How To Make Simple Donuts At Home – February 8, 2021 Easy Homemade Baked Donuts Joanne Rappos Desserts A light tasting baked donut that’s super quick and easy to make homemade donuts

These homemade donuts are easy to bake and the best morning treat. I would say they are just as easy and quick to make as pancake batter. They are baked donuts flavorful very light. All you need are some mixing bowls, a spatula and a donut pan. If you don’t have one, (I think they’re worth the splurge) you can make them in muffin tins or mini bundt tins. You can have fresh baked donuts in under 30 minutes which are a smidge healthier for you because they are baked not fried. Plus, they’re so pretty, and so much fun to make and decorate – they’re sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. I have included all sorts of substitutions and even how to make this vegan in the recipe notes below and also many options for topping this tasty donut base recipe.

How To Make Simple Donuts At Home

How To Make Simple Donuts At Home

Why You’ll Love These Baked Donuts: • They’re easy to make and don’t require a mixer • They’re baked, not fried • They’re flavored and spiced with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg for that signature donut shop flavor • Soft and cakey • You can dip them or top them with any glaze you like

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These baked donuts are not fried, so there is definitely a difference in texture. But this still has a great texture and a very similar taste. Make sure to have fun with this recipe and make a variety of toppings. This is especially fun to do with kids – and lots of sprinkles. So how do those two things come together. I chose to dip these guys into two different glazes. One of them is my all-time favorite – a decadent chocolate glaze that’s thick and then topped with sprinkles. The second is a blood orange glaze with sprinkles. The blood orange glaze gives them a reddish pink color and a slight orange note which is always welcome. You will like those two but feel free to experiment with some others I listed below.

How to make baked donuts It’s so easy to whip up – two bowls and a spatula are all you need. Make a simple dough. Whisk dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in another. Pour the wet into the dry and mix to combine both. Fill the donut cavity. Transferring the donut batter to the donut pan is easier than you think. You can transfer the dough to a piping bag or a large ziploc bag, cut off the bottom corner, and squeeze the dough into the pan. Or you can transfer the dough to a measuring cup with a spout and pour it into the cavity. Finally you can also just use a spoon and patiently pour the batter into them. Bake. Give the pan a little tap on the counter to release all the air pockets if you want and then bake. Make your toppings. This is the fun part. Choose a glaze or topping from below and have it ready for the donuts as they bake. Place the donuts on the topping. Dip the donuts into the glaze and then cover with sprinkles if using.

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You will love how easy and fun this is to make and how versatile this recipe is. Now decide on the topping. I highly recommend ……..everyone! Welcome back!! You don’t need super sharp culinary skills to make perfect yeast donuts at home—anyone can do it! All you need is plenty of time, making them the perfect weekend baking project. If you want them for breakfast, wake up early and take a nap every morning. 😉

Take care of the dough. The first step in making donuts is to develop your yeast: dissolve the sugar in warm water, then stir in the yeast. In about 5 minutes, it will turn into foam, bubbling layers on top of the water. This is how you know your yeast is alive and your dough will rise! Mix with your other ingredients, mix, and knead until the dough feels soft and elastic. To test if your dough is ready, lightly press your thumb into the dough. In about 5 seconds or so, the dough should bounce back almost completely.

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Come on up. The dough for the donuts needs to rise twice: first, the dough itself, then the donuts that are punched so that they are nice and fluffy before they go into the pan. As the second rise takes place, start heating your oil and making your glaze!

Do I need a thermometer? Yes. Since donuts fry for such a short time, you want to make sure the oil is at a temperature that allows them to cook on the inside without burning on the outside. A thermometer will help you gauge the heat and help the donuts turn a perfect golden color. We found 180°C to be the sweet spot (no pun intended). Also, remember that the temperature fluctuates after your first donut goes in, so be sure to keep an eye on your thermometer and adjust accordingly.

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Help! I don’t have a donut cutter. Don’t worry! Because we work in the test kitchen enough, we have, but we don’t expect you (unless your name is Ina or Martha). Use a 7.5 cm biscuit or cookie cutter, plus a very small one, about 2.5 cm, or the big end of the tip of the pipe for the hole.

How To Make Simple Donuts At Home

Glazing 101. Make your glaze in a large, wide bowl for easy coating. Next,  make sure to glaze your donuts while they’re still warm! This way, it will stick better… plus, then you can eat them when they are warm. Once you’ve dipped your donuts in the glaze, place them on a cooling rack set over the pan to let the excess drip off. This makes for much easier cleanup and evenly glazed donuts. If you want, you can add sprinkles (or chocolate chips, or toasted coconut flakes, etc.) at this point!

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Homemade donuts are easier to make than you think! And yes, I’m talking about soft and fluffy fried yeasted donuts, dressed in your choice of vanilla or chocolate glaze.

Do you want a wider fried dough? Try this Easy Beignets Recipe, or these delicious and tender Apple Fritters. You can even skip the fair and make your own homemade Funnel Cake!

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Do you prefer baked donuts or fried donuts? I love both but I like fried yeast donuts just a little more. If you’re a little afraid of frying like I used to be, my biggest tip is to invest in a thermometer! Knowing the oil temperature makes a huge difference in my frying confidence.

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This homemade donut dough is exactly the same as my milk bread dough. The list of ingredients is very simple and can easily be divided in half or in half to make more or less donuts with only a small amount.

Note: The recipe calls for exactly half heavy cream and half milk so you can replace the heavy cream and milk with half and half if you want.

How To Make Simple Donuts At Home

I included 2 options for the glaze in this recipe: a vanilla glaze and a chocolate glaze. Both are sugar glazes that are very easy to make with powdered sugar and milk. But there are endless options of glazes you can try to pair with these donuts.

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Homemade fried donuts are best the day they are made but will stay soft for up to 2 days, just keep them at room temperature in a loosely covered container.

This recipe makes 10 donuts if you reshape the donut hole. You can leave out the donut holes if you want but this will reduce the overall donut count. When reshaping the dough to cut more doughnuts, you need to let the dough rest to relax the gluten or it will shrink again when cut.

Calories 229 kcal (11%) Carbohydrates 42 g (14%) Protein 4 g (8%) Fat 5 g (8%) Saturated Fat 3 g (15%) Cholesterol 18 mg (6%) Sodium 187 mg (8%) Potassium 67 mg (2%) Fiber 1 g (4%) Sugar 22 g (24%) Vitamin A 195 IU (4%) Calcium 29 mg (3%) Iron 1 mg (6%)

All nutritional information is based on third-party calculations and is an estimate only. Each recipe and nutritional value will vary depending on the brand you use, the method of measurement and the portion size per household.

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