Quick Easy Legit Ways To Make Money – That’s why more and more people decide to start a side hustle to bring in some extra cash.

Yes, I fit into that “more and more people” category and I’m assuming that since you’re reading this, you do too.

Quick Easy Legit Ways To Make Money

Don’t worry, sideloading doesn’t have to be difficult or a ton of extra work. If you choose the right one, you can easily be on your way to some extra money in your pocket and a fun way to spend your free time.

Fast Ways To Make Money Online In Legit Ways

So, are you ready to find some new and great ways to make extra money? Let’s dive in!

Adding a side hustle, or an additional job on the side, to your life can be incredibly beneficial for you. This is a great way to grow as an individual, strengthen your finances, and much more. Some of my favorite side business benefits include:

So, you think starting a side hustle is a great idea now, right? Awesome! However, there are countless side-scrolling ideas. How do you know which ones are really legit? Don’t worry, today I will help you in this. Here are my favorite ways to make extra money.

My top and FAVORITE way to make extra money is blogging. I started my blog in 2017 and have never looked back. It was a wonderful experience and a fantastic income. In fact, if I didn’t want to be so passionate about civil engineering, my blog could easily be my only job and support me financially. I started as a travel blogger (yes, I actually got paid to travel!) and loved it. Over time, my blog has evolved with me, which is a huge benefit!

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So, once you have a website up and running, how exactly do you make money blogging? Great question, let’s break it down…

All of this may sound a little overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. Starting a blog to make money is actually incredibly simple and with a little bit of work, you can really create a serious income stream in your life.

As I said, starting a blog is really simple. Personally, I started my blog by turning to the experts at It’s a Lovely Life. They offer a FREE five-day “Start a Money Making Blog” course. I followed it step by step and ended up with this great website! Again, this class is free with no strings attached. I highly recommend you take it, even if you are not sure about blogging. It will give you a taste of what you put into yourself.

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As a side note and for complete transparency, I also enrolled in the other It’s a Lovely Life courses to get the ball rolling a little faster. Some of them were free (you will see them when you get to their website) and some of them I paid. I considered this as an investment in my blog and it was the best thing I ever did. However, it is absolutely not a requirement. I highly recommend their free classes to get you started!

How It Works

I have written a few different blog posts to help others on their own blogging journey. If you’re interested in learning more, check them out!

Okay, okay! Enough blogging, let’s move on to number 2…starting an Etsy shop! Etsy is an online marketplace where you can sell a ton of different items including crafts, printables, furniture, toys, jewelry… anything you can build or create really! The great thing about Etsy is that they help you with all the boring and legal stuff. In fact, in many states, they even take care of the sales tax for you! They also help you with marketing, give you amazing advice along the way, and much more.

Start your Etsy Shop today with 40 FREE listings! Related: Everything you need to know to start an Etsy Shop 3. Work as a virtual assistant

Later, working as a virtual assistant can help you bring in some money. In fact, I know a few people who have used this to quit their day job (so they can work from home)!

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There is a wide range of tasks and hours of full virtual assistants, depending of course on your employer. Some may include: proofreading documents, managing social accounts, such as personal assistant, meeting planning, bookkeeping and research.

As our technology advances, it is becoming easier to day trade and invest your money in meaningful causes. The key here is to start small, do your research, and follow the market. You can even do this with your phone! If you are seriously interested in day trading, Andrew Aziz’s book How to Day Trade for a Living is a great place to start. It gives you all the best tips and tricks to really get going!

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Then, there are many companies looking for tutors to help students in various fields. Use your own field of expertise and help someone in need (and get paid while you’re at it!). The most legit company I can think of is Chegg (I’ll start there!) but I’m sure there are a ton of other great companies you can look at as well.

In addition to becoming a tutor, you can also help teach English (or another language for that matter) online. Again, Chegg is a great legit company to start your job search with, but I’m sure there are others that are great too (I’m not that familiar with them).

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After all, writing an eBook is a great way to make money! The great thing about this is, once it’s done, you can put it on the market and you’re done! From then on, make a passive income!

You can sell an eBook in many ways. First, you can create your own website to sell it (creating a blog to promote your EBook would be a great way to get your name out there). Next, you can sell it on Etsy, Amazon, or a similar website… or you can work with a company to publish and distribute it. Finally, you can get fancy and actually write a paperback book and submit it to different publishers!

Check out this GREAT BOOK to get started! He tells you the secrets to writing a phenomenal eBook in 21 days flat. I’ve heard some amazing success stories from it, so it’s a great way to start!

Many of my friends petsit or dog walk on the weekend and make an absolute killing in money. In fact, many of them are paid more than they make at their real jobs (maybe they should change careers to dog walking…)! The companies they use are Wag! and Rover, check them out!

What Can I Sell Online To Make Money

Babysitting is a classic way that many of us are incredibly familiar with. However, I would like to point out that there are a TON of babysitting jobs out there that get PAID PER CHILD. I’m not kidding. You can make so much money watching babies, it’s ridiculous. So, if you love kids, definitely check out this side hustle!

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Next, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning becoming an Uber or Lyft Driver. If you are not comfortable driving people, you can also become an Uber Eats driver. I’ve never done any of these jobs, and I don’t know anyone who has (I know…shocking! Everyone seems to be doing this these days!) but I hear you can make some serious money with it.

House cleaning is a side hustle that many people don’t talk about. However, it can bring good money (especially if you work in nicer neighborhoods). The biggest companies I’ve heard of (but have no experience, so do your research) include: Tidy, Maidsapp, and Handy (for more maintenance stuff…).

Donating plasma is similar to donating blood, but a slightly longer process. When you donate plasma, medical researchers can use it to help advance our medical knowledge as a community and create better practices for the future. Most clinics allow you to donate twice a week, and pay you more as the month goes on (to help encourage more donations). On average, the process takes an hour to an hour and a half and you can be paid anywhere between $40 to $100 per donation.

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Unfortunately, there is a sad negative stigma around donating plasma (because many low-income or homeless individuals rely on it as an income). Please don’t listen to the rumours. My husband (and many of his classmates and colleagues in medical graduate school) have been doing this for years to help the medical community (and get paid for it…might I add). The clinic has given the necessary proof of residence and if your blood work came back with harmful substances, you were not allowed to return. Not once did he have any problems. He donated once to twice a week and only studied during his appointment. One of his friends actually won free NFL tickets during a date!

You can read more about donating plasma HERE but you need it

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