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Season 17 begins on September 24 on CBS, four months after the shock reveal that Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) is still alive. CBS released a trailer for the show’s new season that revealed the plot of the first episode, which will see Ziva team up with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to deal with a deadly threat.

When Did Ziva Start On Ncis

Ziva’s return to NCIS has fans wondering who else will return to the cast, with former stars like Tony DiNozzo actor Michael Weatherly hinting that they might make another appearance in the series.

Cote De Pablo And Ziva David’s Return Dates On Ncis Revealed

Every episode of Season 17 will be streamed online on CBS All Access the day after it airs on CBS. Although the exact episode order number has not yet been revealed by CBS, Season 17 is expected to have 24 episodes, as it does every season.

Team members will be back again. This means a return to the cast for Gibbs, Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), Jack Sloane (Maria Bello) and Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover), who replaced Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) as the team’s lead forensic scientist in the previous season.

The main cast member fans are excited to see return to the series, however, is Ziva David, making her first full appearance since 2013 except for her surprise cameo at the end of Season 16.

Miochael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo on NCIS. Fans have been wondering if Weatherly will return as Tony DiNozzo for CBS’s NCIS Season 17

Ncis’ Season 17: Cote De Pablo Opens Up About Playing Ziva Again After Five Year Absence (exclusive)

These initial episodes will be episodes 1 and 2, two parts titled “Out of the Darkness” and “Into the Light” which will air on September 24 and September 31 on CBS.

Ziva’s return has fans wondering if her ex-partner Tony DiNozzo and their daughter Tali (Emelia Golfieri and Layla Golfieri) will also make an appearance. When asked in an interview with TVInsider if Tony would return, Harmon said: “Maybe. Michael is a little busy at the moment.” Weatherly himself teased fans about DiNozzo’s return in a Twitter video, When asked if he would appear, he said: “Shhh, I can’t talk about…”

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Co-star Steven Binder revealed that Ziva’s return will tie into her early time on the show. He said: “This is not a conspiracy theory of a newly invented big enemy or a conspiracy that he’s trying to pull out from under,” adding, “it’s something that’s been part of the fabric of the show, his character and his character’s identity from the very beginning. So, we playing with Ziva David’s DNA in terms of this danger.”

In the season 17 trailer, the threat for the first two episodes is revealed to be a woman named Sahar, to whom Ziva says to Gibbs: “She wants me dead and now she’s after you.

Ncis Needs To Let Go Of Ziva David And Move On

, Binder said: “If you look at the episodes, individually, they may seem like different reasons. But when everything is said and done, you will realize this is all tied together into one big, big story. But each segment will have its closure. “

Released the Season 17 trailer at the end of August 2019, which saw the entire team react to the news that Ziva was alive and flashback to the character’s return last season.

The promo reveals the action of the new season will continue straight from the finale, with gunfire breaking up Gibbs and Ziva’s reunion. It also hints at a reunion between the character and his daughter.

The former president’s legal team is calling a surprise witness to testify about Michael Cohen in an effort to move the hush money trial to federal court. As a Mossad agent with a killer instinct, Ziva David has become an integral part of the team. Although Leroy Jethro Gibbs and the other NCIS agents are initially hesitant to trust Ziva, she eventually proves her loyalty and becomes a beloved member of the team. Among the audience, Ziva quickly became a fan favorite, due to her physical prowess, interesting storyline and inability to remember American idioms. Ziva’s personal life often took a turn for the professional, whether it was her strained relationship with her family or her will-they-won’t-they romance with colleague Anthony DiNozzo, which lasted more than a decade. He’s very good at what he does, but he’s also just human — and that’s why his fans, and his colleagues, love him.

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Mossad Daughter Keeps Me Glued To ‘ncis’

Mainstays, including how growing up in the thorny center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has shaped his worldview. Unlike many other characters who first see violence as part of their work, Ziva has known war and loss from a very young age. Indeed, he had been affected by terrorism long before he signed up to be a Mossad agent, let alone joined NCIS. Overall, Ziva David has one of the most detailed and complete backstories of any character in the series

Ziva was born in Be’er Sheva, a town in the Negev desert in southern Israel. His parents are Rivka and Eli David, and he has two siblings: A younger sister named Tali, and a half-brother named Ari Haswari. Ari was the main enemy of the NCIS team in the second season, and Ziva was actually introduced as his Mossad control officer before it was revealed that they were half-siblings.

Ziva’s life as an Israeli Jew was a milestone for representation in network television. Ziva’s religion and ethnicity influence her character without completely stifling her stereotypes, a fine balance critics have praised. This can be seen in smaller details, such as the Star of David necklace she wears throughout the show, her Shabbat observance, and her taste for falafel, but also in the larger story arc involving her relationship with her father, a Mossad agent who later became the director of the intelligence agency Israel.

The actress who plays Ziva, Cote de Pablo, is not Israeli or Jewish, but is from Chile and was raised Catholic. He works with a Hebrew teacher to learn his Hebrew lines, and is later invited by the Israeli tourism department to visit his character’s homeland. His journey there was deeply moving for him, and has informed his character of the character ever since. “It’s more of a journey for Ziva than it is for Cote,” the actress said. “It really informed my view of his psyche.”

Ncis Season 17 May Reunite Tony And Ziva

Ziva’s father’s involvement in the Mossad shaped a large part of Ziva’s childhood. In the season three episode “Ravenous,” Ziva mentions doing ballet as a child, stating that her father never came to any of her performances. His father does shop

Time with him, however, albeit entirely on his own terms: He trained him and his siblings in espionage and combat from a very young age. One example of Ziva’s survival training involves Eli blindfolding his two daughters and leading them into the forest, then telling them to find their way out on their own. As a result of Eli’s training, Ziva is an expert fighter. Although his relationship with his father is complicated, he is grateful for the world view that his father imposed on him. Eli explains to her that one “can never really know a person or their secrets”, a lesson she takes to heart.

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All of this makes it easy to see why Ziva was considered a bit of a tomboy as an adult. When her character was first introduced in 2005, there weren’t many shows that portrayed a woman like Ziva: A smart, competent law enforcement agent who wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, in 2011,

Critic Mike Hale wrote that Cote de Pablo’s portrayal of Ziva is part of “a growing group of female action heroes infiltrating cop shows, spy shows, science fiction shows and other genres where men used to do the lion’s share of the enforcement.”

Ncis: Michael Weatherly Teases Return & Possible Tony And Ziva Reunion

To say that Ziva’s parents had a complicated relationship would be an understatement. Mossad agent Eli had an affair with a Muslim doctor named Hasmia Haswari while posing as Benjamin Weinstein, a doctor who worked with Haswari at a hospital in Jerusalem. Haswari later had a son named Ari, whom Eli groomed from childhood to infiltrate Hamas as a double agent for the Mossad. As

Fans know, Eli’s plan backfired when Ari ended up crossing the Mossad and leading an Al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Washington.

Rivka, Ziva’s mother, separated from Eli when Ziva was a child, allegedly because she disagreed with Eli’s line of work. He takes Ziva and her younger sister Tali with him, ostensibly to protect them from Eli’s dangerous work and his coldness towards his children. Ziva mentions that her parents tried to reconcile, but eventually divorced when she was 13, due to her father’s affair with another Mossad officer.

Ziva doesn’t always talk about her mother, because she died before the events that brought Ziva to NCIS. However, she says that her mother taught her how to drive, although apparently not all is well: Ziva is teased by her teammates for being a reckless driver. Rivka was also slightly uncomfortable with Ziva’s interest in childishness,

Ncis Star Thought ‘nobody’ Wanted To Leave Prior To Ziva Exit

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