Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

By | May 3, 2023
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Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design – Welcome to a unique home interior full of color and grandeur. This 58.8 square meter home in Moscow, Russia is an all-encompassing work of art. Designed by Alena Gorskaya, this updated luxury Art Deco style is all about a rich palette of reds and greens, giant leaf motifs and a variety of golds. In true Art Deco spirit, this is a vision of opulence and sophistication, opulent marble features and awe-inspiring patterns. Stunning bespoke decorative commissions meet eye-catching modern velvet furniture and chandeliers to ring the bells of prosperity. So pick a flapper dress or a three-piece suit and dance your two-tone shoes to that cat’s meow.

The living room-dining room combination is vibrant with a vibrant cranberry and cool azure color scheme. Purple highlights interspersed with deco designs spanning a large decorative wall. The leaf motif appears to flow with liquid gold.

Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

Thick black frames contain color. Black radiators and throws draw the base notes to the outside, where they contrast with the bold red sofa.

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The decorative golden base of the round coffee table is combined with a large golden frond on the wall of the sofa.

Even the bottom is a cranberry blue cocktail. Three different floor treatments fill the space in the angular geometric section. The fourth floor defines the entrance with an incredible explosion of monochrome.

The front entrance is separated from the kitchen by a stunning gold screen, finished in a leaf design to match the panel work in the lounge.

A beautiful modern dining room chandelier enhances the small kitchen island and adjacent table. The kitchen features lots of gold finishes, stunning sparkle around unique dining chairs and a blue kitchen design.

Art Deco Interior Design

On the opposite side of the kitchen island, garnet red bar stools overlook the colorful lounge.

Gold-handled cups and teapots sit on a gold-veined marble island. Multi-colored macaroons peek out of a modern cookie jar.

The screen used to separate the entrance of the house from the kitchen is doubled to make a decorative mirror in the hallway.

Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

The red front door breaks from the black and white hallway theme. A dazzling chandelier adds a golden crest to the hallway.

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A stunning mural depicts between two framed bedroom pendant lights on the wall in the master. Its green theme inspired the hues of other green elements in the space, including an emerald bed frame, green coving and coordinated ceiling roses.

Trace brickwork from the headboard wall to the adjacent wall to frame the window.

A red velvet curtain hangs on one side of the window, enhancing the sense of expense that is so in keeping with Art Deco’s ethos of luxury and progress.

Green marble, diagonal wood laminate and plum mosaic clash. A glamorous modern bathroom vanity slides into a niche next to a gilded cabinet.

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The same caramel-colored granite lines the gorgeous shower enclosure. Plum mosaic tiles fill the floor and ceiling of the cabin.

A small powder room has a darker decorative aesthetic. Black brick effect walls are joined by teal blue backsplash and matte black fixtures.

A round gold vanity mirror exudes luxury on a gold vanity. Bold black countertops include a sleek built-in sink under a matching matte black faucet.

Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

The usual purple and blue panels used throughout the interior do not ignore the small endpoint, which this time serves as a colorful front door.

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The black toilet is mixed with the navy and black palette of the powder room. Toilet plates, sockets and decorative items follow the black color scheme and even toilet paper rolls!

Share on one of the following social media channels below to give us your vote. Your feedback helps us improve. The Art Deco style was all the rage in Europe and America, especially during the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s. Compared to today’s minimalist movement, the Art Nouveau or Deco movement inspired by nature is seen as a stark contrast. The move is not only limited to architecture and interiors.

It took the entire design world by storm and lasted for about 30 years. The highlight of this style is that it embraces the industrial machine age and newfound modernism, while at the same time being seen as an elegant and practical approach to design. Art Deco lasted for 40 years, from the 1920s to the mid-1950s.

The post-modern world prefers the more direct and systematic look of mid-century Scandinavian modern design. It is not surprising that Art Deco is not experiencing a revival today through small bursts of interior design. You can see Art Deco influences in the leading design work of furniture and vintage reproductions. Art Deco consists of motifs, luxurious and noisy materials and certain elements that scream for attention.

An Intro To The Parisian Art Deco Style

The exact origins of Art Deco architecture are difficult to trace, but the term is known to have originated in France. Its literal translation from French means decorative arts. Of course, most people think of interior design when it comes to design styles, but art deco has a wide leeway. It is also related to architecture, painting, and even fashion design.

Art Deco may seem chaotic to the naked eye. In fact, however, there are subtle rules that dictate design. It is a very odd combination of traditional and modern elements. Magnificence, grandeur and lavish decoration are what art deco is all about. If you look closely, you can see that Art Deco houses resemble the homes and apartments of the rich and famous in Hollywood in the early 1920s.

After World War I, the population of Europe and America had become tired and weary. Nondescript buildings and repetitive townhouses only remind him of the dreary everyday life. The Art Deco movement entered the design scene as a byproduct of love, beauty, luxury, and the human desire to live in luxury.

Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

One can easily trace the movement around the world up to the Second World War. At the French Exhibition in Paris, people got their first glimpse of anything art deco from afar. There was a massive revolt against the more dominant and ostentatious traditional decorative designs.

What Is Art Deco Interior Design?

Art Deco first took shape in fashion, which influenced furniture design and led to major architectural movements. Social and architectural movements went hand in hand to make Art Deco a notable success. Wherever they are, in luxury social gatherings like the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, Art Deco becomes part of interior design and space planning.

This attracted intellectuals and artists. They can’t stop raving about trends; Art Deco: The Art Deco movement and the rise of skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building, created for growing businesses, combined into decorative structures.

Therefore, the motto of Art Deco is known as “lord of the sky”. The overall purpose of Art Deco is to use the past to pave the way for the future in terms of aesthetics, functionality and general culture. This resulted in the skyscrapers looking sleeker but decorated with art deco touches. Many towers receive crowns that serve no other purpose than to make the building taller and more beautiful.

Luxurious materials in the Art Deco style always radiate luxury and glamour. Take gold for example; they were synonymous with the then prosperous new industries and technologies. Traces of gold can be seen in all areas of interior design and Art Deco furniture. The material needs to be vibrant in the fabric, resulting in animal prints such as shark, leopard and zebra prints. There is also a noticeable effect on velvet.

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Stainless steel, chrome, glass and high gloss are the main choices and are used without restriction. More expensive materials include marble, ebony and zebra wood. The materials used have only one basic rule. It should be sparkling and not dull.

With that said, wood is probably at the bottom of our priority list. But rare and dark structured wood such as walnut is also often used. They serve mainly as a background for the gold inlays on the floor and walls. This era is all about being extravagant, and make no mistake; The materials used do it justice in every aspect.

Art Deco motifs are bold, flowing and symmetrical. They show unity through strong geometric designs. Motifs include versions of fans, flowers, abstract patterns such as sun rays and chevrons, and jagged lines.

Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco is a tribute to the industrial and technological advances that mostly transformed Europe and America through such media or design. Straight cuts, geometric lines and angles symbolize courage and self-confidence. The easiest way to identify Art Deco furniture is to look for motifs such as chevron patterns, stepped shapes, sweeping curves, zigzag patterns, triangular shapes and animal prints.

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If you are someone who likes to make a statement then Art Deco will be your perfect muse. Its loud and sparkling taste can easily dominate other styles. It also makes it easy to add art

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