Can You Still Come On Your Period And Be Pregnant – If you google ‘how to get your period’ we can assume that you’re probably eager to trigger your period by making your body believe it’s your time of the month (yes, we’ve also heard rumors that parsley can get your period) also has the effect… but this is usually a GP’s advice. that’s not what it will do!).

There are many reasons why a woman might want to menstruate. You may want to cut it off for an upcoming vacation, worry you’ve skipped a period altogether, or try to get your cycle more regular.

Can You Still Come On Your Period And Be Pregnant

Being on her period, along with PMS and hormonal changes – some might think this might be a good way to get her off the rails.

What Can I Expect When I Get My Period?

But would a doctor recommend or medically recommend doing this, and if so, how?

Did you still cause menstruation (or at least encourage the start of your period)? We chatted with two experts to get the definitive answer.

As above, and according to Deborah Lee, MD, of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, there are many reasons for this. “If your period is late or you don’t get your period, it’s inevitable to feel anxious. Why? Regular periods are a sign of good reproductive health, and when things start to go wrong it’s confusion and anxiety,” she explains.

For those with heavy, frequent, or irregular periods, the need to initiate a period — that is, initiation — can be really important, according to Cheryl Lythgoe, MD, head nurse at Benenden Health. “You may want to start a period for medical, social or personal reasons. A thorough clinical review has been done and a doctor finds it safe, then there are many options for starting a period,” she shares.

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Why Is My Menstrual Cycle Getting Shorter?

“Many people argue about the benefits of dieting to control your periods,” explains head nurse Lythgoe. “For example, the purpose of increasing vitamin C is to help. The purpose of vitamin C is to affect your estrogen and progesterone hormones,” she shares.

Unfortunately, this or other food groups (pineapple, ginger, parsley, etc.) are therefore not recommended, so if you want to start your period, we do not recommend going the food or Vitamin C route.

Relaxation, exercise, and even orgasms are said to speed up the onset of your period. “This is only true when the time comes, and it is still just that – a rumor,” warns venerable Lythgoe. It’s registered.

According to both medical professionals, hormonal drugs are the only reliable method of controlling menses. “Medically, after thorough evaluation, the combined birth control pill works well for changing your menstrual cycle,” explains Lythgoe.

Period Blood Clots: Are They Normal?

You can also do a progestogen challenge, explains Dr. Lee. She explains that when you take multiple (five-day) progesterone tablets by mouth and stop, you will bleed in five to seven days.

“This is normally used by gynecologists for women undergoing infertility treatment or to check if you have enough estrogen,” adds she.

This clever device adheres to the skin and sends very light electrical pulses to stop menstrual pain. Genius!

These washable menstrual pants not only look great but are also environmentally friendly (as they can be used instead of tampons and pads).

How To Get Your Period Back Postpartum

These magical supplements are designed to support you throughout your menstrual cycle, regulate hormonal activity, and reduce fatigue and fatigue.

Designed to hold three times more than a tampon, the non-absorbent Mooncup will last you for years. Is it comfortable AND sustainable? we are here!

Matron Lythgoe, on the other hand, disagrees, saying it’s much more common nowadays for a woman to have monthly(ish) bleeding. “For teens who haven’t started their period yet, or who want to boost their fertility, then it’s worth discussing menstrual induction,” she advises. A solid consultation and sometimes other diagnostic tests may be required, but your doctor can talk to you about the right options for you, she says.

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“The vast majority of conditions can be managed safely with advice and medication. While there is no 100% guaranteed result, menstrual control can be achieved for many. Having the option to plan your cycle can give you options: Let’s make sure these choices are right. safe, reliable, and planned,” he adds.

Can Sex Change Your Period?

Menstrual periods occur because estrogen and progesterone, our main fertility hormones, go through a well-rehearsed dance and rise and fall at certain times of our cycle. “Using specifically targeted hormonal medication chemically manages these hormonal peaks and troughs and signals the uterus to shed its lining,” explains Lythgoe.

Or you can choose to stay on hormonal contraception. “Then you can actively manage as and when you bleed,” the head nurse explains.

“Being able to time your menstrual flow is definitely a plus. It’s a safe drug for the vast majority of healthy adults. While hormonal drug risks are very rare, they can increase the risk of blood clots, strokes or heart attacks. Overweight and older users are at higher risk of complications,” she shares.

If you’re worried about irregular periods and are considering triggering bleeding, it’s always worth trying to get to the root of what’s causing these irregularities first. “Treating the underlying cause is the best way to get your periods back,” she explains. “Sometimes women find that they naturally don’t bleed during their seven-day pill break,” she adds.

Missed Period? Here’s Why

Fun fact: bleeding is not medically necessary. “It’s a strange thing in this modern world, you don’t actually have to have a period to be healthy,” she shares.

Thanks to modern technology and the change in doctors’ approach to women’s health issues, menstruation induction is now definitely something you can do with the support of your GP to ensure your sporting event, wedding day or vacation goes smoothly. according to the matron.

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The take-home message to trigger your period? “Any way of controlling your time to the moon—whether triggering, delaying, or skipping altogether—is not an exact science,” explains Lythgoe. “Natural remedies are not recommended and can have their own consequences, so if you’re interested in controlling your periods, talk to your doctor, make sure you give yourself time to plan, and don’t despair: ‘Vitamin C and orgasm’ is your only option,” she concludes.

Doctor Lee wants you to think before you make hasty decisions. “Ask yourself, why do you feel the need to bleed? Maybe you feel that everything will be okay after you bleed? I think forcing yourself to bleed is not the solution. your own bleeding doesn’t explain what happened.”

Why Is My Period Late

Make a GP appointment and see what they have to say. They will be able to guide you from there.

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider with questions about a medical condition.

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