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Tissue paper is quite a versatile craft material. Not only is it super cheap, but it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, plus you can find it in many stores!

How To Make Cool Crafts At Home

Another great thing about tissue paper is that it can be used in so many craft projects. From party decorations to home decor, artwork and accessories (just to name a few), the real question is: what

Easy Crafts For Adults: No Crafting Skills Required!

If you’re looking to create something crafty and affordable this weekend, you’re in luck! Below are 50 of our most favorite DIY tissue paper crafts using tissue paper.

These mini piñatas are decorated with colorful tissue paper to give them a fun festive look! Blackbird’s Epiphany teaches you how to make these great party favors.

Did you know that works of art can also be created by melting tissue paper? You’ll have to check out the Art Projects for Kids tutorial to see how it’s done!

Want to make your own tissue paper pom pom garland for your next special event? Subtle fun is easily quirky and so can you!

Gorgeous Paper Craft Ideas

Here’s another great example of how you can create a colorful piece of art using fused tissue paper. Crafts by Amanda is very talented!

Here’s a Mother’s Day craft project for kids that everyone is sure to love. Crafty Morning dreamed up these bright tissue paper flowers.

Here’s another great DIY tissue paper craft idea from the talented Crafty Morning, this time featuring a nest of blue hens. How adorable!

These pastel tissue paper flowers are incredibly pretty, don’t you think? If you want to recreate their beauty, you must read the full tutorial on the Design Everyday Blog!

Easy & Fun Crafts For 2 Year Olds ?

If you’re looking for a modern and colorful way to jazz up your walls, why not create your own tissue paper art like Design Sponge has done? It not only looks stunning but is also very eye-catching.

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Can you believe these eHow baby booties are made of tissue paper? Filled with goodies, these are the perfect baby shower favors for your attendees.

These daily dish tissue paper suncatchers are very pretty and you’ll love how the sun filters through them to project colors onto your walls. The best part is that your kids will love making them too!

Create your masterpieces using tissue paper, just like Fiskars has done. They are ideal gifts for loved ones or simply to add color to any room in your home.

Seashell Crafts: 30+ Beachy Decor Ideas

You can even create this awesome turtle using tissue paper and other common craft projects – isn’t that great? Glued to my Crafts shows you (and your kids) how!

Here’s another fabulous idea for turning a tissue paper shape into a gorgeous sun catcher, this time from the clever Happy Hooligans. Your kids will love something like this on their bedroom window!

Pastels and polka dots are the latest and greatest trend for decorating your home, but the good news is that you can embrace the style yourself by following Homemade Hooplah’s tutorial for these gorgeous vases.

Throwing an ice cream party soon? How About Orange shows you everything you need to know to recreate this tissue paper ice cream wreath. Happy you!

Crafts For Kids

Simply decorate the fake candle with red, orange and yellow colored tissue paper to create your own little fake fire! You’ll love this safe, flame-free alternative from Ink and Glue to decorate your kids’ rooms.

Who doesn’t love butterflies? In the Playroom has embraced everyone’s love of this flapping animal by creating these DIY tissue paper versions. This is the perfect weekend craft for kids.

Forget fancy confetti, you can actually create confetti inspired balloons using cheap and widely available tissue paper, just like I Spy DIY has done! Follow her step-by-step tutorial and you’ll be up and running in no time.

These colorful and quirky tissue paper mugs from I Spy DIY are probably our favorite tissue paper project yet! Aren’t they amazing? You will be happy to know that you too can create them.

Gifts Kids Can Make

Aren’t these tissue paper poppies by Lia Griffith stunning? You can place them in vases around your home or even use them to decorate a cake – the possibilities are endless!

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Speaking of paper flowers, here are some more of Lia Griffith’s more gorgeous blooms. By following the blogger’s step-by-step tutorial, you can create them too.

Tissue paper tassels are all the rage right now, so instead of spending a small fortune buying them online or in a store, why not make your own? Linen, Lace and Love will teach you how with their handy guide.

Via Lines Across’s Mod Podge Rocks blog, make that paper confetti your own by making these DIY coasters. They are incredibly easy and fun to create!

Craft Ideas For Kids

True flower crowns are great except when they wilt and turn brown. Fortunately, Little Inspiration has come up with a brilliant idea – to simply make a flower crown from soft paper flowers!

Everyone loves candlelight, so why not add color and create something truly unique? Make Zine has this great tutorial for you. Have you ever just looked at something and thought “that’s a cool craft idea!”? Crafting as much as we do, we often come across cooler DIY projects that make us stop scrolling! Things that have been repurposed or completely redesigned seem to be the most interesting. So today we are sharing this round of craft ideas that are totally inspiring, creative and just plain cool.

Some of our favorite crafts are those that use materials found in nature; like driftwood, rocks, plants and flowers to create beautiful and thoughtful things. You will love the creativity of these cool crafts!

Use items from nature to create your own little moss wall. A magical little place for every fairy to hang out!

Yarn Crafts That Require No Skill To Make!

Finding a new purpose for something old is one of the best reasons to craft! It’s true what they say, “one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”.

Make a paper rose bouquet from old book pages. Makes a nice centerpiece and inexpensive summer decor idea.

Use maps of your favorite places to make useful upcycled placemats. What a great conversation starter for your next gathering.

Use an old bicycle tire rim and old keys to make a unique wind chime for your garden.

Easy Crafts To Make And Sell

Upcycle your old jeans to create a boho-inspired feather wall hanging. It’s cool enough even for a teenager!

Some of the most rewarding types of crafts are those handmade items that have a practical use in the home, such as a blanket, table, or rug.

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Always popular, arm knit a large, chunky blanket to add texture and warmth to any room in your home.

The DIY 3-tier stand is a versatile and useful furnishing element for any room. Plus, making it yourself is budget-friendly!

Easy Diy Crafts For Girls

The rest of these crafts fall into no category other than just really cool. We are always amazed at how creative people are in making things!

Learn how to make a clay pot garden full of cactus painted rocks! These DIY instructions show how easy it is to make them.

If you have a teen who likes to craft, check out these cool crafts for teens and paper crafts for teens. And for more cool crafting ideas from other like-minded crafters, join our Craft Habit social crafting community on Facebook. Are you in home isolation or quarantine for 14 days this week? Are schools closed where you live and need some fun craft ideas for your kids? Here are 14 kids craft ideas to do at home to keep kids busy and creative – one for every day of the week!

We all know that the world has been a pretty scary and stressful place in recent weeks, with a certain pandemic rearing its ugly head. The one thing that always seems to calm and trouble my kids and me? Craft! If you find yourself staying home with your kids for the next little while, these free kids craft ideas will help keep your kids busy and creative. Some of these kids craft ideas are mine and some are from my blog friends (who also have tons more DIY ideas on their blogs!).

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Although times are uncertain, I want to continue to provide you with creative ideas here, on my social channels and on my YouTube channel. I hope these DIY ideas help you stay calm, busy, and allow you to find a little joy. XO

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