Online Interior Design Courses Australia

By | April 19, 2023
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Online Interior Design Courses Australia – At TLC Interiors, we’d never complete a room makeover without an online mood board tool. This is not just the starting point for all our designs. But it’s also the first step I think you should take when creating a space.

Now, I know some interior designers who create tangible mood boards. But honestly, we’ve never done that. I once went to a client’s house with a whole tray of physical samples. They were puzzled, where did the cloth go? What will the actual color look like when applied to the entire sofa? How do these pieces look side by side? The list of problems goes on.

Online Interior Design Courses Australia

Online Interior Design Courses Australia

Here’s the lesson: Online interior design mood board tools are what you need to know what your space will look like at the end of your remodel. You don’t have to be a designer or a technical genius to create it, I promise! Let me show you the tools we use that you can enjoy too.

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Whether you’re designing an entire room from scratch. Updates the furniture in the current space. Or even introduce some small decorative moments. You’ll be mad if you don’t pair them up on an online mood board first.

We use Style Sourcebook as our mood board because it’s easy to use. You simply save all the furniture and decor images from the retailer’s website. and upload it to Mood Builder. Simple click and drag to place them on the board. You’ll quickly start to see which parts work side by side.

What I’ve found that mood board makers are best at is showing you what doesn’t work. They often stand out like a sore thumb. It’s also a great way to resolve any arguments you may have with your significant other.

Another benefit of this tool is that you can choose from a variety of retail home and garden items from the Style Sourcebook image library and drag them directly onto your board. This is a great way to get room ideas without uploading them all yourself.

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If you have to switch between two armchairs or two coffee tables. Just drop them both into the mood board of your style resource book and see which works best. You can easily swap photos in and out. Stack them to get a real idea of ​​how they play together.

I do this with my partner as I map the different rooms. In our own homes because we have different design tastes. So having all the furniture and accessories on one board helps us make important design decisions without the buyer having to regret it.

Another benefit of using Style Sourcebook’s online tool is that when you upload an image, you can open a link to the product you’re considering. So once you have all the furniture and decorations on the mood board and locked into the room design. All you have to do is click through to the retailer’s website to place your order.

Online Interior Design Courses Australia

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks thinking about a mood board. Finally decide which product you want. But I forgot where it came from, believe me, it happened to me before. I spent hours on google images trying to find its original source. What a great way to spend the weekend!

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Another bonus is that Style Sourcebook has a huge library of images from which you can pull images. So if you’re having trouble finding the perfect cushions, art or rug for your living room. You can find it in Mood Builder. And check the product name, price, and the website where the product came from.

You probably use online mood board tools a lot. Place all products side by side. But it can be hard to see how they will work with your floor or wall paint. I mean they look great against a white background. But what about beige walls or a gray rug?

The Style Sourcebook also has a “Colors and Décor” section where you can pull up paint colors, hard floors, rugs, and more. This is a great way to get an idea of ​​what the furniture and decor in the room will look like. But if you’re considering flooring or repainting your space, it’s a great idea.

Also, include the names of all samples. So you can lock the paint color. Then go to the hardware store and buy a sample pot. I find that if I’m trying to sell it on a new wall color, this element often catches the customer’s attention. (Or wallpaper the whole room like I always suggest – do it!)

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When I use Style Sourcebook to create mood boards for our clients. I always upload the actual product I want to use. Some designers use images that inspire them to create more abstract concepts. But I don’t want customers to like pads that aren’t available in Australia, eg.

Therefore, all mood boards in this post consist of local products from our commercial suppliers. Also suitable for retail stores. (I usually decorate my room with decorations from retailers. Especially if the client is on a budget)

Now, some products definitely won’t make it to the last room. A client might see an ornament or furniture, but not really like it. But for the most part, I’ve found that using Style Sourcebook’s mood board allows them to understand the ideas I’ve created because it makes sense to them.

Online Interior Design Courses Australia

When all the products are beautifully placed on the chessboard. Clients will see how all the parts relate to each other. Not an abstract concept it represents the end result in the real world.

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Last but not least when you sign up and log into Style Sourcebook, you can view other people’s work. Whoever decides to share the board with the community you don’t need to. (You can make your profile private.) But I love being able to draw inspiration from what other people are doing at home.

Many in-house designers and stylists also use Style Sourcebook, so you can gain insight into what they do for their clients. Maybe even generate some ideas for your own space.

To sign up for free and start using your own interior design online mood board, jump over to and start

Besides writing this blog Chris is also an interior designer, presenter and writer. He also spends his time on TV. In the Dressing Room on Channel 10, as well as showing the different parts on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show, if you would like to book a design consultation with Chris you can find more information here.

Free Online Interior Design Courses

I’m interior designer Chris Carroll, and at TLC Interiors we help you create an amazing home without breaking the bank. This is the most affordable designer style. We make the whole process easy and fun for our clients and readers! In today’s world, interior design courses are getting more and more attention. Many of us dream of being interior designers but don’t have the time. Online education is becoming an increasingly popular option. In fact there is good evidence that online learning is just as effective. Fortunately, you don’t have to put off your dreams until you magically have the money or time to pursue them. Here, we’ve compiled 10 online interior design courses for busy working bees who want to learn the basics of interior design from the comfort of their own home. If you’re looking for tips on a specific area of ​​your home. You can refer to this guide to know how to design a kitchen interior.

Also, practice for interior designers who want to gain more knowledge. Check out the advanced courses in the list.

These are not degree programs and do not require a bachelor’s degree or any prerequisites. All you need is a laptop. Passion for Interior Design However, if you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor or Masters in Interior Design at a top ranked university.

Online Interior Design Courses Australia

This Interior Design course is accredited by the BBB, the UK register of learning providers, and the International Accreditation and Accreditation Council as advanced. It is one of the most professional and high-quality online courses in the field of interior design. This course focuses on the practice of interior design. Teaches many of the technical skills designers need.

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This intensive online course consists of 12 modules; each requires interactive assignments. Courses are designed for self-study. If you study 4-6 hours per week, it may take around 24 weeks to complete the course. You may need about a year to complete it.

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