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Do you feel guilty when you think about consigning your trash to the landfill? When it comes to disposing of your trash, you have many options other than throwing it away. Local communities are always looking for donations – so why not give your items a second go at someone else’s home?

Who Will Come Pick Up Donations

Who Will Come Pick Up Donations

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK, we collect and donate items to local charities whenever possible. Whether it’s recycling, repurposing or repurposing our customers’ items, we do everything we can to avoid sending unwanted items to landfill.

Old Stuff Day: How To Donate Practically Anything

You might be surprised how many items are donated to charity. Furniture, books, clothing, sports equipment, food, household items – the list goes on!

A mattress, couch, or small appliance that you want to throw away can be a blessing to someone in need. If you would like to donate, we ask that you consider donating your unwanted items to a local charity in your community. Here are five tips to help you get started.

Walk around your house and list the things you no longer need or want. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and get rid of things that are taking up unnecessary space in your home. Your basement, garage, and attic may be a goldmine when it comes to finding items to donate!

Before processing or donating your items, you should first evaluate the quality. Does this thing work or is it broken? Has it been gently used or does it look like it went through the garbage disposal? It’s important that you don’t intentionally pass your “bad junk” on to others!

Habitat For Humanity Pei

Charity items should always be gently used, have all of their components intact in order to function properly, and be free of stains, tears and rips. Use your best judgment when assessing your belongings, and if you’re not sure if something is suitable, the charity can always help.

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You don’t donate food to a consignment store, you don’t donate books to a food bank! Different charities take different items, so make sure you find the right home for your items. Goodwill and The Salvation Army take all kinds of things, but if you have special items, take the time to find a charity that needs it more.

For example, if you have ever used crutches or other medical equipment, contact the Red Cross or your local hospital. When your kids grow up and leave the nest, donate their toys and games to a childcare center. It may take a little time to donate to many places, but you’ll be happy knowing you made the biggest impact.

Who Will Come Pick Up Donations

While we hope you’ll donate out of the goodness of your heart, there’s still some money to be made from your trash. The value of the items you donate is tax deductible in the year you donate.

Charities That Pick Up Furniture

If you want to save some money, estimate how much each item costs. Make a list of each quantity, then add them all up. If the item you’re donating is brand new, keep the price tag to prove the item’s value. It often sells donations to raise funds for charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Once you’ve donated everything to your chosen charity, request a donation receipt so you can prove it on your tax return.

When you start reciting with a donation in mind, you may be tempted to donate absolutely everything. We applaud your enthusiasm, but be careful: you don’t want to be the one to donate more stuff to the recycling bin at home.

The purpose of donation is to give something to people who could not otherwise afford it. If you want to pass the trash as a treasure, you may have to pay a charity fee. All this rubbish should go somewhere and the charity should dispose of it themselves. Love to save everyone properly the first time.

A quick Google search will tell you which donation center is closest to your home. Do your research ahead of time to find out what the store can and cannot carry. Be sure to pack items carefully in your car so they don’t get damaged or destroyed when you get to the donation center.

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Another Way To Give!

Sometimes, non-profit organizations or donation centers will offer to come to your home and pick up your items for free or for free. It depends on the donation center you choose. If your belongings are too heavy, or you don’t have a large enough vehicle to accommodate them – a professional junk removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? A pickup can do the work for you, too. We are a full service junk removal company that is also environmentally friendly.

The Salvation Army accepts donations of furniture, from end tables and chairs to beds and sofas. They have a store locator tool to help you find the nearest drop-off location in the US and Canada. You’ll also find local goodies and Habitat for Humanity.

Once you have a store in mind, be sure to check out their website for a list of donated items. It saves you unnecessary trips to the store if they don’t accept your items. If your local furniture store doesn’t accept the item, try finding a recycling depot near you.

Who Will Come Pick Up Donations

While different stores have different policies regarding what they take, here are some common items that most donation stores accept as long as they’re OK:

Donation Pick Up: 10 Organizations That Will Take Donated Items

For a more comprehensive list of accepted and non-accepted items, check out our clothing and furniture donation guide.

If you’re ready to clean your house and respond to someone in need, what are you waiting for? You’ll instantly feel better knowing your junk is on its way to a new home.

If you need help donating your junk, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call. We’ll take everything off your hands and do our best to divert your belongings from the landfill. We work hard to collect donations and recycle items, so all you have to do is point!

We break down your carbon footprint in a simple, easy-to-understand guide. Find out how your daily habits affect your carbon footprint and what you can do about it.

Donate Used Furniture

Teaching children to care for the environment can help them learn important life values. Learn how kids of all ages can get involved in recycling.

Want to make your college an eco-friendly environment? With these tips, you can reduce your environmental footprint and green your campus! Every clothing donation you make to Community Living directly helps people with intellectual disabilities. We take the money your donations raise and use it to support programs and support provided by Saskatchewan (formerly Saskatchewan Community Living Association), including: Thanks to your donation, people with intellectual disabilities will be able to pay rent, buy food, find work, participate in social activities, and be included and valued members of society who need and have the support they need.

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Donate your unwanted clothes, shoes, laundry and other soft items to one of our boxes to make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in Saskatchewan.

Who Will Come Pick Up Donations

The drop-off location on 103rd Street East in Saskatoon is open Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Where To Donate (gently Used) Things Around Seattle

Community Living We now have yellow boxes in many villages across the province. The list below has been updated to reflect the yellow boxes that are now available.

Drop off clothes, shoes, textiles and other soft items from your bag in our yellow boxes around the district. Use the map below to find a box in your area or click the button for the full list of locations.

Can’t bring your belongings in one of our boxes? ‚ĶCommunity Living is planning to buy a house now! Call us at 1-877-477-2171 or fill out our online form by clicking the button below.

The Clothes Change Life Donation Committee is accepting calls for proposals until December 31st. For more information visit the link below.

How To Donate Through Junk Removal

Have questions about who we are or what we do? Find answers on our FAQ page.

Stay up to date with what’s happening in community life by following us on social media! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or visit Inclusion Saskatchewan’s Youtube page.

Community Living has successfully partnered with Value Village – a global thrift retailer – since 1989.

Who Will Come Pick Up Donations

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