Victorian Home Interior Design Ideas

By | May 1, 2023
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Victorian Home Interior Design Ideas – Victorian homes are one of the most unique home styles out there – gingerbread house details, pastel-colored exteriors, and maybe a turret if you’re lucky. If you recently purchased a Queen Anne Victorian style home in San Francisco, CA or a Victorian Revival Gothic home in New Orleans, LA, you may be wondering how to design the interior.

To help you get started, we’ve reached out to Victorian design experts for the best Victorian interior design tips. Read on to see what they have to say so you can start planning your luxury home with drama and grandeur.

Victorian Home Interior Design Ideas

Victorian Home Interior Design Ideas

To really achieve an authentic Victorian style interior design, you need to start with rich and bold colored decorations. Choose furniture in deep burgundy or ruby ​​​​red, which are also finished with intricate carvings and many decorations. Go well. Take courage. Be fancy, go for variety. But above all, create and enjoy the Victorian style – it was designed for wealth. – Mark Murphy, Hunt Vintage

Best Victorian Interior Design Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Thick floral wallpaper or murals, layers of comfortable fabrics, and natural elements such as plants, rattan, copper and brass to keep warm. For the main drama, I will paint the walls and cut a dark shade like Sherwin Williams’ Caviar, which is a really nice dark black, or Down the pipe from Farrow & Ball. It makes the perfect backdrop for art and vintage collections. – Kristen Grandi, junk Hippy

Work with some fabrics and add some historically appropriate wallpaper designs like Bradbury & Bradbury on the walls and ceiling. Arrange your antique furniture in the room to draw the eye, allowing more modern pieces to blend into the background. Remember that Victorian rooms get better over time and can be built a wise investment at a time. – Leslie James, Denver Square

With Victorian interior design, always more! Wall paper and tapestries, drapey curtains and vintage art and layered objects in rich textures and rich colors – many things you can use to thrift and feel truly authentic. – Founder Amanda Rose Halkias, Creative Director Helen Brand

Go to the Victorian themed room. This era is defined by rich colors (the discovery of aniline dyes) such as burgundy, emerald green and navy blue. Bright colors and pastels appear later. It is used on the wall or wallpaper in the popular William Morris pattern with showy flowers, leaves or vine motifs. The fabrics were luxurious heavy silks and wools for curtains and upholstery, making the home the definition of status and wealth. Paint walls, doors, sliding rails, built-in bookcases and even the ceiling in this beautiful color. Take dramatic floral wallpaper and create an accent gallery wall filled with golden rococo frames, for example in a hallway, or wallpaper the back panel of your bookcase. – Grace and Holmes

Modern Victorian Design & Décor Ideas

Victorian-era rooms in San Francisco are generally smaller in square footage but often have uneven ceilings. You can eliminate the narrow feeling and create a conceptual master room by highlighting the vertical volume of the room by using tall dramatic curtains, colorful wallpaper and art displays, (statues, antiques and reproductions, pieces of antique glass or mirrors) by using the wall as a backdrop. . Finally, use jewel tones to give the room an authentic Victorian feel. – DWM | MALOOS (DWM Interiors, Inc.)

When designing a Victorian style house, the first thing I think about is the walls. Dramatic draperies along the walls and beautiful wallpaper will sweep you effortlessly into this era. Rich linen and silk textures suit this style. – Crystal Light, Lead Designer, 3D Light Design

When it comes time to furnish your space, we recommend that you purchase only the highest quality wood furniture, made in the USA. Made in America, high quality wood products will look great in your Victorian home and last for decades. – Eustis Chair

Victorian Home Interior Design Ideas

What better way to spice things up than by combining quirky Victorian pieces with contemporary treasures? We like to combine original antique and vintage furniture with contemporary designer pieces for dramatic effect. Consider adding lighter fabrics, colors, or materials to the dark wood accents of Victorian furniture to create a sense of contrast that will make your home feel decorative in a unique way. – Silke Berlinhoff-Nielsen, CEO and Founder of Stylish

Most Popular 75 Beautiful Victorian Living Room Ideas And Designs Design Ideas For April 2023

Victorian-style interior design is usually heavy on details such as intricate woodwork and William Morris’s popular floral wallpaper, so combining these elements with clean lines, simple silhouettes and light colors such as pastels can give the style breathing room to really shine. appreciate Use tone-on-tone neutrals to blend the dark wood tones of old Victorian antiques, making them more accessible to contemporary homes. – Kevin Francis O’Gara, Kevin Francis Design

Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms in Victorian homes can be small and cramped. To modernize the house, don’t blow the beautiful interior architecture that I often see. However, do not be afraid to scale back and downsize equipment. A beautiful combination of large comfortable furniture and art in the classic Victorian area. In a project we did in a classic Victorian area, we made a custom sofa that took up an entire wall in the living room. The 7 seater sofa is comfortable and offers killer relaxation. We also had a custom rug cut and went from the living room to the dining room around the interior architectural frame. A wide carpet connects the two rooms and makes the space feel larger. – Homan Rajai, Lead Designer, Studio Lead

As I traveled the South looking for homes to include in my book, I found some interesting ways to incorporate Victorian furniture into a room. My favorite is to cover the wooden frame of the upholstered furniture with high gloss paint and reupholster them in simple fabrics such as plain linen or more modern patterned fabrics. I found that paint modernizes Victorian chairs and sets while emphasizing their ornate form. This approach works well in traditionally decorated rooms, adding an interesting touch as well as, in contemporary settings, an eclectic appeal. – Susan Sully

During the Romantic Movement of the 1870s, Victorians were drawn to nature, spending time outdoors, hiking and establishing zoos. But at home they are truly wild. They filled the cabinets with beautiful seashells, planted ferns in the indoor garden, and hung their walls with taxidermy and framed butterflies and moths. Natural history was all the rage. Continue and do the same thing. – Keith Funston of Funston Antiques

Modern Victorian Decorating Ideas

The Victorians loved classical design and incorporated ancient Greek and Roman elements as well as Japanese aesthetics into their pieces. Right now, the market is still depressed in Victorian design, which means it’s all for sale and the right time to buy. My advice is to join an online auction platform and follow the various auctions across the country. This is the best way to learn what is available and the price you will pay. You will be amazed at the amazing things you can find at amazing prices. – Gary Germer, Gary Germer and Associates

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Victorian Home Interior Design Ideas

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Victorian Style Interior Design Tips For Your Home

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The highly anticipated TV adaptation of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton was released on Netflix on Christmas Day 2020 and was the platform’s most watched premiere episode to date, with 82 million households tuning in to watch. The Regency era in which the show is set originally predates the Victorian era in England, ending in 1820. The show, along with the popularity of royal-centric programs such as The Crown and the recent adaptation of Dracula as a BBC series, has put Victorian interior design on the map.

Victorian design is known to be a period of ‘decorative excess’ with various objects such as vases and paintings showing the grandeur of each interior space and not shying away from excessive decoration. (Perhaps Victorian style can be considered the opposite of minimalism?) Part of the reason this style of interior design is so popular is that the Victorian era has always been prominent.