Interior Door Design Ideas

By | March 31, 2023
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Barn doors may look like the type of thing that belongs in farmhouses, country houses and other similar homes. But, barn doors are much more practical than their reputation.

Interior Door Design Ideas

Interior Door Design Ideas

For starters, they slide and close, making them more space efficient than traditional outward-opening doors. In addition, barn doors are often made of solid wood, which are finished with a hard stain, made in a nice pattern, or painted in a beautiful color. They are often attractive enough to double as decoration – even if your beauty doesn’t particularly rock.

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Still not convinced? We’ve rounded up 23 interiors that make the most of sliding doors. So whether your home is elegant, casual, rustic or something else, you can see exactly how to get a barn door out of your space.

One of the best things a barn door can do for your space? Hide things that should be aesthetically pleasing, such as accessories. If you need to sneak a laundry room into your kitchen, consider behind a beautiful sliding door. A sliding door will give you easy access to your washing machines while maintaining the neat appearance of your space.

If your bedroom door is too narrow for a traditional door, you can use a barn door to add privacy without adding too much. And if you think there is not enough space to hang a sliding door, look at both sides of the door and be creative. Maybe your barn door opens to cover a section of wall that would otherwise be decorated with art?

Leaving your door to a neutral shed is a popular – and practical – choice. But if you want your door to double as a decorative accent, consider painting it an eye-catching shade. Just remember that your barn door won’t be static, so make sure the color you choose will look good no matter where the door is.

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If you don’t paint your barn door, you may feel like you’re trying to match your door with the other wood accents in your space. And while this method is sure to keep the room cohesive, it’s not your only option. By painting your barn door in a shade that contrasts with your hardwood floors or other wood products, you can create a space that feels rich, textured, and vibrant.

Barn doors may not look like the barn doors you grew up dreaming of, but they can work wonderfully. So if you want to create a hidden space in your home, consider placing it behind a barn door – and watch your family’s jaws drop when they open the door.

Depending on how you like to work, you may prefer your office door to be wide open, completely closed, or halfway between the two. And with a barn door, you can create the perfect balance of opening and closing when you want – without taking up space in the hallway outside your home office.

Interior Door Design Ideas

Barn doors seem to fly by themselves. But by combining them, you can marry the elegance of French doors with the rustic feel of barn doors—and end up with something that looks truly rustic.

Modern Interior Door Designs For Most Stylish Room Transitions

Barn doors can make a great addition to ensuites. What is the reason? They will create a barrier between your bedroom and bathroom without separating the entire space. If you want privacy, lock the door. If you want the spaces to feel fluid, pull them open again.

We think of barn doors as interior accents. But they can look just as great next to your space. If you want your front door to look unique, consider installing two barn doors on your front door.

If you​​​​are using a barn door to save space, consider painting the door the same color as your walls. By matching the two accents, you can visually collapse the room and draw a little attention to the borders of the room.

Add functionality to your bathroom by dividing it into a sliding door. By swinging a sliding door between your shower and toilet, you can make it easy for two people to use the bathroom at the same time – without having to sacrifice privacy.

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Although mudrooms are indoor rooms, they are transitional spaces: your home doesn’t really begin until you’ve kicked off your dirty shoes, pulled your coat out of your mudroom—and the barn door has been open. I can admit this in a good way.

Since the door slides open and close, it will make the room feel connected to the rest of your interior, while still creating a border.

For more space, consider closing doors and windows. By choosing a door that you can see through, you can make the spaces on either side of the door more fluid and connected.

Interior Door Design Ideas

If your hall consists of rooms and closets, doors are a must. But traditional doors can take up a lot of space when they are open. (In fact, they may take up more space than your path has to spare.)

Home Renovation Ideas: A Step Closer To Your Dream Home

By installing barn doors – which lie flush against the wall – you can get the functionality you need without making your hallway too cramped.

Barn doors are usually made from wooden planks, and these planks can be transformed to create amazing shapes and forms. So if you want your barn door to stand out – and you don’t want to do a coat of paint – the commercial color of the pattern, cover the barn door with stripes, zigzag, or chevron.

If your bedroom is too tight and your bed is pushed up against the walls, you need all the space you can get. And a sliding barn door—painted to match the rest of the room—can help you preserve some precious real estate without visually cluttering your space.

Your barn door doesn’t have to match anything else on your property. But if you want, consider combining your door with one more accent. Stain or paint your door the same color as another item in the room – like a solid piece of furniture or a wood-burning fireplace. By choosing just two pieces to match, you can add cohesion to your space without making the room feel too uniform.

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If your​​​​​​home does not have a walk-in pantry, consider creating a pantry with shelves and a pantry door. Shelves should provide you with plenty of storage space. And the barn door should visually collect the shelves, so they feel more special than what you can find in the average cabinet.

A barn door can look great added to a shower. But choose a clear choice, and it should be suitable for you. In addition to taking your shower to the next level, a sliding door should help you use your space more efficiently.

Barn doors are very easy to paint, so consider taking a risk with another bold color. In the best case, you end up with a unique speech accent. And in the worst case, you can easily paint your door!

Interior Door Design Ideas

When most of us hear the phrase “barn door,” we picture a typical barn door that slides back and forth. But if you want to rock the sliding door trend without going all in, you can install a non-sliding sliding door. To make sure that the reference lands, keep the door as traditional as possible. Check out that classic X shape, and opt for something made of real wood.

Interior Door Buying Guide

A barn door consists of three simple parts: a door, a handle and a track. Two parts – the door frame and the track – are usually made of steel. So if you want your door to look particularly stylish, consider the color of the hardware. Use the same metal as your door frame and track so your door looks cohesive.

A barn door is a statement piece, so don’t be afraid to invest in one. Beautiful antique doors abound. And with a little creativity – and some tools – should you be able to flip those boring, flat doors? Turn your boring front door into a beautiful one with these DIY front door ideas!

One easy way to clean up your space this year is to give your interior doors a makeover. Flat panel doors and even builder-grade core doors can be completely transformed with a little trim, paint, and creativity! Below are 16 DIY tutorials from bloggers that show different ways to change your doors.

Please click on the blue/gray link next to each number to be taken to the original location. Here you will find complete tutorials and even more ideas for your own door repair project.

Door Trimming Ideas For Home Renovators

Our doors were a classic six panel hollow door that I mounted with unfinished wall covering in a herringbone pattern. I loved the change. These would look great instead of painted. You can find the full door adjustment tutorial here.

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