Online Courses In Interior Design

By | March 14, 2023

Online Courses In Interior Design – You will receive more than 6 modules with practical, step-by-step lessons delivered via downloadable videos and PDF worksheets. During the course you will learn:

MODULE 1 BASIS By the end of Module 1, you will know how to navigate SketchUp and use some of the most commonly used tools. You’ll learn how to use a 3D warehouse (you’ll be amazed!!) and will practice drawing your own basic models.

Online Courses In Interior Design

Online Courses In Interior Design

MODULE 2 MODEL ORGANIZATION and 2D Floor Planning In Module 2 you will learn how to properly set up and organize your models from scratch. This is one of the biggest problems faced by new SketchUp users. at the end of the module You will learn how to create a floor plan of the house/room you are designing. Whether measuring and drawing yourself or by importing a plan you already have (such as a PDF or CAD file), we’ll look at how to work with multi-level homes.

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MODULE 3 SPACE PLANNING YOUR 2D DESIGN In Module 3 you will learn how to space and plan your 2D model space and how to move and scale 2Dobjects from the 3D warehouse. Add interest and clarity to your models (floors and other surfaces, for example) at the end of this module. You’ll be able to plan spaces for your kitchen, bathroom, carpentry (woodwork), and furniture in 2D. You’ll also learn how to add dimensions and export your floor plan in PDF format.

MODULE 4 Create a 3D model from your plan. In Module 4 we get to the fun stuff! You will learn how to transform the 2D floor plan you create in Module 3 into a 3D home by creating walls, corridors, doors, windows, skirtings and arches. We will continue to work with textures to bring the house to life. And you will learn how to place the ceiling on your model.

MODULE 5 JOINERY DESIGN (MILLWORK)! In Module 5 we designed the kitchen, laundry room and mudroom! Yes, you are now ready to build your kitchen from scratch. We don’t use drop-in cabinets – they’re all customizable. You will learn to create a kitchen design model from my own design project. (See image above.) You can then use what you’ve learned to design a kitchen for your own home. or for customer projects

INTERNAL DESIGN MODULE 6 In your 3D model, MODULE 6 is a very busy job! You will learn how to use bathroom design. Including how to place fittings and fittings at the correct height. You’ll learn how to design other woodwork (woodwork) around your home, such as your laundry room, pantry or closet, and finally we’ll look at other interiors in your home, including how to add color to your furniture. decoration, art work, etc.

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I am seriously creating value for you in this course. In addition to the main content You will also receive:

In addition to all modules Training and support bonuses You also get instant access to these awesome bonuses to track your progress quickly, worth nearly $350.

BONUS 1 SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR SKETCHUP TO LAYOUTS (INTERMEDIATE COURSE) The first bonus for all students of my beginner course is a huge discount on our Intermediate course – SketchUp to Layout. You will get $100 off this course. This is a huge savings on the course price. Value: $100.

Online Courses In Interior Design

Bonus 2 sets of improvement templates Access the enhancement templates that I use in my own design projects and that I sell on my website. This bundle includes digital downloads of the following resources: – Fixtures and Fittings Templates (a spreadsheet where you can save all your selections throughout the renovation) – Furniture and Styling Templates (track your furniture and style purchases) in this handy template) – height, measurements, and space planning summary formulas. (all the sizes you need for your design project!) Value: $99

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BONUS 3 Free Access to Weekly Planning System for Productivity (short course) And the third bonus is free access to my most popular short course – weekly planning system for productivity. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with SketchUp, and the answer is – directly nothing. But many students come to my SketchUp course for many years after completing their studies. Most people are extraordinarily busy and don’t have the time to get things done in life, so what I’m teaching in my Productivity Course is a proven system for finding a few extra hours a week to get things done. fit what you actually want To achieve it – and that includes learning SketchUp! The course is very short and full of practical tips, tricks and systems. Which you can start using today to earn more time in your day, worth $147.

You get everything in full payment options. You just need to pay for more than 3 lessons per month at $225 each.

My projects have been featured in many of Australia’s leading interior publications. And I got many awards for my designs.

SketchUp is the one piece of software I use every day in my design business to create drawings that can serve as a guide for client improvement. My clients love that their designs are presented in 3D so they can see exactly what their home will look like when renovated. I also have a creator tell me what mydrawings are. Some of the most detailed and helpful they’ve ever worked on. (important for avoiding mistakes during build!)

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Over the years of using SketchUp, I’ve learned a lot about how to create and present my drawings. But I had to do this the hard way. by trial and error

I created this course because I wish it had been there since I first started my business. It would save me hundreds of hours searching YouTube videos and making a lot of mistakes. instead of doing fun things (Create a great design!)

This course is designed to help you – the home renovator. designer/decorator Or a design enthusiast – learn SketchUp quickly and accurately. So you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Online Courses In Interior Design

But this isn’t a boring online course – we have loads of fun along the way through bonuses and surprise content and within our private FB groups.

Why You Need To Be Your Own Interior Designer

Click each module to view content details. You will be designing your dream home soon 🙂

In Module 2 you will learn all about model organization and how to create basic 2D floor plans. Module 2 content includes:

Module 5 is about kitchens and carpentry! You will learn all about kitchen modeling using my own kitchen designs.

You’ll learn how to create different door profiles in your kitchen (such as shaker, V-groove or flat doors) and will add appliances. installation equipment tiling Custom grips and much more!

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When people join me I want them to learn a lot. But I also want them to have fun while they are learning. Therefore, I am not going to reveal to you all the training, bonuses and surprises I have for now. to break the surprise!

But let’s just say (wink, wink) that you might get bonus training that will teach you the basics of how to design outdoor spaces, how to add lights, and…I’ve said too much. We will have to wait and see. The rest in the course! 🙂

This course is for anyone around the world who wants to learn SketchUp online! We have students not only from Australia. but also from the US, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Europe and other countries too! We are an international course and welcome everyone who wants to learn SketchUp in a fun and engaging way!

Online Courses In Interior Design

This course is delivered entirely online. When the course starts You will be logged in to our learning platform. where you will receive training videos and downloadable PDF worksheets.

How To Use Sketchup And Layout For Interior Design — The Little Design Corner

Most 1:1 support is not needed during the course. But if you need help with something as you progress. We have dedicated email support for this purpose. (but most people don’t need it)

Open all teaching at the same time or have to wait for the module to be released??

This course can be conducted at a pace that suits you. Each module you complete unlocks the next one. So if you have time and want to complete the course in a few days, you can! But what if you want to take your time and get it done in weeks or months? That’s okay too. As you advance through the course You’ll also unlock bonus training and other surprises! So watch out for those along the way 🙂

I’m completely newbie when it comes to design. Can I get the results you show here?

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Yes!!!!!! We have nearly 3,000 students passed this course and about 50% of them were former home improvement or design enthusiasts with no design training or experience.


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