almost didn’t rent,” she said. “The walls were painted this dark gray and it was really scary.”

Luckily, the creative behind @dommdotcom was able to see past the gloomy facade and sign on the dotted line for the railroad-style apartment. In nine months, she transformed the rental house into a full-on living home, thanks in part to our warm white paint and lots of locally sourced vintage pieces.

Interior Design Ideas White Walls

Interior Design Ideas White Walls

“Even my partner, who claims to have no opinion on that sort of thing, was like, ‘Wow, it looks so bright in here, I can’t believe we ever worried about it being too dark,'” she shares. . “I was like, ‘I really think it’s paint!’ It gave us a much-needed clean look.” Below, find her tips for decorating with white walls and breathing new life into small rentals.

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While Dominique clearly looked to Pinterest for design inspiration, she didn’t let picture-perfect images dictate her vision. “I think it’s good to use your aspirational images as a guide and pepper the slices of who you really are,” she explains. Her DIY library, impressive plant collection and vintage furniture are great examples. “Our home is full of floors that make sense to us and really help create a ‘lived-in’ feel.”

In addition to thoughtfully utilizing every inch of the 500-square-foot apartment, Gebru made the most of her space by creatively decorating it with white walls. “Always go upstairs when there’s no floor space,” she shares. “The gallery wall in the dining room, the library in the living room and the DIY bedroom shelves really finish off the space and provide much needed storage.”

Despite careful planning, Gebrew changed the design several times. “I was going for minimal, but I ended up with something more eclectic,” she explains. “I like how it turned out, but deviating from my original plan was stressful.” Looking back, he believes flexibility is essential, especially when dealing with small spaces. “It’s okay if whatever you set your mind to doesn’t work out,” she notes. “I’ve changed the dining room table, the living room layout, the overall aesthetic, and I still need to change the couch.”

To that end, Gebru recommends taking your time when designing a home. “I planned every room to a tee before we moved in—I literally built the deck,” she laughs. “But if I could do it all, I would definitely stay in space for a while and see what feels right. The most challenging part was realizing that my design approach was wrong and could have been avoided if I had slowed down.”

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When conceptualizing a design, allow your most vibrant, essential pieces to follow the color scheme. “You don’t want the space to look cluttered; You want it to look comfortable,” Gebrew explains. “I made sure to consider the color and texture of our pieces before we got down to the paint shed. Wipod created a really clean slate that we needed to make the pieces shine.”

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Interior Design Ideas White Walls

An attractive mural on the wall welcomes you to this creative studio, becoming a piece of art in a challenging space. When you make a purchase through a link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

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If you think white living room ideas are only reserved for ultra-modern homes, think again. Surprisingly, a white living room scheme will work regardless of the style of your home.

Evoking purity and cleanliness as well as confidence and sophistication, white is an amazingly versatile color for the main room of your home. Our white living room ideas (opens in a new tab) will give you all the inspiration and advice you need when decorating with white.

This is one of the most popular living room paint ideas for versatile neutral interiors (opens in a new tab) and it’s easy to see why.

White offers a blank canvas that brightens dark spaces and can make even the smallest living room (opens in new tab) feel spacious, light and bright.

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Avoid a white room that looks too clinical or sterile by decorating with neutrals (opens in new tab). An important consideration when decorating with a white palette is to bring in as much texture as possible to create interest and layers – important elements when there are strong colors outside the picture.

A black and white decor scheme is a bold choice, as it requires careful editing and a strong design eye. White, black and gray living room ideas (opens in new tab) can risk looking ‘flat’ if you don’t introduce texture and subtle tonal variation. But put together carefully, it’s a great way to add drama and style.

A white living room with black accents looks elegant and smart, but if you religiously stick to a colorful living room color scheme (opens in a new tab), it’s really important to make sure you’re adding plenty of texture to the room. It feels warm and welcoming.

Interior Design Ideas White Walls

Texture (opens in new tab) is important in interior design, especially if you want to avoid a harsh or clinical aesthetic. Quite simply, without texture, the white space of the living room would be flat. It is important to look at the room as a whole and combine the area with mixed materials for liveliness and warmth.

White Living Room Ideas

‘Texture in interior design is about creating moments that invite touch,’ says Tiffany Leigh of Tiffany Leigh Design (opens in new tab). ‘It refers to the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or material. Texture helps keep a space from feeling flat or one-dimensional.’

Here, adding rough and rugged textures like reclaimed wood, leather and terracotta adds ‘visual weight’ and creates a cozy, rustic aesthetic to an otherwise mostly white living room.

White living rooms can work equally well in traditional and modern properties. Here, Katie Harbison (opens in new tab) of property development and design studio Banda achieves a beautiful blend of classic design and mid-century modern living room (opens in new tab) in this scheme.

The white color of the walls allows the room’s beautiful proportions and original moldings to sing. Each piece in the room is individual, but together they create a sense of unity – thanks to the white walls.

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If your living room is on the small side, white walls may be your best color option. The shiplap walls of this small, narrow room were painted white to create an airy, open and inviting space.

Long living rooms (opens in a new tab) can be cold and isolated – however, with plenty of texture in furniture, furnishings and even wall surfaces and floors, the space can feel comfortable, cozy living room (opens in a new tab).

Inspired by the wood-clad summerhouses of Scandinavia and New England, this relaxed decor scheme echoes the subtle colors of nature and is designed to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Interior Design Ideas White Walls

Keep colors cool, but use natural textures and raw materials for an authentic look and feel.

Abstract Painting On Canvas Black And White Wall Art Black Lines Paint

If you think pure white is too harsh, think again. They work great in a dark living room (opens in a new tab). But what colors should we pair with these clinical colors?

The color wheel (opens in a new tab) is your friend when choosing shades to go with it. For a soothing experience, taupe or olive green living room (opens in new tab) colors are perfect partners. Soft brown and beige living room ideas (opens in new tab) add elegance, while bold pink adds subtle liveliness.

Today, many interior designers favor a scheme where white walls are combined with white ceilings and wooden elements – the perfect canvas for gallery wall ideas (opens in a new tab).

But if you want to add warmth or add personality to your space, using wood or a strong color palette will liven up the look. Despite the pure white color, this country house still exudes warmth and comfort.

The Interior Design Idea Of Loft Living Room And White Brick Wall Background And Sea View Stock Photo By ©teeraphan 167864806

White is more complicated than most people think. In addition to providing a clean neutral background, it’s a great color to highlight unusual or visually interesting architectural features. Without distraction, every choice becomes critical.

Unique color combinations can create visual excitement or harmony – both are equally beautiful. Neutral living room ideas (opens in new tab) are not boring.

The perfect choice for white color enthusiasts – yes, really. White painted walls provide the ideal canvas for an abundance of bright colors.

Interior Design Ideas White Walls

Here, the pink and white color combination is an inspired choice. This can pair controversial colors

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