How To Make Easy Crafts At Home With Paper – If there’s one thing I’m repeating here, it’s my love of keeping things simple. Simple arts and crafts keep my kids and I entertained and stress-free. Construction paper crafts certainly fit the bill.

Construction paper is one of the most basic of basic craft supplies. It can be found at almost any store, but you probably have some at home! There are many fun crafts that kids can make with construction paper. This post contains many great craft ideas using construction paper.

How To Make Easy Crafts At Home With Paper

Below are 25+ construction paper craft ideas for kids to get you started. Organized by craft, they include simple construction paper crafts, construction paper animals, construction paper crafts, knitting crafts, quilling crafts, paper chain crafts.

Easy Diy Crafts For Girls

But before we start the construction paper craft, you’ll need to download this freebie! When I’m making things with my kids, especially around the holidays, I like the craft to be straightforward and simple. No trips to the Dollar Store for supplies, no funny tips… So, I’ve come up with five crafts each for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together! Download your copy here:

Use this post full of construction paper crafts to inspire kids to get creative with construction paper! For most of these crafts, you’ll also need scissors, glue, and maybe some basic craft supplies.

Paper Chain Jewelry – This simple paper craft uses shredded paper. Children can make paper necklaces, bracelets, crowns, and rings.

Paper Ice Cream Conesby Family Fun Craft – This simple paper ice cream craft is so cute! It is also a great way for preschoolers to work on their fine motor skills.

Arts, Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids

Easy Paper Twirl Snake Craft by Our Kid Things – These fun little construction paper snakes are easy for kids to make—simply cut out a snake shape from construction paper, decorate with markers and eyeballs and then roll up.

Swirling Twirling Ladybugs by Crafts by Amanda – These cute hanging ladybugs are easy for kids to make. All you need is some construction paper, black paint, and glue.

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Handprint Butterfly Crafts for Mom Easy Everyday – These handprint butterflies are easy for kids to make. Simply find your poster on construction paper, cut it out, and then use glue, paint, or markers to decorate the butterfly wings.

DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat by Paper and Glue – Kids will love wearing a dinosaur hat made with construction paper! In addition to construction paper, you will also need tape and glue.

Dollar Store Easter Decor

Make a Paper Chain Rainbow – Use colorful construction paper strings to make a beautiful rainbow! This is a simple idea that is beautiful when presented.

Easy 3D Construction Paper Flowers- Such a fun and easy way to use construction paper strips that are great for brightening up your home in spring or summer!

Paper Rainbows in One Small Project – This easy rainbow craft uses colored paper to make a cute little rainbow with cotton clouds. You only need scissors and a pair of scissors to complete this project.

Rainbow Unicorn Mane by Ryan and Marsha – This cute craft uses colorful strips of folded construction paper to create a rainbow unicorn mane. This craft will be a fun decoration for a birthday party!

Easy Diy Recycled Newspaper Gift Toppers! — Super Make It

Water Lily Paper Craft by Time-School Snippets This water lily paper craft is a great way to help children remember a lesson about the famous artist Monet. This construction paper craft uses shredded paper glue and glue.

Twitchetts Heart Twister – This cute rainbow heart twister mobile is made with colorful construction paper. Just cut to size, line up the paper, fold gently and stick to the point.

Paper Rainbow Construction for Kids in Kindergarten – Here’s a simple rainbow craft made by cutting rainbow ribbons and pasting them behind paper clouds. This would be a great craft to make in the spring or summer.

Paper Weaving for Kidsby Made with Joy – Paper weaving is a simple technique for crafting construction paper. All that is needed is construction paper and scissors. This technique can be used by children to create other beautiful crafts.

Small Crafts You Can Make With Your Friends

Paper Weave Placemats That Kids Can Learn – These paper weave places are easy enough for a three-year-old to do. Children can also change the stitch pattern by cutting wavy lines, zigzags or strips of different thicknesses on the construction paper.

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Paper Weaving by House that Lars Built – This is a unique paper weaving technique that uses strips of paper to create beautiful patterns. All you need is some light colored construction paper.

Woven Paper Basket by The Natural Homeschool – Using paper weaving techniques children can make colorful paper baskets. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and a stool.

Weaving Rainbow Fish Craft by Crafty Morning – This is the perfect craft to do with the Rainbow Fish book with your preschooler. All you need is construction paper cut out in the shape of a fish and colored paper.

Easy Crafts To Make And Sell

Paper Snail Craft by Crafty Morning – These beautiful snail crafts are created using the paper quilling technique. To make this craft the children take strips of construction paper and roll them up before gluing them to the paper.

Easy Paper Turtleby Twitchetts – This cute turtle craft is made with construction paper. All you need is construction paper and glue!

Spring Tree Craft for Kids Projects – A cute craft that kids can use the quilling technique to create a beautiful spring tree. The only supplies necessary are construction paper, glue, and watercolor paint.

Easy Red Paper Emoji Cards by Ted Art – Kids will love making these cool paper emoji quilling cards. To make these you will need construction paper, scissors, and glue.

Easy Mother’s Day Basket Craft

Easy Heart Balloon Art for Kids: Hello Wonderful Heart Balloons – This cute paper heart balloon art makes a great homemade card for kids to give to their loved ones. You will only need construction paper, glue, white paper, and colored pencils.

Paper Chain Snake Raises Little Heroes – This construction paper craft uses the loop technique to make a paper chain that turns into a snake. It would be a great project to monitor a forest or rainforest unit.

Paper Chain Magic for Kidsby Where Imagination Grows – You can also use construction paper circles to create a paper chain. This is a beautiful artwork that accompanies Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Book.

Paper Loop Butterfly Craft I Heart Art – Print this butterfly pattern and use construction paper to create the body of the butterfly. This is an easy springtime craft for kids to make.

Unique Diy Crafts To Make And Sell

Black Paper Craftby Fireflies and Mudpies – You can use construction paper circles to create animals too, like this cute black cat. To make this craft, simply print out the template, cut out your paper and glue it together.

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Easy Peasy and Fun Construction Paper Craft – Here’s a cute construction craft. To make this craft, cut green paper into strips and then make rings.

Rainbow Mosaic Craftby Ryan and Marsha – The construction paper craft is an easy craft for kids to create. For this craft, simply cut the construction paper into small squares and then let the kids glue the colorful squares together in a rainbow pattern.

Shredded Construction Paper Mushrooms for Fireworks and Clay – This construction paper is a little different because it uses shredded paper. To make this craft the kids will tear the paper into small pieces and then glue them to the mushroom shape.

Rainy Day Pinterest Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Shredded Watermelon Crafts for Fun & Learning – This cute watermelon craft is made with shredded construction paper, glue, and a little bit of black paint. It’s the perfect summer craft for preschoolers to do.

Shredded Seahorse Project for Mom on a Rainy Day – Make this seahorse paper craft project from shredded construction paper. Use the stencil to create a seahorse design or any design you want. Place it on a large piece of paper and create a space for the background.

There you have it, 25+ construction paper crafts for kids. I hope this inspires you and your kids to use up those scraps of construction paper!

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