Majors Interior Design

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Majors Interior Design – The Interior Design program is part of the School of Construction located in the Faculty of Technology. The curriculum is based on professional practice in the field of Interior Design. The degree prepares students for professional practice as an interior designer in the fields of commercial and residential design, with opportunities in the fields of construction and graphic design.

The Bachelor of Interior Design degree, implemented in 2016, emphasizes design as an integrative and multidisciplinary education that includes courses in interior design, construction and graphic design for a holistic approach to the interior design profession. The interior design curriculum takes a creative and problem-solving approach that involves the application of materials and processes to create environments, promote sustainability and universal design standards, develop an understanding of global awareness and diversity, and improve the quality of life protecting health and safety. , and public welfare.

Majors Interior Design

Majors Interior Design

Students in the Interior Design program have access to the School of Construction’s laboratories that include some of the best software and equipment compatible with the industry. The School of Construction offers access to a dedicated interior design lab as well as all construction labs. The Interior Design program seeks to prepare graduates to enter various pathways of a network of design and construction professionals.

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Outcome 3: Demonstrate the ability to evaluate, select, synthesize and apply information and research findings to design solutions using creative and critical thinking.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate competence in the skills of presentation and discussion of work in a professional manner with the ability to justify and defend solutions related to natural, social and economic issues.

Outcome 5: Demonstrate social responsibility by designing sustainable indoor environments that support indoor environmental quality and improve occupant quality of life.

Students have access to numerous student organizations, such as the International Interior Design Association, Design Build Institute of America, National Association of Home Builders, and National Association of Women In Construction. Speakers and tours accompany these organizations and offer networking and career opportunities.

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Career opportunities are virtually limitless, with 100% placement for job-seeking graduates. School of Construction Expo is an annual event where Interior Design students meet with company representatives to discuss career opportunities and provide information about the field. Starting salaries for graduates typically range from $40,000 to $55,000 per year.

The mission of the PSU School of Construction is to provide quality construction education and develop professional leaders for the construction industry through extensive recruitment, real-world education and successful placement. We strive to improve the community through service, economic development and applied research.

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in an effective, people-centred, collaborative and accessible learning environment, maximizing the potential of construction students, teachers and industry components. /Getty Images for 4141 Degin/AFP

Majors Interior Design

Life as we know it has changed due to the pandemic; masks are mandatory, social distancing is encouraged and disinfection saves lives. Our homes have now become a place to work, relax, exercise, go to school and shop; it’s no wonder that interior design trends are undergoing a huge change.

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With economies in freefall, the interior design industry has dealt with its fair share of impact. However, here is some good news: the global market for interior design services will reach four billion, growing at a CAGR of 7.8% between 2020 and 2027. China is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.9%. Japan and Canada are expected to grow by 4.2% and 7% respectively. Germany will grow at approximately 5.1% CAGR.

More construction in developed economies such as the US is likely to increase demand for design and architecture services. As the rich get richer, new homes are acquired and existing spaces are constantly renovated. There is a growing trend to personalize and personalize the space we live in, from kitchens to bathroom spaces and more recently home offices and study rooms.

“People still want large kitchens that open to a family room, but home offices, outdoor spaces and Zoom rooms (or at least a dedicated space for Zoom meetings and conferencing) are big on wish lists ,” says interior designer Caitlin Scanlon of Caitlin. Scanlon design.

For students who enjoy frequent trips to IKEA and constantly marvel at the showroom displays, a degree in Interior Design may be the next best step. You can learn how to create your own showrooms, the skills to deal with customers and the technical know-how to create spaces that consider human health, well-being and safety. With this degree, you will have access to internship opportunities and formal training to advance your licensure and practice; alternatively, you can continue with a Masters and then a PhD.

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For those planning to join the industry, the average interior designer earns an average of US$50,224, which is one of the highest average salaries, compared to professions in other fields. The BA (Hons) Interior Design at the University of Arts London has produced graduates who are not only industry-ready and qualified, but also think outside the box as they take part in a live project in the second year and a large-scale interior project which examines all aspects of an indoor environment from conception to completion in the third year.

Located in Sydney and Melbourne, the Whitehouse Institute of Design offers a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) program that focuses on a wide range of areas, including residential, commercial, community and commercial office interior design. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at the New York School of Interior Design offers exciting modules including kitchen and bathroom design, furniture design and an architecture workshop. That’s not all, students must also take an intensive French or Italian course – here’s a complete education!

Popular Stories Western Michigan University: An MBA That Leads to Career Success and Satisfaction If your child is black, remember these 4 things when choosing a boarding school. Indoor practice at The Ohio State University includes understanding the impact of human needs and environmental conditions on potential spatial opportunities. Students in our program apply a sophisticated level of thinking and research approaches to the planning and development of public and private interior environments of all scales, with a strong emphasis on commercial, workplace, hospitality, educational and health-related spaces. The balance of studies and courses that provide the technical and theoretical knowledge necessary for students to emerge as leaders encourages students to learn and practice collaboration, sustainable strategies and research-based approaches to anticipate and provide for future environmental requirements. Our interiors program culminates in a final project that demonstrates each student’s comprehensive knowledge and ability to work independently.

Majors Interior Design

All students begin in the interdisciplinary first-year Foundations program. This 18-credit hour sequence begins with a highly competitive selection process to become a Foundations student and concludes with a competitive portfolio-based major admissions review process. Major course-specific assignments begin in the second year of the program.

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* 5750 is required for all Interior major students in Legacy GE. It is highly recommended as one of the upper division options in the required Art History Minor for all New GE students.

Have their own laptops after being accepted into one of our main programs. We do not make specific computer recommendations, but students majoring in Interior will need a machine that is capable of meeting the technology specifications for the following programs:

Students should check with the Office of the CIO before purchasing software for licensed software from the site that is available at student discount prices.

Tech Hub is Ohio State’s campus computer store. Get software and hardware at a discounted or lower academic price. They work with students, faculty and staff for personal and departmental orders. A range of Apple, Dell and HP hardware is available, including laptops, iPads, tablets, desktops, accessories and add-ons. A variety of software is available, including Microsoft, Adobe, EndNote/Reference Manager, and more. Tech Hub pricing extended to students, faculty and staff with a valid Ohio State BuckID.

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This volunteer list of digital portfolios represents the professional preparation of our current students at various experience levels. It also provides information about some of the learning experiences offered by the courses in our program.

Prospective employers can contact students directly about freelance employment opportunities. Employers looking to hire for internships and/or full-time opportunities are encouraged to work with the Center for Career and Professional Success to post offers through Handshake.

Opportunities to fully engage in an experience are key to discovering your passion. Internships will give you the experience you need to differentiate yourself from other candidates, support your career goals, contribute to your skill set, and determine how your career exploration process and focus need to be modified to support your long-term goals. Employers are looking for graduates who have already taken the next step to become professionals in their field.

Majors Interior Design

Fabian joined the corporate real estate department working with the NetJets team and Workplace, the world’s largest private jet company.

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