How Much Money Did Sharknado Make – Is officially happening, and stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid have confirmed they will begin filming next month. The follow-up to last year’s low-budget debacle

Will be filmed and the event will take place in New York, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This brings Los Angeles survivors Fin (Ziering) and April (Reid) to the Big Apple, where only they can save its citizens and landmarks from nature’s most brutal water and air assault.

How Much Money Did Sharknado Make

. “Can lightning strike twice? I don’t know, but it’s a scientific fact that lightning is more likely to kill you than a shark. There’s lightning and sharks in this movie, so that has to count for something.

Say What?! Sharknado 2 Just Beat Kim And Kanye

Original director Anthony Ferrante and screenwriter Thunder Levin will also return for the sequel, which is set to premiere on Syfy in July. Sequel

Was originally announced just days after the original received great reviews and an even bigger response on social media. The additional airing gathered 2.1 million viewers (the original was 1.4 million), and in August 2013, the film opened in stores and even in cinemas.

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Small Budget, Big Bite

He will earn $500,000 for the fifth Sharknado movie. Gadot earned a base salary of $300,000 for Wonder Woman.

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Share All Share Options: Ian Ziering’s Sharknado 5 Salary Almost Doubles Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman

Ian Ziering in Sharknado 4. For some reason, this guy makes a lot of money for a franchise joke.

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Sharknado Isn’t So Bad It’s Good; It’s Just Bad

Sharknado, the five-film Syfy franchise that seems to exist to be mocked (and welcomes mockery), seems far more serious when you look at its main star’s salary. According to a Hollywood Reporter report, Ian Ziering will earn $500,000 for the fifth film in the series, which debuts this weekend, and will earn more than his co-star Tara Reid:

Everything is bigger for Sharknado 5 , from the budget ($3 million, double the cost of the original) to the star salaries — Ziering now makes $500,000 per picture. Asylum manages to keep costs down on Reid’s salary, with each installment earning about a quarter of what her male co-star earns.

Ziering’s salary raises eyebrows not only because of the pay gap between him and Reid, but also because it’s a lot of money for a franchise that peaked with 3.87 million viewers for Sharknado 2 in 2014, according to THR’s numbers. in perspective, an early 2017 midseason episode of the CBS sitcom

The franchise is — exact numbers are hard to come by. The budget for this fifth installment was reportedly $3 million, and Asylum, the studio producing the franchise, made $5 million in 2012.

Sharknado: End Of An Era

But its real draw may be the attention its cameos and ridiculous storylines typically garner in the news and on social media: THR reports that the first film, for example, received up to 5,000 tweets per minute.

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Ziering’s salary becomes even more striking when considered in the context of Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Wonder Woman, the summer’s biggest film so far. Star Gal Gadot’s base salary for the film was $300,000 — a full $200,000 less than Ziering’s

Gadot’s salary became the target of outrage earlier this summer after someone falsely claimed she was underpaid by more than $10 million.

. While his salary was largely in line with what other actors have been paid for their superhero debuts — for example, Chris Evans was reportedly paid around $300,000 in 2010 for his role in Captain America: The First Avenger — many people felt alarmed.

David Hasselhoff To Star In Sharknado 3: Actor To Play Ian Ziering’s Dad In Cult Cheesy Film

At the company, we believe that everyone deserves access to information that helps them understand and shape the world in which they live. That’s why we keep our work free. Support our mission and help keep yourself free for all by donating today. Only care about fictional sharks delivered by a fierce weather system. They also have a lot of love in their hearts for real, live, marine aquatic predators – which is why they send a portion of the donations they collect for the fan-funded bonus scene to conservation projects.

The studio reportedly became interested in supporting shark conservation and science after the huge success of “SharkNado” and hopes to raise at least $50,000 to pay for a fan-funded bonus scene. The studio has pledged to donate 10 percent of contributions to the University of Miami’s RJD Marine Conservation Program to advance the college’s ongoing shark conservation research.

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Fan: a $120 donation will have a recorded scream used in the film, and $5,000 will get you a supporting role “with either a death scene or a heroic scene, your choice.” Plus, of course, $12 or $500 respectively for shark conservation.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Sharknado

, a film about things that scientifically almost certainly wouldn’t happen to sharks, raising money for “shark science.” But it still seems like a win-win deal — the sharks get the support, movie buffs get to enjoy a goofy thriller, and maybe some of you get your own shout-out to the movie.

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