Flooring Tips – Replacing the floor in your home is a surefire way to give your space a fresh, new look. At the same time, buying a quality floor and hiring an experienced professional can get expensive – fast.

If you want a new floor and aren’t afraid to go DIY, trying your own flooring project can save you a lot of money. Of course, it can also turn into a big mess if you don’t do all the research first. To save you from the big headache, Home asked the pros to find out exactly what you need to know before starting your DIY flooring project.

Flooring Tips

Looking up DIY flooring ideas can be fun, but make no mistake: Installing a new floor is not easy. “Even soft materials, like vinyl or laminate, require a lot of reading and precise cutting to get the patterns right,” said Dan DiClerico, HomeAdvisor expert.

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In other words, if you are new to the DIY home renovation world, it might not be the best idea to start with the ground.

Also, if you’re up for the challenge and don’t mind doing your research, learning how to put it down can pay off. “The intrepid DIYer who tackles this project can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars,” DiClerico said.

Before you get ahead of yourself, though, make sure you spend a lot of time reviewing how-to videos and deciding which type of flooring will work best in your home.

“Before you go shopping for tools, you need to know the type of flooring you are laying and do your research. Go online and watch installation videos for the products you’ve chosen and talk to the supplier about warranty conditions and get advice on how to ship, cure and install the product,” said professional contractor Mike Holmes, whose DIY Network series “Holmes & Holmes” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Home renovation is like cooking: Without the right tools and products, your results won’t look good. So once you’ve chosen the type of floor, it’s time to track down the right tools to install it. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for the tools you’ll need:

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Pro tip: Most heavy duty power tools are available for rent from thrift stores, so you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for tools you’ll never use again.

In an ideal world, you’d watch a few YouTube videos and breeze through your DIY floor installation, but things are easier said than done. As with most rules, the process of laying a new floor can take anywhere from one day to several days, depending on the size of the area. The type of floor you are using will also influence the length of time for your project.

“Press-together floors usually take less time than nail-down floors. And the DIYer’s skills will affect the time it takes – experienced DIYers will complete projects faster than inexperienced ones, due to the learning curve,” said Mike Horn, senior VP of sales and services at Lumber Liquidators.

Revamp Your Flooring

Of course, you’ll also want to set aside enough time to prepare your floor before taking the plunge. eat throughout the day,” DiClerico said.

If you have a helper and are working with a small space, DIY floor installation can be a great weekend project. But if you’re dealing with a large, complex installation, it can take twice as long.

“If you are not in a big rush, I advise you to separate the work for two or three weeks. It can be tiring, and it is hard on the knees and the back, so you will appreciate the time to rest between the programs,” DiClerico said.

Between laminate, tile, vinyl and hardwood flooring, there is a flooring solution for everyone and every room out there. And each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

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How you install your floor will depend on what materials you are working with, but every installation starts the same way: prep time.

“Once you have gathered all your tools and materials, the project begins with surface preparation. You may be able to go over the existing floor, if it is stable and sound, but some folding may be necessary to balance the surface,” DiClerico said. “After the area is prepared, you are ready to map out the pattern. The calculations will depend on the size and shape of your tiles, strips or boards.”

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“If the floor needs to be upgraded, install the basement and leave it in the room(s) that will be installed in accordance with the amount of time listed in the installation guide,” Horn said. follower, you know that we had an unpleasant experience more than last month. One of our pipes broke, causing a very wet floor, the discovery of mold, and requiring a new sub-floor.

That’s the problem, but thankfully, Mohawk Flooring and Builder’s Floor Covering have provided the solution. No, they don’t look for re-formulation, BUT they give ground that helps prevent problems in the future.

Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Mike and I visited Builder’s Floor Covering in Buckhead (Atlanta area) to decide what type of flooring we wanted for our upstairs and downstairs. The only thing we were sure of was that we wanted either laminate or premium vinyl tile (also called LVT).

* Most models are waterproof. Even though all of our plumbing has been updated, living in a house built in the 60s, we just needed some reassurance.

* Laminate and LVT flooring can be installed over any material – hardwood, concrete, etc. Our upstairs is wood and our basement is concrete so this covers our bases.

* We had carpet on the floor before, and even though our dog liked to poke his head in it, we were ready for a change.

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While we knew we wanted laminate or premium vinyl tile, we weren’t sure which. Here’s a side by side comparison…

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tile are two great options, overall. They both look and feel like hardwood. They are easy to maintain and clean. Needless to say, they are comfortable. Mohawk Laminate Flooring uses 74% pre-consumer recycled material.

Mainly, though, the unique vinyl tile had our hearts when we heard how water resistant it is! Luxury Vinyl Tile works well in bathrooms and laundry rooms… and now in man caves (especially those with post-flood panic attacks). We decided Luxury Vinyl Tile is the WAY TO GO in the man cave.

On top of that, we weren’t as concerned with waterproofing as with all the traffic up there. While both options are very durable, we opted for a laminate top to combat possible scuffs and scratches.

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That fixes the TYPEof flooring we wanted, but that’s only the beginning. There are so many things to think about! Through our decision-making process, I have learned several tips for choosing the floor that can help you.

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If you can sit down and discuss all of this, it will make your decision much easier.

First, decide what you want. Write down the type of style you want for the room. Do you want a custom look? Do you want a rustic look? Most people replace their basement every seven years or so. Think about a look that you know will still look good in seven years.

We had to decide what kind of look we wanted for two completely different rooms: the Living/Kitchen area and the Man Cave Basement. For the living and kitchen areas, we wanted a warm feel that was updated. Our bottom at first was more of a light caramel color. You can tell in the picture below.

Tips To Maintain Wooden Flooring [infographic]

While it wasn’t a big enough deal to make us redo the floor in the past, we always wanted a dirty floor.

For the man cave, we always thought of dark walls (spoiler alert) so a light floor seemed to make sense to calm the exterior.

Second, think about how you will use your floor every day. Is it a crowded place? Will there be children crawling over it? Pets? Will you be moving heavy items downstairs often?

Our answer to the LKD (Living, Kitchen, Dining) area is a high traffic area where frequent spills, scuffmarks are expected, and Guinness (our dog) runs around.

Best Care And Maintenance Tips For Hardwood Floors

For a man cave, it is not a high traffic area. Scuffmarks should not be a problem. Since it is in the basement, what we are concerned about is water resistance and sound exposure.

You may not know what finish or design you want on your floor, but the only thing you need to decide is whether you want a light or dark floor. That will help your decision making more.

The floor light opens up the room but the scuffmarks are very visible. This roof warms the house, but it reflects animal hair more.

We chose the dark under the LKD area because we

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