Do You Tip California Closet Installers – We remodeled the main areas of our home in 2019. After living in our home for nine years, we knew how we wanted it

Not just look. Functionality is what you should always focus on when making a new design. That is always the hardest part to decide, but will be the most rewarding! Our remodel includes a top to complete makeover of the kitchen, master bathroom, dining room and enclosed outdoor space. Be sure to get my newsletter for more renovation tips and pictures. The closet is where you start and end your day, so of course we handled that as part of the remodel. We worked with California Closets for the redesign and installation.

Do You Tip California Closet Installers

“Starting each day organized creates a healthy mind. It all starts when you’re ready! Make your closet clean, organized and beautiful to start off on a good foot!

The Best Closet Design Companies Of 2023

My father-in-law would share that “Ahead planning prevents piss poor performance.” 😂 I freaking love that sentence! Advance planning really makes the difference…

To convert the changing room, we moved an outer wall a few meters to make the layout a perfect rectangle. This shape worked best for the new layout we built in the bathroom and gave us clean angles to work with.

My California Closets designer, Carmin Francisco, has a talent for finding the right layout. Functionality centered around a great layout. This is much more important than making your wardrobe beautiful.

Carmin and I spent a lot of time talking about what should hang and what should be folded into drawers.

Tips To Create Your Dream Closet

By making the island counter height, versus the large cabinets that it used to be, we have storage on

You need to decide whether to expose shelves or cover them. This is both a functional and aesthetic decision. We had a good amount of overhead storage space in our original closet. However, since there were no doors it looked junky. By putting door fronts in these spaces, we’ve hidden clutter and kept things organized.

On the flip side, we chose not to put doors on my handbag area. We chose to keep the bags displayed so they could function as both storage and showcase pieces. I have a little extended arm I use to reach high things. Use that tall space for things you don’t use often!

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At the beginning of the remodeling process, my husband had several requests. One of which was “Please let the closet light be bright enough so I can tell the difference between my navy and black socks!”

Beyond Closets: California Closets

Well, I took that direction and ran with it. We added LED lighting strips everywhere! California Closets does an amazing job of making lighting hidden in closets for perfect lighting without bulkiness.

Wow, does the lighting make a closet pop! LED lighting strips were added above each hanging bar to illuminate the rack. Puck lights were also added above the vanity mirror area and along with the shoe display.

So now you can tell the difference between navy and black, plus it makes our wardrobe look like a store! Maybe this will make me shop less?! 😂

Thanks to California Closet and their team for fantastic leadership. Find a California Closets store near you! Let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for! We can design a custom storage solution for any budget or lifestyle. Request a free design consultation today

Walk In Closet Systems

At California Closets, we pride ourselves on the ability to create custom home storage that perfectly fits your needs. Made with high quality materials in a variety of finishes, California Closets systems can be seamlessly incorporated into any room in your home.

Yes, we have more than 100 showrooms in North America. They are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Click here to find a showroom near you.

There is no showroom where I live. Can I still buy a system and meet with a design consultant?

Yes, a local design consultant is happy to come to you for a free in-home consultation. The design consultant will help you design the perfect storage solution to meet your needs and budget.

Martha Stewart California Closets® The Everyday System™ 77

First, you meet with a design consultant in your home for a free consultation, while he or she listens to your needs, looks at the place(s) where you want to install a California Closets system and takes measurements. If you would like to begin the design process with a consultation at your nearest California Closets showroom, that can also be arranged.

The design consultant will collaborate with you to create a custom design that meets your needs, style and budget. Then he or she will design your system using our proprietary computer-aided design (CAD) software and create a detailed 3D rendering to give you an idea of ​​what your new space will look like. Depending on the complexity of the design(s), this can be done during your first meeting or in a follow-up appointment.

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You are also invited to visit your nearest California Closets showroom to get a first look at the finishes, accessories and accents available for your custom design. Once your design is final and approved, your custom solution will be manufactured based on the exact measurements of your space, and your design consultant will work with you to plan a practical installation

On installation day, one of our experienced installers will install your new system in your home. During the installation, the installer takes the best care of your space and your home, treating it as his own. After your new system is installed, the installation technician will show you how to adjust all components that are adjustable, instruct you on how to properly clean your system and provide you with information about our limited lifetime warranty.

California Closets Installation & Service

The length of the process varies depending on the complexity of your design and the unique products you choose. Typically, a design consultation lasts 90 minutes. The design for your space is then finalized, and the system is then custom manufactured. A few weeks after your first consultation – and depending on the client’s request and our capacity – your new California Closets system will be installed. to meet your desired timeline.

Our products vary in price, depending on the type of system you need and the materials, accessories and finishes you choose. Your design consultant will work with you to stay within your budget and create a system that works for your lifestyle and your wallet. All our products are made with high quality materials and designed with expert craftsmanship to give you a system that will stand the test of time. To learn how our products are designed to fit your budget, click here.

Our storage systems range in price depending on a number of factors, including the size of the system and the materials, finishes and accessories used. A design consultant will work with you every step of the way to ensure your new system fits within your desired budget – no matter how big or small. Visit our Design to Your Budget page to get an idea of ​​the different price levels.

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The prices of our systems are all-inclusive. It includes the in-home or in-showroom free design consultation, the system design, all materials, finishes and accessories, installation and a limited lifetime warranty.

Smart Closet Organization Tips

We do not work on complete kitchen and bathroom designs; however, we can work with pantry spaces and create custom storage solutions for specific areas in your kitchen or bathroom. Call the California closets near you for a free in-home design consultation, and we’ll work with you to determine how we can help make your home more organized.

To get started, you simply need an idea of ​​which areas of your home could benefit from custom storage. From there, our design consultants can guide you to ideas and solutions that suit your needs and the aesthetics of your home.

There is no charge for a design consultation. We offer this service free of charge to every potential customer of California Closets.

Your consultation will last approximately 90 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the project, your consultation can be shorter or longer than 90 minutes. If you have a time constraint, please let us know. Let us know when you schedule your appointment, and we look forward to meeting your needs.

Custom Closets Northern New Jersey

All of our design consultants have an eye for style and an intricate knowledge of California Closets products, including how to best use the products in a given situation to achieve the optimal result. On average, our design consultants have approximately three to four years of design experience before joining California Closets. When a designer is part of the California Closets team, he or she goes through an extensive six-week training program. Part of the training program includes our proprietary CAD software, which gives you a unique 3-D rendering of your space before it’s finished. Although our design consultants have different backgrounds, they all have one common goal

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