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Obtain A Small Business Loan

Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for funds to grow their businesses can either seek equity funds from investors or borrow from a lender. Pursuing new justice is time-consuming, subject to federal and state regulations, and requires sharing of future profits. In some cases, an owner may lose control of his company if management decisions must be approved by an outside board of directors.

The Easiest Sba Loan To Qualify For: The New Expedited Hybridge Sba™

On the other hand, warnings against borrowing have been prevalent in small business culture for centuries. Stories of aggressive debt collectors, unscrupulous bankers, and unscrupulous borrowers are passed down from generation to generation as evidence of the visible consequences of taking out business loans. Like other myths and legends, the negative aspects of small business loans are often wildly exaggerated.

Here’s why small business loans might be right for you, as well as a look at your options.

Smart use of debt by small business owners is a financial strategy that should be embraced, not scorned. The benefits of smart loan financing are:

While there are a number of benefits to including debt in a business capital structure, the bottom line is that the debt must be repaid at some point if the business is to continue. Borrowers should know that:

Small Business Lending Statistics For 2021 (+ Financing Options)

Business loans come in many forms, each with its own purpose and features. Below are some of the most common.

Uncollectible accounts increase fees and decrease cash flow. Unless a company deals only in cash, there will always be an accounts receivable balance at the end of the month. For example, if you provide payment terms 10 days after the invoice date, sales that occur at the end of one month will not be collected until the next month.

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Small businesses that sell competing products to larger customers often find it difficult to meet credit terms. One of my investments, a Mississippi wood treatment plant, sold products to factories and railroads across the country, most of which were paid within 45- to 60-days of invoice. While these customers were not credit risks, their slow payments took a toll on our cash flow. A sports accounts loan solved the problem.

Banks like to lend on accounts receivable because they are quick to lend. For these loans, banks usually agree to advance 70% to 80% of the accounts receivable balance that is less than 60 days old. Some banks may offer a different rate depending on the age of the account, such as 90% of the balance for accounts 30 days or less, 75% of the balance for accounts 30 to 60 days old, and 50% of the balance for accounts 60 to 90 days old. days Few banks will accept accounts receivable that are 90 days or older as collateral, so these accounts have no collateral value.

How To Get A Small Business Loan For A Startup / New Business

In a typical AR loan, the company provides the bank with a schedule of accounts receivable and receives payment for the calculated values. As the month progresses, old accounts are collected while sales generate new accounts. At the end of each month, a new credit balance is calculated.

If the following month’s balance is greater than the previous month’s, the bank pays the company an additional amount equal to the difference, minus interest. If the following month’s balance is lower than the previous month’s, the company pays the bank the difference, plus interest. As a result, the loan balance changes every month. In any case, the old loan is repaid and a new loan is issued.

Some banks handle accounts receivable collection and request that bill payments be made to a bank account set up just for that purpose, thus ensuring that the bank is aware of all payments received by the company. In other cases, the bank allows the company to continue its current collection process, relying on the company to provide the bank with periodic collection reports and have cash on hand if a payment on the loan is required.

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In addition to accounts receivable pledged as collateral, the bank may require personal guarantees from the company’s owners as additional security.

How To Get A Small Business Loan Without Collateral

Some business owners prefer to “factor” accounts receivable, instead of borrowing against their value. Factoring is the sale of accounts receivable to a third party (the factor) for a nominal value. Companies like Bluevine give you the chance to turn unpaid invoices into working capital. You can get approval in just 24 hours with rates as low as 0.25% per week.

Depending on the transactions between the factor and the company, the factor may bear all or part of the collection risk and function. In the latter case, the factor may retain the right to recover uncollectible accounts from the company for amounts already paid for the loan. Small business owners should be aware that the tax treatments for AR loans and factoring arrangements are different.

Keeping a stock of raw materials and finished products, or inventory, is essential for most companies. A manufacturer without raw materials cannot create products to sell, and a retailer without finished goods cannot meet customer demands.

Our tree treatment operations have invested thousands of dollars in pre-engineered wood poles and green wood railroad ties, which have been used primarily to replace railroads, telephones and utility lines damaged by weather and storms. Customer demand for these products would rise after each hurricane, and the ability to deliver our products quickly was critical. If we don’t have the right size column, our customers will turn to a competitor. As a result, the value of our inventory exceeded the book value of the facility.

A Startup’s Guide To Obtaining A Small Business Loan

Like uncollectible accounts, inventory represents idle assets, earning nothing and using cash until sold. There was always green wood waiting to be processed and treated poles and knots waiting to be sold. To increase cash flow, we initiated a series of successive short-term loans using inventory as collateral.

Unlike accounts receivable, banks and financial institutions are reluctant to use inventory as collateral, especially if it requires additional investment before it can be sold as finished products. As a result, banks rarely lend 50% to 60% of the value of the finished inventory, with lower rates for working inventory and raw materials – if they accept it as security.

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An inventory credit works the same as an accounts receivable credit, with the credit balance changing with changes in available inventory. If the value of the collateral increases from the previous month’s balance, the loan balance increases and the excess amount is advanced. When the value of the collateral falls below the previous month’s balance, the company must repay the difference, reducing the total amount of the loan.

For example, our bank agreed to lend the company 50% of the company’s finished product inventory and 40% of the value of the green forest. In the first month, we had $250,000 of treated produce and $140,000 of green trees, which allowed us to borrow $181,000 (50% of $250,000 plus 40% of $140,000). In the last month of operations, we sold our treated products, converted green wood to treated, and continued to purchase raw materials. At the end of the month, we had $175,000 of finished inventory and $185,000 of green lumber, which was available for a new loan of $161,500 (50% of $175,000 plus 40% of $185,000). We paid off the old loan of $181,000 and signed a new loan of $161,500, for a $19,500 down payment. We also paid one month’s interest.

How To Qualify For A Small Business Loan

Inventory values ​​calculated on a company’s accounting records must be periodically checked and confirmed by regular physical counts, with the lender making adjustments to the loan as needed. Depending on the terms of the loan, the bank may require the company to take physical numbers more often than is normally done, adding additional administrative costs.

As with AR loans, business owners are often required to guarantee the value of the inventory securing a bank loan. If you currently have a successful business, OnDeck is a great online lender for online loans. However, if you are a newer business or have a lower credit score, Kabbage may be a good option.

Equipment loans are usually secured by physical equipment purchased with the proceeds of the loan. Equipment loan terms typically range from three to eight years and are amortized over the life of the loan.

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