Fake Furniture For Home Staging – If you don’t have a library of staging items when charging for the sale of a vacant home or showroom unit, there’s always cardboard. Yes, cardboard.

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Fake Furniture For Home Staging

Clients may be completely resistant to the concept, being overly proud of their sense of design and paint color. Others are all for it, but insist on doing it themselves.

Virtual Staging, How It’s Done And What Are The Benefits

Sometimes, you probably want every house to go on the market without the seller’s personal touches and testament to different paint schemes so you can start from scratch.

Or, if you don’t have a library of staging items when charging for the sale of a vacant home or showroom unit, always have cardboard.

Companies like Netherlands-based Cubiqz and Nardi Cardboard Solutions of Italy are starting to develop their lightweight, foldable creations here in the United States.

Designed for quick, easy assembly and a modern look, cardboard furniture is ready for every room of the house. And no, it doesn’t look like you’re letting your kids decorate an old refrigerator box.

Are Fake Books A Home Decor Faux Pas, Or Are They Here To Stay?

Instead, these products use heavy cardboard covered with standard slipcovers, and in some cases, photo-realistic covers. For example, kitchen cabinets appear with hinges and drawer pulls.

Agents or interior designers can choose from whole room packages or individual pieces. The meeting is said to be a snap.

Most importantly, companies send long “don’t sit” cards for use with their products. Use these placards liberally, or things can get awkward.

Temporary furniture like this is common in the trade show world, offering companies ways to ship materials and display products affordably. However, it seems to be entering residential real estate.

Simple Home Staging Ideas On A Budget

Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based NextStage Furniture sells fake stage furniture that can hold up to a thousand pounds. Of course, a prospective buyer testing that weight limit will find out that it isn’t true. But that realization is better than trying to explain it to them while helping them stand.

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It would be natural for most professionals and presentation agents to avoid a cardboard solution, as it can be interpreted as cheap and not very authentic, especially when the presentation is ultimately meant to convey the potential of the home, not just fill it the space.

Arguably, in small urban settings and tall buildings, it’s even more important to understand the space and dimensions of the room, something that can easily help with the delivery of cardboard furniture. Additionally, it is exceptionally portable, making it ideal for small elevators and stairs.

It’s also reasonable to assume that a seller might not like the idea of ​​their home being filled with artificial and folding furniture. Then again, it can be a decent option of auxiliary rooms, such as renovated basements or to show how an additional bedroom can be used as a home office.

Home Staging Images Archives

Regardless of how you choose to fill a vacant space for sale, remember that almost every deal comes down to location and budget. The first is fixed, but the second can move even if the furniture is fake.

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Simple Home Staging Hacks For Busy Families

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Previously, I almost staged some photos in two new listings. The turnaround time is quick and easy. My clients were impressed with this extra service I provided them and the photos were stunning! Both homes were in an introductory price range and sold immediately for full price.

We used Box Brownie for some internal presentations in addition to . The clear winner is . The turnaround time, communication, etc. is higher. I just wanted to pass it on! Thank you!

Provides not just another marketing strategy but a full-scale virtual interior design service. The best part? Clients are very impressed and often can’t believe the changes. One of the most attractive services provided is the wide range of design styles available for different property types.

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Easy Home Staging Tips 2023

I worked with the crew at Virtual Staging to virtually stage a few rooms on my list. does a fantastic job creating realistic visions of what your home could look like. What better way to lay out your floor plan than to get your creative juices flowing with some roughly planned designs.

Our virtual presentation resulted in a quick sale… A big thank you for the virtual presentation! So excited for my clients’ future adventures!

Dear, I want to thank you for your virtual presentation of my real estate photos. The experience was incredible. You answered all the questions and made all the necessary changes promptly. I appreciate your service and will definitely recommend you to others and use you again myself!

We have 34 shows scheduled and received 7 Offers (at full list price). I received feedback from several agents saying how “cool” the virtual presentation was and I shared it with them. Best of all, my clients LOVE what you did. They can’t believe the change. We went under contract within three days with an offer of $20,000 over the list price. AWESOME! Exactly what we hoped would happen. So thank you! I will definitely use your services again!

Will Virtual Staging Help Sell Your Home?

On Thursday afternoon, I listed a house that was almost staged. The shows started within an hour, and over three days, over 50 groups came through. We got six offers – on the full list – and we’re going under contract to one at $19,350 asking. I had five agents comment about how the virtual presentation encouraged their clients to ask to see the house and my client adored the photos. Three agents requested your website so they could use your services. Four things stand out about : How realistic the photos are, the decor options available, the lightning fast turnaround, and having someone to talk to if you need help. I look forward to working with you again!

As a Realtor, I understand what a compliment/referral means. When you earn, you deserve. Kuddos to you. Hopefully you’ll see a lot of business as a result. But remember me when I order 😉 My whole office now knows about your service, and highly recommended you from a legacy agent 🙂

If you would like to change your virtually staged images, send us a message below with your virtual staging order within 60 days of purchase and we will gladly change your virtually staged images free of charge until you are completely happy.

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Outdated Staging Trends

Revolutionary cost-effective, environmentally-friendly cardboard furniture home staging is a new approach to home staging.

Now, you can stage your home quickly and cheaply with our affordable knock-down faux cardboard staging furniture.

Most of the precision-made design and withstands pressure of 1000 +  pounds and when completed, is almost indistinguishable from traditional furniture.

Our lightweight cardboard staging furniture can easily be moved through doorways, up or down stairs, and around corners reducing the chance of damage to your property.

The One Thing Interior Designers Do To Fake A Clean Home

Offers practical cardboard home staging furniture packages starting at $397 For example, Our Value Package Includes:

**Cardboard Furniture for Staging PACKAGES CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS AND BUDGET – Contact us to discuss how we can help you!

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