Drinking Too Much Alkaline Water – Dear Clinician: I know I need to drink while I exercise, but what is the best water? I wonder how much I should drink and if I need to drink extra water, as some people mentioned alkaline water. Alkaline water is better at rehydrating your body than nonalkaline, or plain, water?

Answer: Staying hydrated during exercise is important. You can become dehydrated if you eat too little. But you can actually cause problems, such as exercise-induced low sodium or hyponatremia, if you drink too much water.

Drinking Too Much Alkaline Water

The purpose of rehydrating — whether it’s water or an electrolyte drink — is to draw water back into our system so our organs can function properly.

Should You Drink Alkaline Water?

How much to drink and when depends on each person. The general rule of thumb at this point among physicians is to drink to thirst. Although there are recommendations for hydration before, during, and after exercise, watch and listen to your body as the best indicator of when you need hydration.

Of course in the summer, when the weather gets hotter and you may be exercising outdoors, you may want to drink more water than usual.

For most people, plain water is best. Depending on how you exercise extensively, you can consume about half of your water in water and half in drinks that contain electrolytes and some carbohydrates. The reason you need a drink that contains both is that when you sweat, your body loses water, along with those electrolytes, such as sodium and chloride. Carbohydrates provide fuel for your working muscles. However, be careful with the amount of sugar.

Many people don’t drink enough water, and they may feel better after adding more water — regardless of the source. Therefore, it may not be the alkaline nature of the water that is beneficial. It is water. Of course, it is your choice if you want to add alkaline water to your water, but it is important to understand the definition of alkaline water and how it works in your body.

How To Make Alkaline Water With Baking Soda At Home

Scientists use pH to describe how acidic or basic a substance is, with a scale from 0 to 14. Pure water has a pH of 7, which means it is neutral. Liquids with a pH below 7, such as coffee and soda, are acidic. Substances with a pH above 7, such as baking soda, are basic, or alkaline.

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Alkaline water has a pH of about 8 or 9. Some vendors use water with a higher pH than nature, while others say they create alkaline water through an ionization process. No matter what you eat or drink, your body controls the pH of your blood through organs like your lungs and kidneys.

There are many claims about alkaline water, including that it can better rehydrate the body, that it will detoxify and “balance” the body, help you lose weight, and prevent or even cure cancer. However, there is little reliable research showing the benefits of alkaline water.

Some studies also suggest that alkaline water may help slow bone loss, but further investigation is needed to determine if this influences overall bone mineral density and if the benefits are maintained over the long term.

Is Alkaline Water Good For You?

The best rule is when you exercise, drink to thirst and hydrate your body with plain water and, as needed, sports drinks. —

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Is Alkaline Water Good For Us? Yes, But So Is Plain Old Water

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Alkaline Water And Cancer

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Alkaline Water Benefits

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What Is Alkaline Water? Should I Drink It?

The pH of water is neutral, around pH 7. Chemicals and gases can change this to make it more acidic or more alkaline.

The pH of the water is around 7, but some say it may be more beneficial to health than drinking alkaline water.

The pH of rainwater is slightly below neutral, because there is carbon dioxide from the air, and this increases the acidity.

Water can be high or low in pH, but if it is too high or too low, it can have negative effects.

Can You Drink Too Much Alkaline Water? A Must Know Answer

Water that is too alkaline has a bitter taste. It can cause deposits that encrust pipes and appliances. Highly acidic water may corrode metals or even melt them.

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Found an effect on bone absorption. Bone resorption is a process in which old bone cells are destroyed and replaced with new cells.

The authors concluded that “bicarbonate- and calcium-rich alkali mineral water reduces bone resorption more than calcium-rich mineral water.”

Scientists call for more research, to see if the benefits of less bone resorption are long-term and can improve bone mineral density.

What Is Alkaline Water?

, when comparing the effects of acidic food, instead of alkaline water, osteoporosis, a disease marked by weak and brittle bones.

Reviewing the history of the study, the author noted a large number of claims made on the Internet. These claims suggest that “alkaline foods and related commercial products counteract acidification, help the body control its pH, and thus prevent disease processes.”

The review used high-quality evidence to conclude that acids from the modern diet do not cause osteoporosis. It also concluded that an alkaline diet or an alkaline or salt supplement does not prevent osteoporosis.

However, the researchers did not expect this to reflect all calcium levels, and they found no evidence that this would improve bone health or help prevent osteoporosis.

Alkaline Water: Health Benefits And Risks

A review of the effects of alkali on cancer was published by Dr. Tanis Fenton and colleagues in the Journal.

The review evaluated thousands of studies, but the authors found only one appropriate, randomized test of acid in the diet and cancer of the bladder.

The researchers noted: “In our experience, cancer patients have been approached by salespeople who promote alkalizing as a way to treat their cancer.”

“Despite the promotion of alkaline foods and water by the media and vendors, there is almost no real research to support or refute these ideas.”

What Is Alkaline Water And It’s Health Benefits

Acid reflux disease is when the contents of the stomach, which is acid, splash back up the esophagus.

Acid reflux that continues for a long time can cause damage and a disease called gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.

It has been found that drinking alkaline water may be worth further study as an adjunct in the treatment of other reflux diseases.

It found that alkaline water at a pH of 8.8 stops an enzyme linked to reflux disease. It also appears to reduce the acidity of stomach contents.

Busting The Myths Behind How Much Water You Should Drink

The work was done in the laboratory rather than in humans. More research will be needed

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