Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design

By | April 3, 2023
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Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design – Studio apartments are not known for their spaciousness. Compact, practical and full of tight corners, they rely on innovative tricks to make the most of your space. These three apartments for three different types of residents – a couple, a dual-income couple without children, and a young man in his twenties – show how a studio can achieve a stylish, contemporary look in different ways. Sofas return to bedrooms, marble drapes over work tables, walls and floors, and alternative textures shine in these homes straight out of an interior design magazine. Take a closer look at their evolutions from tight to vampire.

Our first studio apartment takes minimalism to a sleek, understated level. Using nature’s finest elements, slate, marble, and wood shine in this Batumi, Georgia, space with just 57 square meters. Opening up the space, the long and deep furniture of the living room and the bedrooms sit together, divided by a single partition. Marble floors connect the two, while large slate mosaics and a piece of art stand out at the head of the bed and sofa. Wide-paned Japanese windows bring light and dark, while a wood-paneled living room wall prevents a perfect mix.

Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design

Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design

In the direction of the bathroom, black leaves its mark. A striking painted wall, a beautiful marble coffee table and a line of lighting guide visitors through the room. The black furniture in the living room matches the stools in the kitchen and the chair in the study. Beige marble floor keeps it bright in wood, gray and white tones.

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The bedroom creates a structured yet relaxed feel in gray and earth tones. A gray slate headboard greets a slate side table and linens, while mushroom lamps glow on either side. Hints of blue ensure tranquility in a chair made of powder and an abstract of the sloping ocean. Marble fitting segues the bathroom.

With marble in the bathroom, the kitchen space is small but elegant. White and wood keep the room clean, while black appliances stand out.

A hall bath is glamorous in head-to-toe marble and dimmed ceiling lights. Glass shower doors reveal more space, while amenities blend quietly together. LED-lit shelves add a feature while taking away storage space.

The alternative comes to life in this much larger 850 square meter studio. Located in Fo Tan, Hong Kong, the regular study partitions were removed in favor of more room flow and mid-century furniture. The central room mixes the old with the new, as the room revolves around a 1950s gray and wooden armoire. A Stephen Kenn denim sofa integrates classic lines with modern textures, while a mirrored column to the left connects the headboard shelf and pays homage to Mies. Van der Rohe. Faced with white and wooden panels, the bed and the living room form an elegant and open space.

Mistakes Decorating Small Apartment

From every angle the artistic elements begin to appear. The cushions of an Aztec sofa welcome two cow hides, one sitting and one reclining. An edgy gold table sits under a lamp post, a reminder of the city outside. Ladders and compartments complement a Charlotte Perriand trunk, while a bonzai-shaped tree adds another culture.

The central compartments mirror a chair cabinet, a clever trick for extra space. As the 1950s mirror tilts to the side, the long, thin lines of the room stretch out.

The bedroom creates its own aura with a sliding balcony in muted gray tones. Facing the window or the turquoise vanity, you forget the living room for a quieter space. Vase sprigs of lavender and showgirl mirror lights add a touch of character, and carved wood shelves is a place for necessities.

Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design

Designed for a young man in Moscow, our third workshop is a feast for futuristic eyes. With colors to denote different places, your mood changes as often as your textures. The living room appears bachelor in muted shades of gray, while striking yellow cuts over a rug and cushions. Textured panels behind the sofa and towards the bedroom create depth and drama.

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The bedroom is midnight blue and almost bare on a grand scale. Drenched in taupe, tan and beige, his colors express warmth and comfort, his artwork sex and seduction.

A turn around the corner reveals a series of feature walls, each distinct in texture and tone. The TV wall wows with a taupe header, glossy charcoal cabinets and monochrome elements. The balcony has a textured floor and wall, facing a full ocean. Another corner features two walls, beige and blue, which support a small white corner table.

The kitchen takes the black and yellow of the living room, centers it on a dining table. Set against a light wooden floor and black and white walls, glossy black cabinets mirror chairs on a black marble floor. Turn to both sides to discover a wooden panel that supports a TV, a marble spoon, and an open invitation to the balcony. Each angle offers a different, non-competing theme, adding distinction and character to any living space.

At the end of the marble corridor, an elegant exit awaits. In black with striking panels of white, a painted barn door points the way out. A mirror and glass vase provide a back view, illuminated by a single circular light.

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Share it on one of the following social media channels below to give us your vote. Your comments help us improve. If you live in a small apartment, you may have a hard time decorating it. Other than that, there is also a chance that you are doing it the wrong way.

When it comes to decorating a small apartment, the decision to design is difficult. It is as difficult as choosing a place for the dining table or even a rug. If you live in a small apartment and want to beautify your area, this post is perfect for you 👌. You will read about the most common mistakes when decorating a small apartment.

It goes without saying that most interior designers, especially those who live in an urban area, know how to make a perfect design in every square inch of an apartment. We cannot deny that the smallest space still needs the most thoughtfulness

Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design

Determination. Each of the meters involved in it must be included in the plan. In addition, the guests of the owner of the small apartment should also feel free to move in that area. The main task of an interior designer is to make less furniture and more air to create spaces for entertainment, work and leisure.

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Five most common mistakes when decorating a small apartment. In addition, we have also included the things you can do to avoid them. Read on and enjoy!

When it comes to interior design, an interior designer will balance comfort and practicality. Putting many things like big cupboards in your area is good, but putting at least one cupboard is much better. It’s because when you put more than two cabinets in a room, you usually forget about space and ergonomics. The measurement of the step next to the corridor must be 110 centimeters

For two people and 90 centimeters for one person. It is the recommended measure so that the corridor is not crowded. This also applies to the distance in your living room, as well as in your kitchen. You will not be happy if something goes wrong during the preparation of the table and cooking. Remember that about 50 centimeters of space between furniture is important if you don’t want to stick to its corners. If you lack space, you can expand it by using the compact back, folding chairs and tables.

One of the common mistakes is the desire of a person to divide the compact apartment into several areas. It will lead to a tangled maze after manipulation. To fix this, you should consider combining the small spaces. You can easily do this by having a uniform wall color. Also remember to separate your sleeping area

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It is vital, but you can do it without losing air. You may consider using a curtain or glass partition.

If you live in a small room apartment, proper space planning is very important. Choosing wall design and arranging appliances and cabinets first is not the right way to make your small apartment breathable. If you are a home-based worker, it is recommended that you have a separate work area

. It should be practically parsed, and if you need to transform it, do so. Large cabinets or appliances should be placed as a wall. Remember not to create a clutter effect.

Small Luxury Apartment Interior Design

The interior design must be compatible with the space of the area. Therefore, the classic design on a small area is not the best option. The classic style calls for a large room that has windows and high ceilings. Baroque, vintage and classic styles.

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They are perfect for symmetrical areas where it would be easier to set the pace with the use of certain lines, panels and wallpaper. When it comes to a small area, the modern style is perfect because it allows you to use a modular sofa or place a fractional storage system that has partitions, drawers and shelves.

It must be compatible with the size of the apartment. It is recommended to use high cabinets. It will help you

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