Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design

By | February 26, 2023

Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design – Whether you live in a chic condo in the city or a chic townhouse in the suburbs, living in a small space has its benefits — and its challenges. These intimate homes may not have the square footage of a spacious, single-family home, but they offer a low-maintenance lifestyle, often in highly desirable and undeniably convenient locations. If you’re looking to downsize or want a more refined and functional small space, here are some tips for getting the most out of a modern townhouse or condo.

When downsizing to a condo or townhouse, consider the proportions of your existing furniture. Retrofitting a home can be challenging, especially when transitioning to living in a smaller space. With that said, you’ll often achieve the best results when designing for the space you have rather than the space you’re leaving behind. In other words, if your current sofa and loveseat are overwhelming your new living room, it’s best to leave those items behind and start fresh.

Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design

Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design

If you’re having trouble deciding what stays and what goes, keep pieces that you love and have sentimental value to you, or that will fit beautifully into your new intimate space design. Working with a full-service design firm can help you determine what will work best in your modern townhouse or condo, so you can achieve a comfortable yet sophisticated, well-appointed home that suits your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

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A modern townhouse or condo will have a somewhat open concept floor plan. It is imperative that you choose a cohesive color scheme and spatial design to achieve seamless beauty in your space. Take, for example, this modern townhouse in University City by Stella Ludwig Interiors. This clean, small space flows beautifully from the living room to the dining room. While the two rooms are open and adjacent, they complement each other perfectly while maintaining a sense of contrast, thanks to a cohesive color scheme and carefully planned design aesthetic.

To get the most out of a small space, you need to think big and outside the box. This Ritz artful condo by Stella Ludwig Interiors takes advantage of the vertical square footage of the modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, for extra storage. Large windows let in natural light to make the open concept space feel larger. Inviting gray color schemes and warm wooden floors create a neutral foundation that allows bold patterns, unique art and luxurious fabrics to shine. Track lighting unobtrusively illuminates the condo from above. Careful furniture placement maximizes limited square footage. Pops of vibrant color unify each area and tie the design together to create a tailored, functional and personalized home.

If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area and want to make the most of your upscale, modern townhouse or condo, contact us to schedule a free 15-minute phone call to get you on the path to small space living.

Is an award-winning boutique design firm specializing in high-end residential design. Located in the historic Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, we serve discerning business clients, empty nesters and busy executives to international families living in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. We are known for creating distinctive interiors that exude elegance with style and panache and feel privileged to work in an ever-changing creative industry that allows us to use our experience and skills to delight those we serve. Stella Ludwig Interiors’ projects and ideas have been featured in Architectural Digest, Philly Home Magazine, Philadelphia Style, Philadelphia Magazine, Suburban Life Magazine, Kravet Design Share, and real estate and design industry blogs. The first impression of a townhouse is usually too small, too compact, too narrow, and the list is endless. Well, let us tell you one thing, these are the words that perfectly describe the old townhouse designs. Currently, you can use words like versatile, modern and spacious. Why does this happen? The reason is the change in structural design in the construction of townhouses.

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There are many examples of modern townhouse designs that will make you go ‘wow’, you just have to read this article till the end. We can understand the hesitation in deciding whether to go for the townhouse design, despite it being on trend. Before we proceed, it is important to know the basics of townhouse design.

The answer to this question is quite simple: a townhouse or townhome is a place designed specifically for single-family living. These houses share one or more walls with another house owned by someone else.

The concept of townhouse design is to have a family living space with security and privacy. When you move into or build a townhouse, the property, the house, its exterior, interior and everything else is yours alone.

Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design

Also, modern townhouse designs include lawns, balconies, bedrooms, living rooms and more. The townhouse is tall and can be a single as well as a double storey unit.

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We won’t bore you with the pros, so here are the cons of living in the townhouse style. You should know everything there is to know about living in a townhouse property, be it positive or negative. Let’s go!

As for costs, it depends on whether you are building or buying a townhouse. We have mentioned the cost of both in this section. (Note that this is a US average price, it may vary by region.)

If you go for a modular townhouse, which is built off-site with a controlled environment, it will cost you $103/sq.ft.

Here in this section, you will find inspiration and ideas about modern townhouse design. Without thinking too much, go through the design ideas. We are sure that it will definitely convince you to go ahead with the decision.

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You have read about almost everything related to townhouses. We hope the ideas section was like the cherry on the cake, convincing you to take the final step towards your townhouse design decision.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly home and in a community where you can spend time with your neighbors, a townhouse is a perfect choice. For more on the designing side of any architecture from around the world, visit .Featuring ultra-small and sleek interior styles, these two modern apartment designs truly master their limited 30 square meter footprints. Made-to-measure furniture probably makes the biggest impact in these small spaces, providing solutions that not only hide life’s belongings but also contribute visually with bright white and mirrored finishes. Each space has two completely different bedroom treatments, one with a compact side layout and the other with a Murphy bed solution for the lounge. Kitchens in every home feel incredibly spacious, luxurious, with added dining peninsulas and smart decorative touches. Study the detailed floor plans at the end of each tour for more information.

Green accents enliven the white living room of this clean compact 28 square meter apartment in Gdansk, Poland. A bottle green accent chair is finished off with mint splashed artwork and green shelving around the room.

Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design

Wall cabinets above the sofa form a cohesive element with the adjacent kitchen. This seamless connection gives both areas a strong presence in the space.

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A clean white color unifies the room’s storage elements, pushing the walls outward to make the compact space feel larger and lighter. The indoor plant grows by the balcony door, which is the room’s only source of sunlight.

A linear suspension light enhances the appearance of a small dining peninsula on the side of the kitchen. The wooden countertop gives the dining area a unique look from the rest of the white installation.

White doors hide the kitchen cupboards when cooking is not in action, for a quick clean-up of the multi-purpose room.

A decorative tower of open kitchen shelving is complemented by green framed kitchen bar stools and a saturated green entryway.

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The underside of the dining peninsula is left open to allow the flooring line to flow and visually expand the room.

Bookshelves, cut into the end of the wardrobe wall, begin a wave of green accent handles along their length.

A green radiator cover allows heat to escape through holes in its top so the bed can be placed flush against the wall.

Small Modern Townhouse Interior Design

An alarm clock and a bedside lamp use the solid side of the radiator cover as a bedside table. The piece flows straight into the narrow green bookcase at one end, creating a fluid line.

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Our next tour takes place at a private residence in Moscow, Russia. This 30 square meter interior exudes a different vibe, born from the attractive furniture in rich brown and warm grey. Two sides of the living room have glass walls, sandwiching a small sofa in the middle of it.

After dark, the Murphy bed comes down in place of the couch. Lounge side tables become bedside cabinets.

A fluffy deep pile rug is suited to both cozy room functions and lays a soft track in enclosed spaces.


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