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When Do Fire Pits Go On Sale

If you’re looking for a sturdy wood-burning fire pit to put in the backyard, Tiki is the way to go. It produces excellent flame patterns and is mostly smokeless. read more

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If you’re looking for a lightweight propane fire pit that’s easy to use and produces enough heat, this is the way to go. read more

A solo stove bonfire starts faster than most wood-burning fire pits and produces less smoke, but it burns wood more quickly. read more

This fire pit includes a battery-powered fan, which helps start the fire quickly and easily. It’s small and ultra-portable, but you won’t be able to use regular-sized logs in this fire pit. read more

This fire pit has an industrial-chic look and is large enough to seat six to eight people. But it is slower to start and produces more smoke. read more

Solo Stove Memorial Day Sale: Getup To 45% Off Fire Pits And More

An outdoor fire pit can breathe new life into backyard life, giving friends and family an excuse to gather around and cook s’mores. But managing a fire isn’t always as easy as you think. Wood-burning fires can be difficult to start, and open fires lead to smoke-filled clothes long after the fire is out.

Thankfully, there is a range of fire pits that promise the benefits of fire without the drawbacks. Most of these products are light enough to be portable, too. The only question is what type of fire pit is best for you: a wood or propane gas fire pit? After extensive testing, we recommend the wood-burning Tiki Patio Fire Pit (available on Amazon for $395.00) as the best overall firepit. Wood burning fire pits are hotter than propane, and are large enough to seat a crowd around you, making it a perfect fit in your backyard.

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The recommendations in this guide are based on thorough product and market research by our team of expert product reviewers. Selections are based on examination of user reviews, product specifications, and, in some limited cases, our experience with the specific products named.

If you’re looking for a wood-burning fire pit to use for home or car camping, this Tiki model is the one to get.

How To Prepare Your Ground And Yard For A Firepit?

The Tiki Patio Firepit had several features that set it apart from other wood-burning models we tested. For starters, this unit makes a stunning centerpiece in any patio or backyard setup. This stainless steel fire pit has a sleek, black powder-coated finish. It’s quite large, easily fitting eight people around its exterior and heating about three feet away from the unit.

We tested the tiki in two ways: first using a wooden pack filled with pellets and using the traditional fire starter and kindling method. If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to start a fire, a pack of wood is the way to go. It lit up in five minutes and lasted for a full 40 minutes, creating spectacular flames throughout.

The traditional method took about 15 minutes to start, but the fire pit was large enough to fit three full-sized logs at once and burned for a full hour before more wood was added. Both methods produced less smoke than most of the products we tested, although pellets produced the least amount of smoke.

The tiki was also the easiest wood-burning pit to clean. Once the unit has cooled, simply remove the center cone and brush the ash into the removable ashtray. Then, take out the ash pan and discard any ash inside.

Fall Decor Fire Pit Ideas For A Cozy Backyard Party

It’s worth noting that the Tiki was the second heaviest wood-burning model we tested. This doesn’t exactly make it portable (we had to use two people to lift it). Stainless steel is not completely rustproof, so you’ll want to use the included weatherproof cover after each use.

The Ukiah Tailgater X immediately stood out because of its cube-shaped design, setting it apart from the sea of ​​small, round propane fire pits we tested for this guide. From there, its features set it apart from the other models in the test group: a battery-powered ignition so you don’t have to remember a stick lighter, a lightweight construction paired with built-in handles for easy transport, and adjustable . feet to ensure it always stands level.

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The lava rocks that come with this unit are much smaller than most propane models, but there are enough of them to create vibrant flames with a beautiful pattern.

While the unit isn’t huge, the dial ranges from low to high and generates a lot of heat when set to high.

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

This fire pit also has several bonus features, such as a magnetic lid that protects the lava rocks from the elements when not in use. The propane hook-up is also hidden in the back, so it’s not visible when you’re sitting in front of the fire pit. We also appreciated that this model uses a quick-connect propane coupling, which makes it easy to attach and disassemble the fire pit.

Put it all together, and the Ukiah Tailgater X was a no-brainer for our pick as the best propane fire pit. The only negative we can find with this fire pit is that it is on the small side for crowds. We estimate it will seat four people comfortably and maybe six if you squeeze in.

Solo Stove is probably the most recognizable name in the wood burning firepit market. So, of course, we had to include their Bonfire model in our tests. Bonfire Solo is the stove’s mid-sized fire pit, and its 19.5-inch diameter was large enough to use full-sized logs. It is ready to use out of the box and it was light enough to carry.

Compared to other products we’ve tested, we appreciated that the Bonfire started up more quickly. It was ready to add full size logs in 10 minutes compared to 15 to 20 minutes for other fire pits. The bonfire also produced less smoke than other fire pits, a feature we definitely appreciated. That said, it burns more quickly through firewood, so you’ll want to be prepared with plenty of wood.

How To Build A Fire Pit Cheap

If you’re looking for a fire pit that has a lot of accessories, the Solo Stove has ’em. From fire pit tools such as fire pokers and log grabbers to lids, screens, handles and sticks for hot dogs and marshmallows. They also sell fire pit cooking systems to convert a fire pit into a grill.

We liked the Biolite Firepit Cooking Kit when we tested portable grills, so we were excited to check out the Biolite Firepit+ (same model, without the grilling accessories). So the first big plus of this fire pit is that it’s easy to cook!

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It’s one of the most portable wood-burning fire pits we’ve tested, and it has handles on each side to make it easy to carry. Want to make transportation easier? Carry optional accessories like the Biolite Firepit Carry Bag.

The feature we appreciate most about this fire pit is its built-in battery-powered fan. The battery is rechargeable and controls a fan with four power settings. Not only did the fan stoke the coals, helping it start more quickly, but it also kept the smoke from blowing in our faces.

The 5 Best Smokeless Fire Pits Of 2023

On the flip side, BioLite’s small profile also means it’s not great for building large fires. It is actually only sized for two people. We were not able to fit regular size logs in the unit, and we could only add two small logs to the fire pit at a time.

We are always in the US. We’re always on the lookout for products made in, so we were thrilled to check out the Brio X-Series 19. The X19 is Brio’s smallest fire pit, but we found it large enough for a backyard gathering of about eight people. .

This is the heaviest fire pit we’ve tested, weighing twice as much as some of our other models, so it’s not exactly portable. It took two people to move the fire pit, as there are no handles to make it easy to hold. That said, the lack of handles gives this fire pit a streamlined, industrial-chic look that looks great in an outdoor space.

Brio sells a variety of grilling accessories, such as a spark screen or cooking grate, so this can be a great option for anyone cooking over their fire pit.

Fire Sense Steel Outdoor Fire Pit & Reviews

What didn’t we like about it? There was no ash pan, so ash removal was difficult, and it didn’t start as quickly as some other wood-burning stoves. It produced a bit more smoke than our top pick.

If the rankings were based on the least wood burning fire pits, the Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit would win. This light fire pit is great

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