I Had My Period Can I Still Be Pregnant – The story of unfortunate new moms Amanda Burger and Amanda Prentice Opens a New Window., both of whom had healthy girls they didn’t know they were pregnant with before giving birth, made the rounds this week, and the Internet tsk-tskers are. Have a field day. They asked, “How could they not know?” must be rejected. Or have something a little

Most women who are pregnant cannot imagine the past. Someone who weighs 50 pounds, or has bloated like a toad, or throws up every day for months, it’s hard to believe that pregnancy can be symptom-free. At least, they asked, the woman did not notice her period disappear? And here’s the crux of these “secret pregnancy” stories: No, they don’t. And if you are in their body, you may not, either.

I Had My Period Can I Still Be Pregnant

For one thing, women can continue to have periods throughout pregnancy. Yes! It is rare, but it happens. In fact, it happened to my mother’s neighbor. Every month of her pregnancy, this woman had menstrual-like bleeding. It is not as heavy as a period, but comes regularly every month.

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If you have no specific reason to think you are pregnant and have no symptoms, you may be reassured by your period. Still have periods! Can’t get pregnant!

Even women who notice a lack of periods may have good reason to suspect that something other than a baby is at work. There are many, many types of modern birth control, such as the IUD and different birth control pills, which reduce menstruation or allow women to menstruate only a few times a year instead of every month. Stress, intense exercise, weight changes, overweight, and other conditions can cause women to miss periods. And some women are not normal to begin with. That’s me, actually. I didn’t know I was pregnant until almost three months into my pregnancy, because I had skipped periods the entire time.

Also, I took two negative pregnancy tests before getting a positive result. Why? I did not bother to read the instructions in the test package, and I did the first two tests in the afternoon, after I had spent the day drinking tea and water. When I finally read the instructions and realized that I had to use the morning urine for the test, bingo, there was my special pink line!

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But if I wasn’t a woman getting older every day trying desperately to get pregnant before it was too late, would I have taken the third test? Even if I have, my own fetus can confuse me by not showing the test.

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Remember, the test looks for the presence of HCG, the human growth hormone. Italian researchers suggested in 2007 that the incidence of “crypto pregnancies” is higher than we suspected, about 1 in 475 pregnancies Opens a New Window., and part of the reason for that may be because babies with low birth weight don’t produce as much HCG. Some kids don’t, you know.

The reasons for children not producing more HCGO Opens a New Window are different and for now, speculation. But that theory goes a long way toward explaining a secret pregnancy.

So the next time you hear the story “I didn’t know I was pregnant”, give the mom in the story credit. She may be no more clueless than you or I, just caught up in the mystery that endures in the human body.

Joyce Slaton is the commercial editor at the world’s number one digital parenting resource. She is a certified child passenger safety technician who enjoys writing, sewing, and cooking. Slaton lives in San Francisco with her husband and daughter. If you’re still feeling weird about having sex on your period, one thing might put your mind at ease: a lot of men like it—in part, because some

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

It is a worry-free way to have unprotected sex. But wait. That is not true. Before you toss your condom aside, here’s everything you need to know about your chances of getting pregnant on your period, according to an ob-gyn.

The first step to knowing if you can get pregnant on your period is to understand your menstrual cycle, which is… complicated. Most women’s cycles last about 28 days — but that’s not always the case and things can change from month to month.

There are several periods that occur within 28 days (on average) starting with the menstrual period (period). The day you get your period is the first day of your cycle, and it lasts seven days. Then there is the follicular phase, which is when your body is ready to fertilize an egg.

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Ovulation occurs when your body releases a mature egg with the goal of becoming pregnant. And, finally, there is the luteal phase. If your egg is fertilized, you may have a baby on the way, and if it doesn’t, the lining of your uterus will shed normally, causing your period to stop and repeat.

Why Haven’t I Had My Period Yet?. By Kat Wenger, Intern At Clue

“The time from ovulation to menstruation if you are not pregnant is usually 14 days. What changes for people is the warm phase – called the follicular phase – when the egg is ready,” said. Mary Jane Minkin, MD, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine.

Every time you have sex, there’s a chance you’ll get pregnant — whether or not you get your period. But having sex while you are ovulating is the time you have

“If you have sex on the last day of your period, the sperm can hang around for a while,” says Dr. Minkin. “It’s highly unlikely that someone will ovulate during their period, but if you deposit sperm on the last day of your cycle and you ovulate early in your cycle—maybe four or five days after your period—the sperm can fertilize the egg. It can cause pregnancy.”

Dr. Minkin says this doesn’t happen often, because most people don’t have short cycles and it usually takes longer to fertilize an egg, but it does.

Having A Period While Pregnant: Is It Possible?

Possible. That is why it is very important to figure out when you are ovulating, because you will know that you are at risk of pregnancy during your period and when you are most fertile.

“In general, if you have a 23-day cycle, you may ovulate around day 9, and if your cycle is 33 days, you may ovulate on day 19,” Dr. Minkin said. Ovulation lasts 12 to 48 hours, but since sperm can stay in your body for 4 to 5 days, you can be fertile for 7 days or more. That, Dr. Minkin pointed out, is actually a pretty wide window.

If you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, Dr. Minkin recommends always using protection, whether it’s birth control or condoms. And, don’t rely on other rumored prevention methods, such as pouring or pulling out – because they don’t work.

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“The problem is that the sperm that make you pregnant rise up quickly after shooting – they can be in the cervix for 20 minutes, so if you douche an hour or two later, it will not make you uncomfortable. Pregnant,” she said. So even if he pulls out (as is commonly known) one or two drops of seminal. Water is what you need to get pregnant.”

What Are The Odds Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period?

So if your goal is not to get pregnant, the only surefire way to protect yourself is to not have sex at all. Besides, there’s always a chance — so be safe

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I’ve been trying to heal my baby bump after 14 years of having a baby girl with a needle stuck in her spine Chelsea Houska Shares Pic of Baby Bump Kim Shares Intimate Details About Her SurrogacyQ: Hello! I had sex last month when I was menstruating and we only know that the condom broke after my bf came. I took a preg test and it was negative, and I had bleeding last week which could be my period but I’m not sure. Can you still get your period if you’re pregnant?

Period Blood Clots

If the egg isn’t fertilized and doesn’t implant into the wall of the uterus, then the body is like “we don’t need the uterine fibroids that we’ve been building all month,” and you have your period. . Then all the uterine tissue is shed from the body out of the vagina (that’s actually blood). If a

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