Masters In Interior Design In Italy

By | March 28, 2023

Masters In Interior Design In Italy – The Florence Institute is an Interior Design School in Florence, Italy for Diplomas, Bachelor’s and Masters in Interior Design. English language is used for teaching all courses. Each one-year course is 30 weeks. FIDI is an excellent option for international students looking for an Interior Design school in Italy.

Interior Design courses focus on the techniques and design process used by Italy’s Interior Design profession. Each one-year course lasts 30 weeks, all courses in English. Courses at both Master’s and Academic level provide the student with a foundation of knowledge and skills in all areas of Italy’s Furniture Design, Interior Decoration and Interior Design. Our courses are integrated to provide comprehensive exploration of every design concept. Form and functionality aspects are studied in Studio Design Courses. Simultaneously, virtual 3D models of interiors and furniture are created in computer classrooms to further study the visual aspects and presentation qualities of the scheme. Course integration allows efficient use of time and completion of project results. Interior Design school courses offer training in: AutoCAD, 3d Studio Max, Sketchup and VRAY. These software are the most widely used programs in Italy, Europe and all over the world. The main focus of the interior design school’s program is the Studio Design Course. Space planning, Furniture Design, Interior Decoration, textures, color schemes and lighting themes are covered. Visit our Design Gallery to see examples of the types of projects undertaken during the course. The course is divided into three different components: 1) lectures 2) desk reviews and 3) presentations. Design school courses cover many design topics, technical data, and theory. During the semester, students will be given design problems and then asked to develop design solutions for weeks. The development of each project will be closely recommended by the trainers. Projects at various stages will be presented, discussed and graded according to how they solve the design problem. This program requires a full-time commitment to achieve good results, with 40 to 60 hours per week between home and classroom work.

Masters In Interior Design In Italy

Masters In Interior Design In Italy

By the end of the courses, Interior Design students will have acquired the necessary training and portfolio to interview for positions in interior design firms, furniture design studios or architecture studios. Florence Institute graduates can find entry positions as space planners, associate designers, illustrators, drafters and production coordinators. After gaining professional experience, graduates can eventually move into advanced positions such as lead designers or project managers. Others may set up their own design firms or take on challenging freelance assignments.

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All of our faculty are highly qualified with the highest credentials. All faculty members of our interior design program are registered architects or doctoral-level professors. Teachers come from both Italy and international backgrounds. Our staff have a respected reputation for dynamic teaching methods, motivating course material and interactive learning.

Field trips form an integral part of the Florence Institute curriculum. The school is located close to some of Florence’s most important museums and cultural sites. Students must budget an additional 200 euros per semester for travel and ticket costs for school trips scheduled for the classes they are enrolled in. The Uffizi Gallery as well as many other palazzi, churches and museums are visited every week. Some of the places that interior design students typically visit are Italy’s largest furniture exhibition Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and the ceramics exhibition Cersaie in Bologna. Italy is known worldwide for its furniture industry. One of the highlights for interior design students is to visit one of Tuscany’s premier furniture factories.

Furniture design is one of Italy’s most respected fields of knowledge. The aim of the short summer course is to develop students’ understanding and conceptual skills in all aspects of furniture design, from design to production and prototype development. During the 4-week program, students study the presentation of Italian and International furniture history, theories, artifacts and trends.

Our academic level is ideal for students new to Interior Design. For the entry-level student, there are three options, one-year or two-year courses. The program quickly moves from basic design principles such as form, space and layout to the realization of detailed architectural drawings, coatings and material studies.

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We offer a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree, BA (Hons) in Design, awarded in collaboration with the University of Chester. See the License page for requirements. For a Bachelor’s degree in FIDI, students must start in freshman year and meet University of Chester requirements.

The Master of Interior Design is perfect for young graduates or professionals working in the design field who are interested in attending a specialist course. The aim of the Master is to produce a new professional quality by combining creative and technical skills. Admission to the Master is only for postgraduate students holding a compatible 3-year bachelor’s degree in design. FIDI is an international design school located in the center of Florence, Italy. As an Italian design school, the Institute specializes in courses in graphic design, architecture, furniture design and interior design for students from Europe and around the world. Offering postgraduate, bachelor’s degrees and diploma courses, our school focuses on Italy’s international students, with course options for all classes taught in the English language. Students currently enrolled in universities can apply to study abroad. FIDI is pleased to offer both online courses and ‘face-to-face’ training in Florence.

GRAPHIC DESIGN MASTERS AND COURSES At Florence Institute, graphic design can be your next step in your graphic arts career. Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree courses equip students with skills in illustration, web design, smartphone applications and graphics. Students interested in a bachelor’s degree can apply the graphic design track of the 3-year Bachelor of Arts Degree BA (Hons) Design, published in collaboration with the University of Chester. Students who currently hold a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in design are welcome to apply to our Master’s programmes. Graphic Design Master: 1 Year Bachelor’s Degree: 3 Years Diploma courses: 1 Year or 2 Years Language: English

Masters In Interior Design In Italy

INTERIOR DESIGN MASTERS AND COURSES Interior architecture is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. Our interior design school in Florence, Italy provides an ideal place to study abroad. Interior design Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree courses are offered at The Florence Institute. Students are welcome to apply in the Interior design field of the 3-year Bachelor’s Degree BA (Honours) in Design, published in collaboration with the University of Chester. Interior courses provide students with design skills in space planning, furniture design and interior design. Students with a compatible degree in design are welcome to apply to our Master’s. Interior Architecture Master: 1 Year Bachelor’s Degree: 3 Years Diploma courses: 1 Year or 2 Years Language: English

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FURNITURE DESIGN MASTERS AND COURSES The Master of Furniture Design gives students the opportunity to combine in-depth theoretical research with creative design and historical knowledge. Furniture design is one of Italy’s most respected and advanced fields of knowledge. Students will also be given the chance to examine the fundamentals of design theory along with more advanced topics such as manufacturing, assembly, design management, prototyping, historical research and furniture design detailing. Furniture Design MA: 1 Year Levels: Postgraduate Summer Courses Only: 4 weeks Language: English

Located in an elegant setting in the center of Florence, Italy, our design school is the ideal place to study abroad. Our staff have a respected reputation for dynamic teaching methods, motivating course material and interactive learning. Our design school courses are tailor-made to provide a detailed understanding of Italy’s rich design culture. The Florence Institute’s courses teach the fundamentals of interior design, combining modern technology with creative traditions. Our graphic design school courses teach tradition, theory and cutting-edge graphics software. All students are encouraged to design problems commonly encountered in Italy’s modern society. FIDI’s Bachelor’s degree, BA (hons) Design is accredited by the University of Chester.

Short summer graphic design courses are an intensive introduction to the design process. The studio design course is an introduction to graphic design theory and practice. The course moves quickly through the basic design principles, the planning process, and finally the guidelines used to create innovative two-dimensional artwork and visual graphics.

The short summer course is an intensive design course in the digital illustration process. The course is an introduction to the theory and practice of illustration. It is designed to not only provide students with the skills necessary to complete their assignments that involve demonstrating graphic elements, but also to inspire creative potential in this fascinating field of design.

Studio Practice (interior Design) (top Up) Ba (hons)

The Florence Institute offers architecture courses that provide an introduction to architectural theory and Italian history, as well as drawing and observation skills. This short summer course is designed for students with an interest in Italian art and architecture. Most of the course is conducted in the form of walking tours where students can learn directly from the architecture of Florence.

Furniture design is one of Italy’s most respected fields.

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