Durable Leather Couch For Dogs – If you have pets, you know that those paws and claws have the potential to wreak havoc on your furniture. You want your home to look beautiful, but sometimes having leather furniture with pets can be a cause for concern if the right leather is not chosen. So is there leather furniture that is pet-friendly, and how can you make sure it lasts? Fortunately, there are many options available that will make your home comfortable and luxurious while still being able to withstand the adventurous lives of cats and dogs.

Leather furniture is luxurious and beautiful, but is it suitable for pets? The answer may surprise you. Leather offers several advantages over fabric, most importantly because it is very durable. Many pet owners fear that their dog or cat’s claws will puncture their leather furniture. However, genuine leather is extremely thick and tough, so claws are unlikely to break through the surface. The fabric is thinner and much easier for animals to tear, making leather a smarter choice. Just be careful to choose real leather and not faux leather, as it tends to be thinner and more fragile than authentic leather. However, choosing the right leather is just as important. Although it is very difficult to scratch certain skins, all skins can be scratched, so the color underneath the top color is the most important. In many cases the color on the back doesn’t match, so any scratch would be an eyesore. Choose leather that has so little variation from front to back color that it will make scratches almost invisible. Some leathers are meant to be scratched, such as our lightly protected leather. With these skins, they will get scratched all the time and this is the look they are looking for. To avoid this, use one of our heavily protected or our protected skins.

Durable Leather Couch For Dogs

Another advantage of leather furniture is that it is extremely easy to clean. You can simply wipe spills or pet dander off the surface to make it look new again. Fabric upholstery tends to absorb spills, and pet hair likes to stick to the surface. Leather furniture does not allow the fur to catch on the furniture, so you can easily wipe it. Another bonus? Leather furniture repels odors and won’t absorb those nasty pet odors. Stinky pet odors are easily absorbed into fabric upholstery, making leather a much more attractive choice. The leather easily resists punctures, is odor resistant and a breeze to clean making it a wise investment if you have pets in the home.

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Best Couch Fabrics For Pets

Dogs are man’s best friend, so of course you want them to be able to enjoy sharing your home with the whole family. But what about your furniture, and what type of furniture is more dog-friendly than others? Leather furniture works great for most dog breeds, even those with longer claws. You can reduce the chances of damaging your leather furniture by keeping your dog’s claws trimmed and groomed regularly. Treat your furniture with a special leather sealer more often to keep stains at bay. Overall, leather is a great choice for dog owners because it is such a tough material. To protect your leather sofa and chairs, make sure to wipe up spills and messes as soon as possible using a soft, absorbent cloth.

You can find “dog-proof couch covers” designed to keep your furniture protected, but they’re not really necessary. These slipcovers will hide the beauty of your leather furniture and tend to slip and slide. You don’t need to spend money on sofa covers because leather furniture is very durable and easy to maintain. Skip the covers and enjoy the comfort and beauty of your leather couch, even if you have dogs at home. By simply maintaining your leather furniture and your dog, you can easily enjoy a dog-proof leather sofa without too much worry. If you end up in an accident, start using our cleaning and conditioning and if you need more help, give us a call. We can paint or replace skins if needed.

Cats are known for scratching almost anything they can get their paws on. This may be cause for concern. Choose a protected and heavily protected leather, but stay away from our lightly protected leathers if you want to avoid a lot of scratches. One way to alleviate this problem is to train your cat to use its scratching post and discourage it from digging on the furniture. With proper training and occasional trimming of the claws, your leather furniture should stand the test of time. Our lightly protected hides that have either wax or oils injected into them are “self-healing”, meaning that over time, the claw marks will disappear.

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You can also combat the problem by choosing damaged leather furniture that can easily hide the marks. Distressed leather is a great choice for any style home and gives your space a rustic, lived-in look. The distressed nature of the leather means that it already has natural marks throughout the upholstery. When your kitty decides to claw, it won’t be as noticeable and will blend right in with the rest of the piece. Top grain and full grain leather are the best choice of material for a cat claw couch because these types of leather are particularly thick and durable.

Softline Leather Sofa In Splendor Chestnut

Just because you have dogs or cats (or both!) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy leather furniture in your home. With a few simple tips, you can ensure that your furniture is maintained for years to come. First, train your pets to stay away from the furniture when they feel like scratching. Keep their claws trimmed regularly to minimize the potential for damage. Treat your leather furniture with a protective sealer to reduce the chances of permanent stains. Wipe up the spill as soon as possible. Dandruff and pet hair can be easily removed from leather furniture by regular wiping with a soft cloth.

Animals have natural instincts to scratch and jump. It is not always possible for pet owners to keep them away from the furniture. By showing the right type of leather and with a little training and maintenance, you can still ensure that your leather furniture stays beautiful for years to come. Thanks to its durable properties and easy-care construction, it’s easy to enjoy leather furniture in your home no matter how many pets you have. At Leather Creations Furniture, we have a wide variety of beautiful leather furniture that will make your pet-friendly home a place to love for years to come. Dogs are perfect. They are our best friends, our workout buddies, our cuddle bugs, and occasionally, our worst nightmares. A certain dog named Sasha Fierce loves to bark since she sits on the couch at 3 in the morning. Callie prefers to smell rather than walk. The copper can’t catch anything in her mouth. Other dogs, who will remain unnamed due to their reputation, destroy furniture. They are disobedient and put their dirty bottoms all over your nice white couch. They scratch. They hide bones under decorative pillows. These are just a few reasons why we recommend a leather couch with dogs.

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It’s worth a pound of stain remover. that’s the saying. If you’re like the writer, your dog rules your life. Said dog gets the occasional shredded chicken, enjoys organic toys, is regularly adored and—the most dreaded yet irresistible sin—is allowed on the couch. Obviously, we are not judging you (but open to your assessment). If this sounds familiar, we recommend the following preventative measures:

Manicure. Just kidding, but definitely keep your puppy’s nails clean and short. Some leathers, such as our full aniline series, look beautiful when slightly marked. It adds to their overall “I’m cold skin” vibe. Other leathers, such as our Semi-Aniline Series, present a stronger, groomed look that can be claw-marked. While most claw marks can be wiped off with a clean cloth, why not save yourself the trouble? Your local groomer probably offers nail trimming along with regular trims.

Proedge Orthopedic Pet Sofa

Fur control. Dogs shed. Especially if you live in a place with different seasons. Every spring your sinuses burst with pollen, and your dog brings the fun inside by shedding his long, woolly coat. Prevent sniffing and dog hair build-up on your modern sofa by giving your dog a thorough brushing. As often as possible. Once a day is ideal, but once a week is fine too. It depends on what you hate more: brushing the dog or vacuuming every nook and cranny of your couch. The good news is that the hair simply sits on top of the skin. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we like to remove dog hair by putting on a pair of slightly damp rubber kitchen gloves and running them over the couch seat. Rinse, repeat.

Obedience training. If your dog has previously destroyed a couch,

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