How Much To Rent Furniture For Apartment – New Yorkers are no strangers to moving, whether it’s because they’ve found a new roommate, a better rent deal, or a more convenient neighborhood. Not only is the furniture expensive, but it is also not guaranteed that the new sofa you bought will fit in your next place. As a result, many nomadic city dwellers turn to furniture rentals to furnish their temporary residence. Furniture rental companies offer a cheaper, more flexible and more sustainable alternative to buying new. Plus, most companies deliver, assemble, and then remove the furniture when your rental term is up, easing some of the moving-related stress. Ahead, we take a look at six of the best furniture rental companies serving New York City and break each down by the products offered, lease terms, and lease-to-buy options.

Feder Since launching in 2017, Feder has made sustainability a focus, with the goal of reducing furniture waste. As a result, the company promises to provide high-quality items that not only look nice but will also last many life cycles. It is available in NYC and Jersey City, the Bay Area, LA, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Houston, Dallas and Austin.

How Much To Rent Furniture For Apartment

Feder offers a furniture and home decor line made up of over 200 pieces, all of which are designed to be “refurbished, repaired and reused.” The furniture is provided for city dwellers with small, or awkward-shaped, spaces who also want to provide aesthetically good, but affordable. For example, appealing to the new class of remote workers, Feather last fall began offering the Herman Miller Sayl desk chair, which retails for nearly $600, for just $37/month.

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For a long-term lease, Feather has a $19/month membership program that guarantees lower prices and free delivery, assembly and pick-up at the end of a plan. The company also has a short-term 3-month plan and a monthly plan that starts as a one-month commitment but can be extended. There are monthly minimums renters must meet, including $1,000/month for the monthly plan, $99/month for the short-term minimum, and $29/month for those with an annual membership.

Feder does a soft credit check before you can engage with them. Renters must have a credit score of 600 or higher to complete a transaction. If you need to end your plan early, there is a cancellation fee, which comes to 75 percent of the remaining monthly payments of the agreement. On top of that, there is a $99 pickup fee to collect your items.

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What is the delivery and setup process like? Items can arrive in as little as seven days after you place your order, with renters given several delivery day options. The company says it aims to choose the “greenest, most efficient route possible,” which means arrival windows aren’t as flexible. Delivery costs $99, which also includes on-site assembly and placement of the furniture by the pen team.

Can you buy the furniture at the end of the lease? Yes. At the end of a 12-month plan, you can renew your membership, purchase your current items or return your items. If you are an annual member or have a short-term plan, monthly furniture payments can be applied to the purchase of the piece. For members, the buyout price on any item is equivalent to 24 times their monthly payment. For short-term renters, the buyout is 7 times their monthly payment.

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Established in 1979, Brook Furniture Rental offers an easy process from start to finish, from selling furniture to white glove delivery. The company also serves more than 22 metro areas in the United States, including New York and New Jersey.

The self-described “customer-obsessed” company offers furniture, home accessories and decor, kitchen, bath, electronics and home office items for rent, all delivered within two business days.

Brook’s regular rents are based on a three-month lease, but one-month leases are available for a $1,500 base rent minimum and two-month leases for a $750 base rent per month. While minor tears and spills are okay, the company charges for damages beyond normal wear and tear, though not before you make “every attempt to refurbish and repair an item before charging for item replacement.”

What is the delivery and setup process like? As a result of Covid, Brook is now offering contactless delivery, with all team members wearing masks, gloves and booties. All furniture is disinfected at the time of delivery and trucks are also cleaned at least twice throughout the day. Typically, you can get your furniture rental delivered in two days on average, with deliveries scheduled Monday through Friday. Weekend delivery is available for an additional fee.

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CasaOne CasaOne, which launched in 2017, delivers to markets in California and the Northeast, including New York City, the Hamptons and New Jersey.

The company boasts an inventory of over 4,000 products and furniture for every room of the house, including often overlooked spaces like entryways and home gyms. The company offers package deals by room or individual pieces. CasaOne also sells discounted pre-owned furniture.

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Once you select the furniture you’d like for your apartment, you choose how long you would like to rent the items, which can be between one month and one year. When checking out, the first month’s rent and a delivery fee will be due. CasaOne also runs a soft credit check.

The company has a minimum rental fee per month, which ranges from $249 per month for one and two-month rental terms to $79 per month for a 12-month term. If you do not meet the minimum rental fee, a monthly cart fulfillment fee will be charged, an amount determined by subtracting the fee of the rental term from the total cost of furniture. Keep in mind, order cancellations that are not made within 24 hours result in a fee of $199.

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What is the delivery and setup process like? CasaOne offers two types of delivery, either white glove, which includes delivery, installation and assembly, or curbside, which is exactly what it sounds like. The prices of delivery and assembly vary depending on the number of items in your order and the length of your rental term. The company promises delivery of items between 7 and 14 days from the time the order is placed. Available delivery days for renters in the New York City area are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, scheduled in a two-hour period between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Yes, you can buy items you earn from CasaOne. The already paid rent will go towards the final purchase, but this does not mean that your subscription will be paid off after a certain period of time. The company also offers products that are for sale without the need to rent them first.

Conjure Furniture rental startup Conjure comes as part of a 2020 rebranding of the company Mobley. As described by Forbes, Conjure’s market is mostly millennial renters in the greater NYC metro area. The company offers items that have “mid-century and Instagram-friendly designs.”

Conjure has a smaller inventory than other companies on our list, but every item in their catalog is handpicked by an interior designer. The company offers a mix of new and used items, with furniture collections inspired by iconic New York City neighborhoods, such as the West Village (“Old World charm meets Renaissance sophistication”), Soho (“for downtown living, where rules don’t matter) “), the East Village (“for the unapologetically bold”), and Tribeca (“for the city-dwelling minimalist”). Conjure offers a variety of basic furniture and accessories, with the most popular items being sofas and beds. Mattresses, bedding and rugs are always new.

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Furniture Rental For Your House Or Apartment| Cort

What are the terms of the lease? Conjure offers rental terms for between three and 12 months, with the option to renew, buy or trade at the end of the lease. There is a monthly minimum of $69. The company does run a soft credit check; A FICO score of at least 600 is required to earn from Conjure. If you don’t like how the pieces look in your room, you can return or exchange the items for free within three days of delivery.

Conjure provides free delivery and assembly, with most orders delivered between five and seven business days after ordering. The free white glove delivery service is only available in some neighborhoods on certain days.

Yes. At the end of your lease, you can renew for another three to 12 months, buy the items for their remaining value, trade in your items for a credit toward your next order, or return your items and close your account. . The latter option costs $199 as part of a pickup fee.

CORT Cort is an established brand in the rental furniture business, with more than 45 years of experience and a service area that includes nearly the entire United States and 80 countries. In addition to home furnishings, the company delivers items for offices and events of all shapes and sizes.

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As such a large company with a global presence, Cort offers a wide collection of furniture for home, office and events. You can fully furnish almost any space in your home or apartment. The company also has move-in-ready packages, cohesive furniture handpicked by the card team. Student and military specials are also available.

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