Navy And Black Interior Design

By | May 21, 2023
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Navy And Black Interior Design – We are known fans of paintings in the blue color scheme. As we tend to go for purple or shades of green, there is something about blue that has amazing versatility. And if we’re going to play favorites, we’ll say that navy blue—one of the most iconic colors of all time—is the epitome of everything we love about this color palette.

If you want to design with this favorite color but are a little overwhelmed by the options, fear not. Navy blue is a versatile color that goes with everything from white to deep burgundy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite shades to pair with aqua blue, and some of them are definitely not what you’d expect. Whether you choose a classic combination or something unexpected and bold, navy blue comes up again and again. Which is probably why it has a place in the pantheon to begin with.

Navy And Black Interior Design

Navy And Black Interior Design

Some things are normal for a reason—and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the navy is paired with one of its oldest, true partners in crime: clean, white clothing. While this combination may include a boat design in the head, he will not consider it as a small one, inviting his counterpart to a large black and white.

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Nature is full of blue and green pairs—so it’s only fair that a deep, earthy green made our list. Taking cues from the green fields and blue sky or the soft ground and deep blue pool, this combination is healthy.

Do you want to bring out the best dark side? Look no further than bright turquoise. Walk through your hardware store’s color chart to find a shade of blue that matches your chosen navy blue, but in a lighter, lighter shade. Shades of water turquoise or blue (or even Tiffany blue) will refresh the tradition of dark blue and highlight hidden color details.

Jewel Tones have never steered us wrong before—in fact, they’ve been almost as successful as bluesy herself. Combine this glorious blue with rich Bordeaux and emerald tones to really step it up in terms of drama without straying far from a timeless palette.

Two black and dark blue. Even though it’s old fashioned advice, we’ve now seen enough interesting places to prove that blue and black are a great (and amazing) combination. Just make sure you include some contrast in your design with white or gray spaces to give the eyes a rest—and choose a more saturated shade of water to avoid competing too much with black.

Gorgeous Blue Bedrooms

What does black blue wear when she wants to relax? The answer may surprise you. Neon purple brings a twist to this classic shade that we didn’t expect—but now love. Of course, there are many colors to choose from the walls that we see here, but now that the idea has been planted, we are more pleased to see a color scheme that includes navy and neon.

Another favorite combination that never gets old: navy blue and gold. There are tons of ways to make it work with this combination—and tons of jewelry to match it, from traditional to mid-century to modern glam. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure story about color schemes.

A quick rule of thumb for matching colors is to choose one shade that is deeper and less saturated (think: blue-gray) and one that is lighter and more saturated. This is a good example. The leafy green shade brightens up the classic navy blue and gives it that extra touch that we love.

Navy And Black Interior Design

If you remember that combination from the Crayola box from childhood, we get it — but there’s a way to do it that’s more, well, great. Bringing in different textures and shades from the same blue family keeps this primary color scheme from looking nursery school and adds depth to the design. A few swipes of red and white is all you need to amp up the look.

Colors That Go With Navy Blue Themed Rooms

With desert-inspired colors like clay gaining popularity in recent years, it’s no surprise that blue and terracotta have become one of our most sought-after color schemes. Part of the appeal is that blue and orange are complementary colors, so the faded sand colors bring a strong contrast to this safe shade of blue—and make it a little more contemporary.

The same principle of additional color is applied to orange-y skin – with equal effect. The choice of leather with a shade of red or orange emphasizes the contrast with the dark blue color and has a look that is more suitable for comfort, with a sense of Americana-tinged and welcome. Honestly, this might be our favorite color combination yet.

This is one of those “exceptions that prove the rule” areas. Here, all the colors are faded, instead of adding a full color as an accent. But the universe works – and well. Far from the richness of deep emerald green, this dark shade feels natural and soothing in the context of this dark blue and light wood environment.

If you want to keep your space somewhat neutral, but still want something unique, consider adding brass decorative accents. The door handles and lighting in this small office add a nice, modern feel to an otherwise traditional space. The classic white and blue color scheme is a combination that has always been popular and has been around for a long time. Everyone loves the idea of ​​a white and blue room because it is simple and allows you to use many types. But it’s time to give this traditional color scheme a new, bold twist by replacing white with a color at the opposite end of the spectrum – black. Yes, give up the white background this year and use black instead to design a home that is important, smart and still allows you to use blue in all its beauty. It’s time for the black and blue interior!

Artcanvas Navy Blue Black White

In a world where we have a lot of white when it comes to living room, bedroom and wallpaper, adding a bit of black to the mix really makes a big impact. This does not mean that you have to remove all other neutral shades in the room. Just bring in black and do it without breaking the theme of the room and you will have a space that feels relaxed and sophisticated at the same time.

Just because you’re moving away from a traditional color scheme, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid white altogether. Instead, you can simply add black to the existing set to give the room a modern and modern feel. In an open-plan living room, the combination of black and blue can be used to design the dining room or living room without adding too many colors. It’s about getting the balance between the shadows there. From cabinets and doors to jewelry and accessories, you can use almost anything to add black to the atmosphere.

While navy blue and black is a popular color combination, you can go the more practical route by replacing dark shades of blue with lighter ones. The color blue and black may not look bold, but they still have enough appeal in the space, Mediterranean and Scandinavian. Try different shades of blue in the room before settling on your favorite, although black ties the room together nicely.

Navy And Black Interior Design

Contemporary style bedroom in light blue and black with a touch of blue [by: Prestige Builders]

Black And Navy

Like white and blue, even the combination of black and blue can be easily used in rooms with a lot of variety. Black window frames, trim and accessories along with other smart accents can highlight a room’s unique features while blue creates a beautiful setting. Here it is easy to create a style such as nautical, Scandinavian and eclectic, while modern style rooms look more unique in these two cool colors.

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