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Empire Today Prices and Home Depot Flooring Installation Costs: What Should Consumers Choose in 2023? Home Depot and Empire Today are big names in the home improvement industry, but which is the best place to buy flooring? Let’s take a look at Empire Today and Home Depot prices to decide.

When Does Flooring Go On Sale

Installing new flooring or replacing old flooring is no small decision, and since installing flooring can cost thousands of dollars, homeowners want to hire a carpet company, vinyl flooring contractor, or hardwood flooring installer that will do the job reliably without breaking the bank. Empire Today and The Home Depot are among the best flooring companies, but how do their prices compare? It’s time to evaluate Empire Today’s prices and Home Depot’s prices to determine which company offers the best value to customers.

Quality Flooring At Incredibly Low Prices

1. When Home Depot’s material prices are below the national average, customers need to check in-house to see Empire Today’s prices.

Customers can easily view The Home Depot’s material prices in-store or online. The material options available in-store may be somewhat limited depending on the customer’s location, but all of the flooring that Home Depot sells is available on its website. Material prices at The Home Depot are often lower than the national average for flooring materials. Home Depot laminate flooring prices were the only category that declined more than the national average for laminate flooring.

So is Empire flooring too expensive? One factor that may frustrate users is that Empire Today does not post online prices. If customers are interested in Empire Today laminate flooring prices, they should do the math at home. It may be difficult for buyers to determine whether the price of the flooring they are purchasing is fair because it is unclear whether the price per square meter includes labor or just the cost of materials.

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Both Empire Today and The Home Depot complete the work as subcontractors. Subcontracted work costs companies less than having full-time employees because companies are not responsible for certain benefits received by employees. However, savings for companies do not translate into savings in customer experience. Paying for subcontracted labor from Empire Today, The Home Depot, or other local flooring companies is not necessarily cheaper than paying for labor from a company with employees.

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The cost of the work ultimately depends on the type of floor and the size of the area where the floor is installed. Empire Today and The Home Depot may charge labor by the square foot or by the hour. Tile and hardwood floors are the most labor-intensive flooring options and often cost the most to install. Tile averages $4 to $30 per square foot, and hardwood costs $6 to $12 per square foot. Empire Today and The Home Depot carpet installation costs will be on the lower end of the price spectrum, around $0.50 to $1 per square foot. If the labor is billed by the hour, the client will pay more for work that takes several days on the entire house than for one room that is done in one day.

Consumers who are unable or unwilling to pay a lump sum for flooring installation may want to consider financing. They can get a loan or line of credit from their private bank, or they can get in-house financing from a flooring or carpet sales or installation company.

Home Depot has two financing options for customers: consumer credit cards and project loans. The Consumer Credit Card is like any other store credit card, with added benefits like 6 months of financing on purchases of $299 or more (and up to 24 months of financing during special promotions). Project loans give consumers 6 months to purchase all their project items with a loan of up to $55,000. Monthly fees are fixed and start at $20, with no annual fees.

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Empire Today has 12-month and 48-month financing plans. If the balance of the project is paid off within 12 months, the 12-month plan has no interest, while the 48-month plan has an interest rate of 11.99 percent.

Product and labor warranties usually cover defects in materials or errors in installation. Empire Today offers a relatively limited 1-year warranty compared to The Home Depot’s limited lifetime labor warranty. However, Empire Today offers a service plan to protect against damage during or after the warranty period. These damages include scratches, holes, dents, stains, and carpet breaks. Service Plan customers can receive a cleaning discount, including an annual cleaning solution, a microfiber mop, or $100 (depending on floor material) for professional carpet cleaning. Pricing information for service plans is not available online and customers will need to inquire by phone or at home.

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Consumers will want to know that labor and materials aren’t the only costs involved when paying for flooring services at Empire Today or The Home Depot. Home Depot doesn’t do home shopping, so customers will have to choose flooring options in-store or order samples. Each sample costs a few dollars (closer to $1 for carpet and laminate, more for more expensive materials like tile). Home Depot also charges $50 for floor measurements. However, if the customer chooses to hire Home Depot, this cost is included in the total price of the floor installation. Some Home Depot customers have reported requiring full payment for the project before installation begins.

Empire Today does not advertise any fees on its site; However, many customer reviews note unexpected fees. One Empire Carpet review noted that a customer would have to pay an additional $650 to remove the floor during a carpet replacement. Customers were told to pay a $150-$200 fee for any service call to check for damage covered by warranty or service plans. Posted by: Kacie Goff Posted by: Kacie GoffArrow Posted by: Personal Finance Contributor Kacie Goff is a personal finance and insurance writer with over 7 years of experience. experience in private and commercial coverage. He writes about , The Simple Dollar, NextAdvisor, Varo Money, Coverage, Best Credit Cards and more. He covers a wide range of policy types, including package insurance and lesser-discussed insurance such as E&O, and he specializes in auto, home and life insurance. Connect with Kacie Goff on LinkedIn Connect with Kacie Goff on LinkedIn by email Kacie Goff

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