How Did Harry Potter Die – It’s always frustrating when a character in a movie or book possesses an object of immeasurable power and then destroys it because it’s too much power for any person to hold, and the ability to abuse such power is very real. Like the mass surveillance system used by Batman

To locate the Joker or the Resurrection Stone in Harry Potter. Speaking of which, why does our young wizard drop the stone in the first place?

How Did Harry Potter Die

It was rooted in the fact that Harry did not believe that many of them should personally use the Resurrection Stone, which as the name suggests is able to bring people back to life. If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s the scoop: It’s the second “Halo” created. Halos are magical objects/relics that are capable of performing some truly amazing feats.

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The Resurrection Stone is the second Halo ever created, and is rumored to have been made by Death himself. When combined with two other halos – Invisibility and the Elder Wand – the wielder becomes the “Master of Death”.

Harry drops the stone for a number of reasons, one being because it didn’t really bring people back, their “shades” as Redditor Talgori says.

Another reason Harry finally dropped the stone was because if he wanted to get rid of it, no one else could become a master of death. This meant that Voldemort would not be able to possess all three halos at once.

Harry, himself became the Master of Death because no single person can escape the end of their lives, no matter how hard they try. Harry is able to “defeat” death in another way: after fighting Voldemort in the forest and being killed by the Dark Wizard, Harry does not actually die, but he is resurrected.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Why would Harry drop the resurrection stone before someone gets killed by Voldemort please— ye cats (@1dafwomb2tomb) October 17, 2016

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This is a question that many people have after reading books and watching movies, but there is an explanation. The wound on Harry Potter’s head was not the only mark of Voldemort’s attempt to kill him when he was a child. While trying to kill the infant Harry, he attached a piece of his soul to Harry Potter.

Therefore, Voldemort’s soul is the only person he killed in the forest battle with Harry Potter. This allowed Harry the choice of being dead or returning from the afterlife. Harry then essentially becomes a true “Master of Death” as he willingly goes to his own death because it’s the right thing to do in that case, while many try to avoid kicking the bucket.

Why Harry Drops the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest – Like Id Put That Shit In My Pocket — Henry Lopez (@henrinlopez) October 10, 2013

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“Because Harry’s body had two souls: his own and Voldemort’s soul shard. A killing curse kills the soul of the person it hits, but since Harry’s body has two souls, only one is killed (one kill per spell). Harry’s body is hit, it is his soul that is in control and the killing curse can choose how directed. We know this because of his conversation with Dumbledore at King’s Cross Station.”

“In the scene at the train station where Harry talks to Dumbledore, he has the choice of boarding the train and going to the afterlife or staying at the station and being “revived”, with a fragment of Voldemort’s soul taking his place on the train. Had Voldemort’s soul not been inside Harry, it would have been Harry’s death. Harry had to board the train and enter the physical world. If it was destined to die, Voldemort’s horcrux would have survived, but the soul would not have. For Harry’s body, it would have been a corpse’s horcrux.”

Do you disagree and think there was another reason Harry dropped the Resurrection Stone? Or J.K. Rowling messed this whole bit up?JK Rowling is killing Harry Potter. Our hero isn’t dying at the hands of Lord Voldemort or the Death Eaters, or dying as an adult from his taxes and other normal life struggles. The woman who created this franchise is destroying it. With slow and painful whispers of secrets no one hears, JK Rowling is challenging fans to hang on as long as possible before their souls wither like someone’s post-Dementor kiss.

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If this is news to you, check out her Twitter. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but I didn’t announce to at least 2.1 million followers that wizards were sleeping on the floor.

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And if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, let me break down a little timeline… It started when Albus Dumbledore was gay. There are 3,407 pages in the Harry Potter series and not a single mention of Dumbledore’s sexuality. So, naturally, everyone was surprised (pun intended) when JK Rowling came out and revealed that the Hogwarts headmaster was gay all along. Reaction was mixed, with homophobes criticizing the franchise and refusing to acknowledge this reality for the character, while allies and members of the LGBT+ community praised Rowling for the representation. Rowling gets a taste of this power — she’s created one of the most iconic fictional worlds in existence, and she can change anything about it with a 180-character tweet. And when these changes seem to make people happy, why wouldn’t she want to do it?

Then the cursed child was released. Hermione turns black, Harry becomes an arsehole and Cedric Diggory becomes a Death Eater? Everything about it was a mess – not to mention the fact that Rowling didn’t write it. It wasn’t clear that the continuation of the adventure was a desperate attempt to squeeze more money out of it and stay relevant in a world ruled by Rowling. Cursed Child shattered everything we thought we knew and was a huge ‘Fuck you’ for fans of the franchise – I mean, Voldemort and Bellatrix had a daughter?! I’m sure fanfiction exists that is more respectful of the lore of the original series.

Since Dumbledore was gay, people were happy about Hermione being black, but began to question why these changes came out of nowhere – and where the evidence of representation in physical copies was: ‘Hermione is only black because she’s not white’, Dumbledore could be interpreted as gay because there are no clear references to a heterosexual relationship. JK Rowling could have freely admitted to the lack of diversity in her books and her efforts to address this, instead these facts have been real all along and she never published them – thus these revelations are nothing more than empty gestures. Representation by omission is not representation.

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Rowling once shared this photo while assuring fans that Hogwarts is an LGBT+ safe place, but I can’t help but feel the irony in it. Dumbledore literally spent 7 books in the closet, only to be thrown out posthumously when convenient.

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Imagine a world where these facts were established in the actual books (it’s not a fact but an interpretation that Hermione might be black, but let’s take it that way for the sake of representation). Sure, the first book came out in 1997, perhaps in a world less accepting of the central LGBT+ character, but if anything, that’s all the more reason to shout it from the rooftops. Imagine the strides that could be made if a generation of children grew up idolizing an openly gay headmaster and a highly intelligent young black woman.

Instead, these facts seem to have been added as afterthoughts; An attempt to garner love from a politically correct culture that celebrates these slogans. There is no confirmation of these revelations, just pure attention seeking. I’ll give JK Rowling the benefit of the doubt and say that her goal is to create a character we love before revealing this aspect about her to emphasize the way we identify with characters who are different. Perhaps she wanted to change the hearts of those who disagreed with homosexuality, by presenting Dumbledore as simply a good man who – surprisingly, happened to be gay. In an ideal world, Rowling would see herself championing inclusivity through masking diversity.

It’s hard to accept this view, however, as other revelations she publishes are completely bonkers. With the release of the Fantastic Beasts movies, Rowling continues to escalate everything we thought we knew without showing us anything else. she says

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