Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

By | April 28, 2023
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While we’d like to think that a quality kitchen remodel will last for decades, the truth is that style doesn’t always last forever. Whether you are furnishing a rented apartment, changing it in the style of the 80s, or doing a major renovation, modern kitchen equipment can turn your space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Sleek, clean kitchens go best with modern furnishings. It doesn’t have to be too easy either: touches of unique style can add personality to your space, from Scandinavian minimalism to Southern farmhouse charm. As you prepare to update your kitchen, look to these interior design experts for inspiration.

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A fundamental element of contemporary design is the use of clean, simple architectural lines. Naked Kitchens has mastered the art of using lines to create a sleek look in this space. By painting the cabinet hardware the same color as each door, the tones blend into each other to make the space as bold and colorful as possible.

To get a feeling of freshness and openness, combine the space between the kitchen and the dining area. In this kitchen by designer Giuliano Porcino, the rooms blend seamlessly to create a cohesive look that makes the space feel larger. Large pendant lights and custom-made wooden beams add a unique touch of natural style while keeping the design simple with darker accents and white Scandinavian-style chairs.

Darkening the lower half of the room creates a contrast between the lower cabinet and the light walls. In this space from Naked Kitchens, the designers chose a bold color to cover the kitchen island and main cabinets, then paired it with white for the walls and ceiling. Globe pendant lights exaggerate the height of the room and draw attention to those amazing skylights.

Decorating with odd numbers is a classic design trick, like these three round lights that hang perfectly over the island.

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While the rest of this Julia Robbs space is modern and sleek, the kitchen island is all natural. This stone looks like it fell straight from the ground, but with a highly polished finish. The neutral tones of the countertops complement the warm wooden shelves and gold hardware, while the white walls complete the airy look.

Using lines to draw attention to a room is a classic design trick, but LA Designer Affair is particularly prevalent in this space. Instead of the large beams used in the rustic style, this modern kitchen uses thin wooden slats that extend the ceiling and continue along the wall. A unique chandelier in the same color as the wood serves as a focal point between the dining area and the kitchen.

We all try to match the furnishings to the different accents in the room, but JK Interior Living wins the gold medal (literally) with this fabulous kitchen. Not only did the designer choose the same finish for the bathroom fixtures, cabinet handles and chair legs, but he went a step further with gold outlines that line the doors of each cabinet. Combined with simple white textures and a marble backsplash, this kitchen is our dream elegant design.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

When working with bold colors, it’s helpful to start with the one you plan to focus on first. Matte black brings the room together in this kitchen from Charlie Coull Designs. By matching the cabinet to the light fixtures and window frames, the dark color will draw attention to the room while highlighting the lighter parts of the kitchen.

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If you are looking for a clean environment with an elegant touch, be inspired by designer Rina Sotropa. In this stylish space, simple white cabinets provide an elegant backdrop for bright finishes and unique accents, because if you’re a lover of vintage, your style will shine through even in the most modern space.

Modern kitchens are a contemporary design lover’s dream, and this space by Tyler Kara is a great example of that. Natural textures complement the smooth lines, while overlapping walls add an element of depth. Hanging cafe lights add a stylish touch to the space with a brushed metal finish.

Add personality to a monochromatic kitchen with chalkboard paint. This space from House 9 is as clean and simple as can be, but the addition of handwritten messages and drawings gives it a personality that no paint color can express. Give everyone in your family room to get creative (plus think of all the recipe notes you could write on a wall like this).

This space by Rina Sotropa is full of personality. Contemporary cabinetry and appliances contrast with a beautiful, unique floral backdrop and matching hardware. We can’t get enough of this playful yet modern design.

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When choosing a color for your cabinet, pay attention to the back light: you may find that the perfect shade already exists.

If you are in awe of the modern look, but you don’t want to replace the traditional furniture, this kitchen from Maite Grand will be your inspiration. The neutral tones of the tiled floor are paired with the warm textures of the wallpaper and furniture, while small accents of blue appear in various corners of the room. A white island with modern retro bar stools and waterfall tables adds an elegant look with wood tones underneath.

Scandinavian style is minimalist jewelry in neutral colors. Designers Katie Hodges designed this kitchen with white walls and natural wood elements. By mixing the texture of the wood fibers, the dining table stands out against the wooden floors and bar stools while maintaining the overall use of color. To give your kitchen a Scandinavian modern look, start with white walls and natural floors, then choose a neutral accent color or two (and keep the light colors in the decor). Wicker textures, black metal fittings and lots of natural light are key elements of this style.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Sleek furniture can be the backbone of a modern design, but open shelving – when done right – can complement the look perfectly. In this space by designer Katherine Carter, natural wood shelving showcases white fixtures that tie in with the subway tile subway. Since the space is mostly white, the use of different textures from dark grout to elegant bowls and plates breaks up the uniform color.

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Who said a modern kitchen can’t have maximalist aspects? This design from House of Hanes proves that they can work together to achieve a great result. A neutral chevron apron complements the traditional woven rug, while the rest of the space is perfectly tidy with modern fittings.

While much of modern design lies in its clean lines, the choice of lighting makes an impact. In this kitchen from Gold A La Mode, a dramatic chandelier floats above the room, creating a warm and inviting glow. By opting for white shades, the designer adds a touch of elegance to the lighting with gold accents that match the room’s furnishings.

Do you dream of a rustic style, but always come back to modern design? Get the best of both worlds by incorporating warm wood tones, as Ashley Webb Interiors did in this space. The marble backsplash and countertops tie the room together, while the use of different textures creates visual interest while keeping the room feeling fresh and clean.

We live for the shapes of these cabinets from Whittney Parkinson Design. By including geometric shapes in kitchen storage, the room is filled with texture and color. Choosing multiple colors creates both symmetry and focal points.

Modern Kitchen Ideas To Give Your Space New Life

If your space is predominantly modern, monochrome, accent furniture and decor can bring the room together without sacrificing a simple aesthetic. Design house Chelius used wicker bar stools with blue accents paired with a bold rug and softer accents in an island vase. Minimal warm tones create depth in the kitchen by blending white throughout the space.

For maximalists who want to be modern, consider an elegant combination of both. M. Wilcox Design found the intersection of these two styles in this kitchen, complete with classic designer finishes and a patterned backsplash. If you want to maintain a modern look without adding too many visual elements, choose a custom color for the entire room. The kitchen is the heart of the home, making it one of the most important places to renovate, especially to increase property value. Vanessa DeLeon of interior design firm Vanessa DeLeon Associates.

“As adults, we spend about an hour a day preparing meals for our family. When we buy or sell a house, the kitchen is the first place we try to improve something. It’s no wonder the number of kitchen projects has increased this year,” says DeLeon.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or just sprucing it up a bit, here are eight design ideas to consider.

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A large chandelier or hanging lamp above the island can stand out in the kitchen. (Hilton and Highland)

Artist and designer Elizabeth Sutton recommends adding bold or dramatic light fixtures to your kitchen. “Lighting not only beautifies these spaces, but also creates a mood.”

The possibilities are endless when it comes to lighting. Consider installing a large chandelier or pendant light.