Stuff To Make At Home – Are you stuck at home in self-isolation or quarantine for 14 days this week? Are schools closed where you live and need some fun craft ideas for your kids? Here are 14 kid craft ideas you can make at home to keep your kids busy and creative – one for each day of the fortnight!

We all know that the world has been a pretty scary and stressful place over the past few weeks with a certain pandemic rearing its ugly head. One thing that always calms and keeps my kids and I busy? crafts! If you’re staying at home with your kids for a while, these free kids craft ideas will help keep your kids busy and creative. Some of these kids craft ideas are mine, and some are from my blogger friends (who also have tons more DIY ideas on their blogs!).

Stuff To Make At Home

While times are uncertain, I want to continue to offer you creative ideas here, on my social channels and on my YouTube channel. I hope these DIY ideas help you stay calm, busy and allow you to find a little joy. XO

Things To Make With Paper Bags

My girls still love making slime and this fluffy DIY unicorn slime is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Click here to learn how to make fluffy unicorn slime.

The 80s are back and these DIY friendship pins are a fun craft that kids of all ages can make. Click here to learn how to make Kitchen Counter Chronicles friendship pins.

The humble egg carton is a great recycled craft material! Learn how to make bugs, chicks and even glasses with paint, pompoms and pipe cleaners. Click here to learn how to make egg carton animals.

Even my older girls still love to play with play dough – especially if it’s homemade! Click here to learn how to make this homemade kids playdough recipe with simple ingredients from A Pretty Life.

Easy Crafts For Kids To Do At Home During Quarantine And Homeschooling

Make learning math a little more phone-friendly by printing out this free set of play money and cards and playing “grocery store” with the kids. Click here to print free flower play money.

DIY bath bombs are just as fun to make as they are to use! And these homemade Cyclops bath bombs are creepy but adorable. Click here to learn how to make these Cyclops Monster Bath Bombs from Shrimp Salad Circus.

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A bird treat is a fun craft for your kids. These bird seed ornaments can be made into all sorts of interesting shapes and hung outside for your feathered friends to enjoy. Click here to learn how to make these bird feeder decorations.

Are mom and kids a little stressed? Make some slime-filled stress balls that look like cute emojis! What a fun craft for many ages. Click here to learn how to make these DIY Emoji Squishy Slime Filled Stress Balls from Hello Creative Family.

Things To Make And Sell At Home * Moms And Crafters

The world needs all the kind messages it can get right now, and these kindness stones are a sweet way to provide them. Create colorful stones with sayings and then leave them for someone to see and be inspired. Click here to learn how to make these kindness stones from Tried & True Creative.

Have you ever tried making pompoms? They are a wonderful DIY for both kids and adults! It’s even cuter to turn them into little spring animals with scraps of fabric and glue. Click here to learn how to make these pompom animals.

If you have toilet paper rolls lying around right now, you can make a lot of wonderful crafts out of them. Click here to find the best toilet paper roll ideas from Living Letter Home.

DIY hair clips are a wonderful craft to keep or give as a gift. These only take 5 minutes to make, so you can make a whole bunch and surprise some friends with them! Click here to learn how to make these 5-minute DIY hair clips from Northstory + Co.

Cute Garden Crafts To Make With Kids Backyard Summer Camp

Remember when you were a kid making friendship bracelets and wearing rubber bands? Both are back in style and both are great. Click here to learn how to make DIY friendship bracelets and hair ties.

Here’s a fun way to practice reading and writing: magnetic poetry words! Grab some magnetic photo paper, print these handwritten words on it, and start creating poetry on your fridge. Click here to download this free printable handwritten magnet poetry.

Now tell me: Do you have any great kid craft ideas that you can make together at home to spark creativity? There is nothing quite as therapeutic as creating something new. This huge list of things you need to make is mostly organized by materials. You’ll find something for every skill level and every age group – including lots of unique ideas! And you’ll love that you already have most of the materials for these on hand!

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I have a personal crafting challenge that I like to do all by myself. I pick random material and see what I can make out of it. This is a really simple challenge and a great craft room cleanup.

Fun Stay At Home Activities For Kids

Below you’ll find things you can make from unusual materials, recyclables and trash, craft scraps, and natural crafts.

In this post you will find links to lists that use the specific material. Challenge: Use this post as your prompts/challenges. I’m going to include some thought starters in this post and then click on that material for specific ideas.

You’ll need to click on the image or title to find things you can make from each material. This is a category page organized so you can find your ideas by material. It would be impossible to browse if every idea was precisely defined. Find the material you want and click on this post to find some really cool things you can make with it.

Sometimes you just have to think a little further than your craft closet! And sometimes inspiration can be found in your craft closet…but not in the way you think.

Popular Things To Make And Sell For Extra Cash

My long-time favorite nail polish craft is the result mainly because it’s so much fun to paint and cover surfaces with a little polish… But they’re also a very durable color.

When looking for things to do with nail polish, think: updated fashion accessories, things that look great with a glossy, durable finish. You’ll find that nail polish chips a lot less when you don’t wash dishes with it – I’ve had it on updated jewelry for years!

From decorated balloons to using the flexible rubber sheet that you get when you pop a balloon, you get surprising options. There really isn’t any particular direction to take when thinking about what to make – some balloon crafts even enjoy bright balloon colors.

Between plastic straws and paper straws, you really have a lot of options for crafting with straws. When crafting with them, you’ll want to choose a better quality straw if you want your craft to last. Some of the cheaper options can be quite weak.

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Churros Are One Of The Best Things About Disney World. Now You Can Make Them At Home

Of course, you can start with beads – and they don’t have to look like they were made by a toddler. Wrap them with twine, spray paint them, make them look cool!

Another cool idea with straws is Himmeli – a Finnish craft that originally uses natural natural straw. Of course, your options are varied, both for children and adults

Although not a “common household item”, pool noodles are a common commercial item and an unusual material that opens up many new possibilities.

First, they float – so they’re fantastic for water toys or activities. They are also easy to cut with a knife, but have a large, sturdy shape that makes them fantastic for simple large projects.

Easy Things To Make And Sell From Home In 2023

Clothespins are so versatile for crafting that they have become a staple in my craft room! First, I use them as a “clip” to hold glued projects together until they harden.

As far as things to make with clothespins, my favorites are dolls with mouths that open and close (I’ve made a few styles of clothespin dolls), but you can make all kinds of cool crafts for kids and adults.

Colorful zippers are a cool crafting supply in addition to sewing, and one of the ways I challenged myself was to find things to make with zippers that are a little unusual.

I made three different types of bracelets, but you can do more with zippers than jewelry! Think of them as a glorified strip of tape with a small edge. I stock up on colorful zippers and keep them on hand in my craft room as non-sewing craft supplies.

Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Look So Much Better

Instead of throwing it out, why not create with it? These super cool things for using materials that would otherwise probably end up in the trash. Some of them could be recycled, but the most environmentally friendly solution is to turn them into something new!

One of my first regular supplies, baby food jars are small and unique. When M was a baby, I used up a lot of baby food and that’s how we emptied ourselves

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