How Much Of My Donation Goes To Smile Train – AmazonSmile is a simple and automated way for you to support your favorite charities every time you shop. without charge when you shop at You will find low prices. Lots of options And a convenient shopping experience just like, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charities. You can choose from over a million organizations to support.

To shop at AmazonSmile, just visit from a web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may want to add a bookmark to to make it easier to return to and start shopping at AmazonSmile.

How Much Of My Donation Goes To Smile Train

Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations. You’ll see eligible products labeled “Eligible for AmazonSmile donations” on the product details page. Recurring purchases of subscriptions and notes and subscription renewals are not eligible at this time.

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Yes, you are using the same account on and AmazonSmile Shopping Cart Wish List Marriage or baby certificate And the other account settings are the same.

To visit You must select a charity to receive donations from eligible purchases before you start shopping. We will remember your choice. Then, every qualifying purchase you make at will result in a donation Please select Walton Education Foundation.

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item less any discounts. and does not include shipping and handling costs. gift-wrapping, taxes, or service fees. From time to time, we may offer special, limited-time promotions. This will increase the donation amount for one or more products or services. or arrange for additional donations to charitable organizations. Special requirements and restrictions may apply. Please see the relevant promotion for full details. Amazon is shutting down in-house charities that offer customers the opportunity to make small purchases to a variety of nonprofits. From large hospitals to small horse farms It said the effects were “often too flattening.”

The move was announced on the company’s blog on Wednesday. The event comes as Amazon is laying off 18,000 workers, the largest job cuts in history. But a company spokesman said the decision was not a cost-cutting measure.

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Amazon launched AmazonSmile 10 years ago as it sought to expand its mid-range Prime membership business. This allows customers to assign 0.5 percent of the qualifying product price to the charity of their choice. There is no additional charge for customers to donate.

The open policy has inspired over a million charities to sign up. This includes some anti-vaccine groups and organizations that Amazon later removed from its registry after the Southern Poverty Law Center identified them as militants or hate groups.

Amazon’s decision to remove certain charities from its program has infuriated high-profile Republicans. It accused the company and its founder, Jeff Bezos, who was then Amazon chief executive, of discriminating against conservatives and indulging in what they described as the “wake up” movement.

For some organizations, AmazonSmile donations represent significant support. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, for example, said in November that it received $15 million in donations over the life of the program.

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But the average annual AmazonSmile donation is much less: about $230 per charity. Company spokesman Patrick Malone said that after the program ends, Amazon will instead focus on larger investments in areas such as affordable housing. computer science education and disaster relief The company said in a blog post announcing the decision.

“We are always looking for ways to increase our impact,” he said, adding that with so many beneficiaries, a company’s “impact capacity is often too spread out.”

Mr Malone said “several people” who used to work in the AmazonSmile program were among the company’s layoffs.

The lack of quarterly audits from Amazon could have a negative impact on small nonprofits like Kitty Angels, a no-kill cat shelter in Tingsborough, Massachusetts.

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In the three months ending Sept. 30, Kitty Angels, Inc. earned $956.23 in sales from Amazon customers, according to AmazonSmile emails to one shelter customer and sponsor, Stan Foster.

“As you can see this would be quite a financial loss for this charity. All of which is done by volunteers,” Foster said.

While Amazon’s decision to shut down AmazonSmile is unlikely to limit his use of the shopping service, Mr. Foster said his comments about the company were a bit sullen.

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“I appreciate that Amazon has been doing this for years. But rocket rides are expensive. and companies Priorities need to be prioritized,” he said, joking about Mr. Bezos’ short trip into space in 2021 in a spacecraft built by him, rocket company Blue Origin.

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Amazon’s Prime membership service, which offers discounts and fast shipping, among other benefits. for annual fee There has been a significant expansion during AmazonSmile’s lifetime, and some analysts say the service may be driven by the popularity of the charity program.

Many people become familiar with Prime after religious places, clubs, or other local organizations promote AmazonSmile in bulletins and newsletters as a donation tool.

“It’s incredibly smart and incredibly effective at attracting new customers,” said Josh Lowitz, a consultant at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in Chicago. It estimates that Amazon Prime members have grown to about 168 million this year from about 17 million in 2013.

“All of a sudden, every little church or synagogue or P.T.A. or figure skating club says, ‘Hey, if you apply at And tell them you’d like to donate to a local garden club. We get half a cent of what you spend.’” Mr Lovitz said. “They ended up making grassroots charities the reference point.”

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The deal was good for Amazon Prime, but some Republican critics of Amazon, including Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, accuse the company of relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center to help weed out some of its beneficiaries. It said conservatives and Christians were excluded.

In testifying as part of a Congressional antitrust investigation by large tech companies in 2020, Bezos defended the project while acknowledging that the review system was “imperfect.” Many AIP members have seen the language. above in a request from Smile Train, a charity that treats Child with cleft lip and palate from birth One may wonder how a group that spent approximately $15.5 million or 34% of its cash budget on overhead and received a B- from AIP could make such a claim.

Smile Train promotes a non-donation for overhead claim by stating in its invitation: “All non-program expenses, such as overhead and fundraising, are included in the invitation. The problem with this rationale is that any charity can ask a portion of its loyal backers to use their donations to cover the cost. But the overhead won’t go away! Money can change no matter where it comes from. What is used in one function cannot be used in another.

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Smile Train’s fiscal 2005 audit showed that 99% of its $48 million balance was unrestricted. This means that Smile Train has the discretion to spend all of its reserves on programs. and do not rely on these funds for future overheads. The AIP addressed this issue in its August 2005 Guide.

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Smile Train, like most large charities, Report net assets as unrestricted. temporarily restricted or permanently restricted Charities may use unlimited funds for their expenses. Rather, restricted funds may be used for specific purposes. or within a certain time frame As determined by donors or government agencies

So how is Smile Train’s reporting for the same unrestricted balance in 2005 so different for fiscal 2005 ($48 million) and 2006 (negative $5.5 million)? FY05 unrestricted funds have changed. It is a temporary limited fund. It increased this from $50,000 in fiscal year 2005 audits to nearly $51.5 million in fiscal year 2006 audits. Smile Train’s management discovered an error in the classification of certain contributions…” Smile Train’s 2006 audit log states that “…2006 and 2005 [fund balances] were received. Updated to reflect the new classification… of the two major donations received during the early years of Smile Train.”

Smile Train may have reason to say that these donations were misclassified so that it could claim claims that overhead was paid. The group’s fiscal 2007 review noted that its fund balance of approximately $36.8 million reflected “Two large donations received during Smile Train’s early years on the condition that these funds be used to support Smile Train’s organization and non-program expenses such as administration and general and fundraising.” Smile Train executives were reluctant to explain how, five years later, the co-founders were found to be incorrectly reported.

The two main donations mentioned above are $27,250,000 from the Charles B. Wang Foundation and $26

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