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New York City is one of the best cities for shopping in the US and around the world. The only problem is the abundance of stores. When looking for furniture stores in NYC it can be difficult to decide which stores are worth visiting. Fortunately, the city finds home decor for every budget.

Furniture Stores That Are Open

We’ve done our research and found the best furniture stores in NYC. You will find home decor, large furniture and unique items not available anywhere else.

Furniture Store In Riverton, Utah

Blue Dot has presence in cities like Portland, Austin along with international locations. They offer a variety of modern furniture and decor in various price ranges. The first store opened in 2008 and business has been booming ever since.

Due to their popularity, in-store appointments are required and must be scheduled in advance, so make sure you call ahead. If you’re not sure if you want to make an appointment, their website offers a virtual tour.

At One Kings Lane, you can shop online or in store. Their prices are fairly standard but their style is not. Instead of the modern decor popular in furniture stores in NYC, One King’s Lane offers vintage home items.

While their leather, weathered and rustic furniture is popular online, their brick and mortar stores are new to New Yorkers. They are known for dressing every room rather than focusing on one room.

What It Took To Open A New Furniture Store In 2022

From the Source is an eco-friendly company with sustainable wooden furniture and accessories. Their hardwood furniture is like no other, making it one of the best furniture stores in NYC for wooden furniture.

Although their main attraction is their reclaimed hardwood, they also offer a variety of products. Their reclaimed oil drum furniture makes you feel like you’re making the most of recycled materials.

Flying Tiger is not just a furniture store, it has pet supplies, craft supplies and more. The prices are very affordable, making it one of the best furniture stores in NYC if you’re on a tight budget.

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The furniture is Scandinavian-inspired, as the original locations of the Flying Tiger stores are in Denmark. Those lucky enough to visit the store in Denmark were delighted to hear about the opening of the New York store.

Ohio Based Furniture Retailer American Freight Set To Open Its Third Memphis Area Store

Interior Define has seven brick-and-mortar locations, though you can shop their signature designs online. You can also contact them for custom seating, tables and rugs. They design one-of-a-kinds instead of people.

The best thing about their prices is that you can buy their furniture for free, making it affordable for anyone. Their designers and customer service teams are notoriously friendly and helpful.

Open Air Modern or OAM-NYC offers simple yet sophisticated designs that are works of art. They only offer walk-ins during gallery hours on weekends and all other visits are by appointment only.

Their style was inspired by the 1940s and beyond, giving their stores a mid-century modern vibe. The owners are well versed in Scandinavian and American design, giving them a unique style.

Furniture Stores Open For People In Need Of Shelter

Colliers Mansion is the place to be if you want eclectic furniture inspired by countries around the world. They offer all kinds of art and small home decor items like Christmas ornaments.

At Collyer’s Mansion, you can shop by collection, with new collections being added every season. This collection will allow you to bring new seasonal trends into your home.

Knoll’s prime location is around the corner from The Museum of Modern Art, an ideal location for this charming store. Their motto is “Always modern, because modern always works.” There are also two, smaller shops in town.

It makes sense. Modern is always trending. If you’re looking for a modern piece of art, look no further.

Jordan’s Furniture Plans To Open Eighth Store In Connecticut

Design Within Reach offers high-quality, refurbished furniture that caters to those on a budget. At their Brooklyn location, you can find scratched, dented and returned items for a fraction of their original price.

Although there are many locations, furniture stores owned by Design Within Reach in NYC are easily accessible. All their belongings were not damaged. They sell all their displays and studio furniture at discounted prices.

MUJI brings Japan to the US with its NYC location, which opened in 2015. Japanese furniture is often low maintenance, focusing on comfortable living. The furniture design is simple and low to the ground.

The Japanese store has millions of fans overseas and a growing fan base in the US. They believe in making our daily life more enjoyable and beneficial to use, as well as for the people around us.

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Best Online Furniture Stores 2023

It’s no wonder the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store is popular with art lovers. MoMA Design Stores has always been one of the most popular furniture stores in NYC, however, one thing has made the Soho location stand out.

When the Soho location began offering kitchenware, sales skyrocketed. While not everyone can afford a piece of furniture from The Museum of Modern Art, they can afford a dish or two!

Matter is one of the most unique furniture stores in NYC. They show trends before they happen with their special forecasting team. The store is so unique that they even have evening cocktail parties.

As for their style of furniture, it varies according to what they think will be trending soon. You can generally expect sleek and modern designs across the board.

Arhaus Luxury Furniture Store To Open At Grapevine Mills Mall

Joybird is designed for mid-century style furniture throughout. Each piece of furniture is uniquely designed with you in mind. Their basic styles are just like their name. Calm, relaxed and happy.

While Brooklyn was not their first or last location, it served as their New York base. If you are looking for something to express yourself in your home, Joybird is perfect for you.

ABC Carpet & Home has two New York City locations, Brooklyn and Manhattan. What you will find will surprise you because they offer so much more than just carpeting. They also have furniture, lighting and home decor.

ABC Carpet & Home’s motto is “In Search of Magic,” which is an apt phrase for the store. His style is magical, eccentric and charming.

Furniture Store Now Open Advertising Vinyl Banner Flag Sign Many Sizes

The store known as 1stdibs Gallery is one of the largest home decor and furniture stores you will find. It is spread over 45,000 square feet and offers furniture from more than fifty vendors. Each vendor has a separate theme.

The theme is based on what the vendor has for sale that day and changes daily. You probably won’t find a setup this big or unique anywhere else. As the name suggests, the store operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

West Elm has seven furniture stores in New York State and three furniture stores in NYC. If you don’t feel like going out, you can still find most of what they have to offer online through their website.

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The West Elm site is user-friendly and offers one-on-one design services. Their customer service team is always available and ready to help so that you never feel alone even when online.

Furniture Store & Showroom In Cypress, Tx

Despite the name, Furnish Green is not primarily a “green” store, neither in color nor atmosphere. The store offers a hodgepodge of furniture and home decor, from 18th-century vintage to sleek and modern.

Artist Tyler Hayes founded BDDW to showcase his personal favorite works of art. These pieces are vintage designs with a modern twist. Many of the items you’ll find at BDDW are made with local materials, such as locally dug clay.

While it started as an artist’s showcase, it has become one of the most popular furniture stores in NYC. If you’re making the rounds, don’t forget to visit BDDW.

Every piece of furniture and lighting found at Roman & Williams Guild is handcrafted by Roman & Williams Guild. If you’re tired of department stores and flea markets, you can guarantee that your piece will go straight to you at a store like this one.

Best Furniture Stores In Nyc For Sofas, Coffee Tables And Decor

The theme of the furniture at Roman and Williams Guild is rustic yet has an international feel. Their pieces are heavy, solid and will last a lifetime.

John Derian is a highly successful designer with five locations, four of which are in New York City. Each place has its own specialty, this particular place has furnishings.

While the furniture at John Derian is unique, it’s not all you’ll find. You can find imported items, unique decoupage items and even stuffed animals for kids.

KRB is named after designer and founder Kate Reinstein Brodsky. Every piece of furniture and decor you’ll find at KRB is hand-picked and curated by KRB himself. Unlike other designers, she has yet to hand over the reins.

Top 40 Furniture Stores In Nyc

Most of the furniture at KRB is neutral-colored vintage designs with splashes of color throughout. The store is considered an antique shop as many of the items are truly vintage.

The furniture at Bi-Rite Studio is unique, retro and chic. With retro colorfulness, this store showcases its designs in a unique way. Their designs combine Italian and Danish cultures to create a new breed of furniture.

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