Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive – Looking for furniture that fits your budget? Here are my secrets and resources for buying furniture that only looks expensive!

Who has spring fever?? I’ve been collecting and hoarding all of my favorite affordable furniture pieces.

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive

Don’t have a big budget for your porch and furniture, but love the look of higher-end brands? Me too!

How To Choose Metal Outdoor Furniture For Your Patio

Share all my resources and budget shopping secrets so you can see a little of this high-end outdoor furniture!

A natural skill I have is finding cheaper alternatives to high-end home decor items without sacrificing the look I want to achieve.

My parents taught me to be frugal, live within my means, work hard and save more than I spend.

All good lessons that have served me well financially and spent wisely on the things I love.

Pros And Cons Of Polywood Outdoor Furniture

As you can imagine by the name “Porch Day”, I love to daydream on my porch with outdoor living and patio furniture!

By the way, I worked in the furniture industry for 5 years and learned a lot about imported, mass produced seasonal furniture!

Especially furniture like Pottery Barn, Serena & Lily, and West Elm, but I really don’t have the space or budget for it.

Then I look for less with a few accessories (that I can afford) at these high-end stores.

The 13 Best Places To Buy Outdoor Patio Furniture Of 2023

Guess what? I even built a basic patio, painted an outdoor patio sofa and chairs, and got the look below:

Love those barrel chairs on the front porch? Yes, these were SUPER budget friendly and gave me a bit of that high end look. (Sorry if they are sold out).

To furnish the front porch, I bought this complete set, two ottomans, and a footstool for under $1,000 with free shipping. is it ok

People were surprised to hear that I didn’t pay a ton for a back porch walk either.

Why Patio Furniture Is An Expensive Deal

I was hoping for an oversized couch to add two large club chairs, but I didn’t have the budget.

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To my surprise, I also found affordable items that are beautiful and oh so comfortable!

I was able to purchase all the pieces with thick cushions covered in SUNBRELLA fabric for under $2000.

Yes, I understand it’s a lot of money, but when you start comparing the quality to the price, it was worth it!

Tips For Buying Patio Furniture That Suits Your Outdoor Space

I use this house year-round as a 2nd family home. I think it’s money well spent.

I updated my back porch last spring and have more budget-friendly ways to decorate your porch or home.

If you have furniture to buy, these three tips could save you $1,000,000.

I do it all myself, and here’s how I created high-end looks to spruce up my 4 outdoor living spaces!

Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center

As I mentioned earlier, I worked for a furniture manufacturer, but more specifically in the seasonal furniture industry.

Part of my role was to anticipate what we would make and import from all over Asia for a MAJOR retailer. When I say buy when supplies last, I know what I’m talking about!

Only a limited number of pieces are produced each season several months in advance and shipped by container to the US.

So when seasonal outdoor furniture is sold out, inventory usually runs out until the next furniture season.

Why Are Outdoor Tvs So Expensive (and Are They Worth It)?

Retailers are encouraged to move inventory within a 3-month window, so don’t buy your furniture after MAY!

Take advantage of the early sales from March to May, with the last big sale usually happening over Memorial Day weekend in the US.

Inventory will be lower at this time, so you may not be able to get what you want.

Retail stores only have so much money to invest in physical inventory in their stores. Also, they have limited space to display furniture outside.

Clihome Patio Set 7 Piece Brown Rattan Dining Patio Dining Set With Off White Cushions In The Patio Dining Sets Department At Lowes.com

What’s completely different online is that retailers can stock LOTS of different options and sell them to you online.

If you see something in store, ALWAYS hope you can find all the options in the collection online.

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Plus during sales you can usually get free shipping or discounted shipping. So buy online, but that usually means some assembly.

You know I love to DIY, so putting together a piece of furniture is no big deal. Outdoor furniture manufacturers save TONs by shipping furniture unassembled.

Serena And Lily Pacifica Patio Set Dupe — Kendra Found It

If the furniture is in a box, containers from Asia can be packed more efficiently and cheaply.

This lowers costs for the retailer and ultimately you! I recommend a power drill and a hex drill to help speed up assembly.

This is useful if you find something expensive and like the look, but the price doesn’t fit your budget.

It takes 1 minute to do, that’s the length of the video! UNMUTE to listen to my instructions.

How To Choose Outdoor Furniture For Your Florida Backyard — Pratt Guys

I found that I could buy a similar looking side table and save $150 off the price just by doing a google image search.

Cool right and super easy! I recommend using this on your desktop to make the various options as easy as possible.

Now you know how I find the best deals, but say you want to look for affordable furniture options without doing a lot of work.

Before you go shopping, it might be helpful to read about how to make the most of your small porch or patio space.

The 12 Best Patio Tables Of 2023

That’s all I’ve done for almost 20 years! I was an early adopter of online shopping and gathering.

Outdoor furniture is usually really easy to put together, the only trouble is getting rid of all that cardboard LOL!

I have never been disappointed with the quality and have had many pieces for 15+ years. Well, right?

I’ve done what I do best and scoured my favorite online resources to find the best looking hats at affordable prices from popular Serena & Lily, West Elm, and Pottery Barn options.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

These looks can save you at least 50%, and many options are priced at 2!

See what I mean! Differences in price and similarities in appearance are often deceiving.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the best deals on outdoor furniture online.

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Maybe you love LUST and are on a budget, I say go IT and save money on accessories.

What Kind Of Patio Furniture Is Most Durable?

In my heart, no matter what is in my bank account, I will always be a trader. We may commission certain items that you wish to purchase.

Your yard is free. It’s the perfect escape to bask in the sun while you float in your inviting clamshell pool or add a fresh cocktail mixer to your outdoor bar. An important element of enjoying outdoor space is through furniture. . You know a lot about creating your own personal slice of outdoor paradise, whether you love to host a fancy dinner party or look forward to a day of pampering yourself from the comfort of your home.

Look! Our guide to buying outdoor furniture is a round-up of the best investments for you and your guests this summer and beyond.

In order to ensure that your furniture can withstand a strong storm and withstand the test of time, the quality of the keys is key.

Affordable Patio Furniture And Decor // — Me And Mr. Jones

Metal is one of the most durable materials you can choose for furniture. It is strong, clear, and easily manipulated to form intricate and intricate designs. Fabricators can work with many different metals to create thin frames or solid beams for a pergola. Choose either stainless steel (to prevent rust), iron, or aluminum (which is inexpensive and has a protective paint or powder coating that saves furniture).

When considering how to decorate your space, wood is another classic option to consider. If properly cared for, teak wood is resistant to decay due to its high natural oils. It also prevents sneaking insects and fighting. A popular choice is rattan furniture, but if you’re worried about fragility, you can opt for a more rigid all-terrain grill.

Perry Solomon, senior vice president of residential sales at Woodard, tells home decorators what they need to know about outdoor furniture maintenance.

While outdoor entertaining can provide countless summer (and fall, spring—at least!) fun opportunities, your furniture can’t always be the life of the party. Outdoor furniture does not have an “expiration date” but signs of wear and tear

Clearance Patio Furniture

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