Who Makes Furniture – From woodworking techniques to upcycling tips, learn DIY skills to build or restore furniture and add a personal touch to your spaces

You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to build your own furniture. If you’re into DIY and enjoy being hands-on with your hands, making furniture can be a great way to add a personal touch to your home while learning new skills.

Who Makes Furniture

Whether you want to explore woodworking, practice paper crafts or create with concrete, these classes are full of DIY furniture ideas. They will equip you with the skills to build your own furniture from scratch or give your old furniture a new lease of life through upcycling techniques.

Workbenches & Staked Furniture

From the basics of furniture design to making paper lamps and upholstering chairs, read on to discover ten courses where you’ll learn trade secrets and expert advice.

Learn the essential steps for designing, planning and building wooden furniture in your own style in this course from architect and carpenter, Patricio Ortega. Co-founder of the Maderística workshop in Chile, he teaches you the skills, discipline and creativity to become a custom furniture maker with truly professional work.

In this course on furniture design and construction for beginners, you’ll learn the steps for building a sliding door wardrobe while discovering the fundamental techniques for creating other similar projects.

If you enjoy woodworking and would like to develop your skills, you can also check out Patricio’s other course, Professional Woodworking for Beginners.

Lighten Up: A Pair Of No Fail Ways To Make Furniture Look Less Bulky

From selecting materials to finishing touches, learn how to create wooden furniture with your own hands in this course by designer and carpenter Israel Martín. He believes that building a handcrafted piece of solid wood furniture requires not only excellent design and finish, but also great attention to detail, which he accomplishes using hand tools.

In his carpentry class, Building Furniture with Hand Tools, he’ll teach you the skills to build a small, durable cabinet in a timelessly simple style. Design your piece, choose your materials and then build.

Paper folding is a craft as old as time. Inspired by origami, Bauhaus and Scandinavian design, Kate Colin is a paper folding artist passionate about creating handmade lighting and wall art from her Glasgow studio. Her unique, geometric pieces have been exhibited at the London Design Fair and Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

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In this class, she teaches you how to create your own handmade lamp using a variety of paper folding techniques. From learning advanced paper folding techniques step by step to incorporating an LED light bulb, discover the relaxing practice of paper art and add some color and light to your life.

How To Make Furniture

Carolina and Eduardo are the founders of the artisan furniture workshop, the En Concreto studio. In this beginner course, they will teach you how to make concrete furniture.

You will start by exploring the basic techniques and how this material is used when making different objects and furniture. Next, learn hands-on to make concrete, design molds, and create unique pieces that will transform any space.

By weaving surfaces, you can give a personal touch to new furniture and give life to old pieces. With designer Heide Martin as your guide, in this introductory course in Danish cord weaving, you will explore the basic techniques for weaving furniture and decorative objects with natural fibers.

The design force behind Heide Martin Design Studio, the expert teaches you how to restore furniture by weaving a unique and comfortable chair with Danish cord. Learn how to use traditional techniques to make creative and sustainable furniture designs that balance functionality with art.

Hand Built Sustainable Furniture From What We Make On Etsy

There is a preconception that 3D printing results in rigid and static objects. But industrial designer Alexandre Chappel (@chappel) is here to tell you otherwise! He specializes in creating functional objects using a mix of techniques from woodworking and metalworking to 3D printing and casting.

In his course, Alexandre teaches you how to combine 3D modeling, printing and woodworking to turn your ideas into physical products. Break down your dream project into its components and discover which materials are best suited to bring the project to reality. Finally, you’ll create a custom piece of furniture, such as a modular shelving system, that combines 3D printed joints with wooden posts for a unique look.

Learn how to transform your old or unloved furniture into bespoke pieces that reflect your personality in this course on upcycling vintage furniture.

Artist Chloe Kempster uses bold colors and creative patterns to give old furniture a modern twist. She sells her pieces worldwide and has been featured by

Priceless: Antique Japanese & Chinese Furniture — Asiatica

, and other. Here, she gives you the tools you need to transform forgotten pieces of furniture into beautiful and functional pieces of art using different painting techniques.

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Upcycling is an opportunity to give a piece of furniture a second chance and live more sustainably. Furniture artist and upcycler Joanne Condon believes you can make art out of forgotten furniture. This is what she does through her furniture business, which has led to her winning several awards and publishing her own book on upcycling.

In this beginner’s course, Joanne teaches you creative furniture recycling. She guides you step-by-step through the process of restoring a much-loved piece of furniture using DIY techniques, from choosing the right piece to using color, texture and pattern to give it new life.

We already recycle all kinds of products every day, so why not do the same with furniture? After searching for several years, entrepreneur Lucía Giraudo found her professional calling in recycling and upholstering old furniture. With And, with Lucia as your guide, you will learn the skills of chair and upholstery restoration in this course.

The Technology Of Outer’s Wicker Outdoor Furniture Makes It A Winner

She will show you how to disassemble your chair with the right tools. Take a look at what materials are recommended and learn how to tell the difference between synthetic and natural fibers. Explore the world of fabrics, how to care for them and transform that old chair into something completely unique.

There are endless possibilities in the art of restoration, as the creators of interior design studio Antic&Chic will teach you in their furniture restoration and transformation course for beginners.

Founders Celia and Marc show you how to revitalize old furniture or household items to add character to your home. Discover the different matrix techniques used in furniture transformation and restoration. Step by step, they will guide you through the careful art of renovation while sharing their secrets to creating unique pieces that add charm to your decor.

With a moodboard and a plan, it really is possible to reinvent your space. If you’re feeling inspired after looking through these furniture tutorials, here are some more ideas to spark your imagination…

Murphy’s Oil Soap Will Make Vintage Wood Furniture Look Brand New

1. Take things up a notch with a total interior redesign using these ten online interior design tutorials for easy home decorating.

By clicking “Sign up”, I confirm that I am 16 years or older and accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and agree to receive news and promotions. His leather boots firmly planted in a ravine of wood chips, Robby Pedersen chisels the dovetail joints of a flat-top trunk just like he does everything else: by hand. Sure, an electric router would make quick work, but at RVP-1875, the 3-year-old furniture store and museum he owns in Story City, Iowa (pop. 3, 228), Pedersen’s goal isn’t speed. , or even perfection. It’s authenticity.

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Instead of the hum of power tools, the RVP-1875 sighs with the scratch and scrape of Pedersen’s vast collection of antique planes, lathes and saws, 98 percent of which were actually in use in 1875. His handcrafted furniture—scalloped oak tables, walnut. sideboards, a towering cabinet made from seven different woods — also true to the time period, their design based on hundreds of hours of research.

Pedersen, 35, cuts and mills his own wood, despite the fact that when the tree falls, he’s usually the only one around to hear it. His apprentice, Rob Campos, 42, of Des Moines, recalls tempting Pedersen that no one would be the wiser to take a chainsaw to a tree or sneak out an electric sander after closing time. “Robby looked at me,” Campos recalls, “and said, ‘I would know.’

Furniture Makers On The Business Challenges Of Their Craft

Pederson’s serious dedication to recreating history is what led him to discover woodworking in the first place. In 1990, as an undergraduate at Iowa State University in Ames, he interned at Living History Farms, a 550-acre open-air museum in Urbandale, Iowa (pop. 29, 072). “I had a cabinet shop but no cabinetry, and somebody said, ‘You’re welcome to try to figure it out.’ You give me such a challenge and watch out,” he laughs. “The more I did it, the more I wanted to do it.”

He eventually spent 14 years as Living History Farms’ resident carpenter, which gave him the trial and error time he needed to master a lost art. Because cabinetmaking was a trade traditionally passed down from master to apprentice, very few manuals describe how the work was done. So Pedersen taught himself by studying both historical documents and vintage furniture. “If I can crawl under a table and

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