Architecture And Interior Design Services – What is the difference between architectural design and interior design? This is a common problem, and it’s not stupid at all! There is a lot of overlap between the two, and it can be confusing. We’ll explain the differences in services and help you decide how to form a team for your project.

This is one of the questions I get asked most often. Well, this is probably the most common question people ask

Architecture And Interior Design Services

, because they don’t necessarily know how to phrase the question. Or, they fear looking like they’re asking a stupid question. Don’t worry, there are no stupid questions about this because it

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At Board & Vellum, we are what is called an “Integrated Practice”. This means that the two separate but interconnected fields of architecture and interior design are practiced here. The design process is generally the same for both paths. We have architects who only do buildings. Our interior designers are primarily responsible for the selection of finishes and furniture. We also have people who do both and follow this route. It also means that if we work with an interior designer or architect outside the company, we like to work with

Hire a design consultant early on. This ensures that the project looks and feels cohesive. Sounds good, right? But then again, what difference does it make?

Let me try to clear up the murky waters of this question. I can’t promise clarification, but I hope it clears up some issues.

, we focus not only on the form of space, but also on the big picture, such as life safety issues, engineering, exterior materials, and large normative issues. For homes, this means how the home looks, how it performs from an energy standpoint, the handling of building permits, and the layout of internal cabinets and cupboards.

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, he or she will usually handle the portion of the project that involves interior design

. This can include choosing interior finishes (tiles, hardwood, rugs, wallpaper), as well as choosing furniture and textiles (pillows, accessories, etc.). Ideally, it includes working with an architect on the layout of the space and how cabinets, furniture, and other considerations will play into the layout. This ensures windows are in the right position, rooms are the right size, and the entire space feels harmonious.

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In the middle gray area are the often nebulous services offered by many architects and interior designers. This includes selecting interior finishes such as tile and millwork, drawing interior facades and details, and space planning for furniture placement.

This is by no means a complete list, but it helps clarify some of the overlap in services between architecture and interior design.

Architecture & Interior Design

I would add that the term “interior decorator” is a much smaller subset of “interior designer” and is more about soft goods, furniture and drapery selection (often just as valuable as a consultant).

If you step back and look at the room you’re in now, you can imagine that there are a lot of decisions to make when planning a space. Everything from where the windows are, to choosing the pillows on the couch, are decisions that need to be made, especially in single-family homes.

Our process is pretty a la carte as many clients have different interests in the process. Some clients hire us to make every decision, while others really want to be a part or sole owner of their interior decor and furniture selection. Often our clients have a good past relationship with the interior designer and will bring that person to the table (hopefully sooner rather than later) and we always welcome this working relationship. In the end, we feel this is our client’s home and it’s our job to help them find their way to a great finished product, no matter what level of interest or various design consultants they wish to bring to a project.

As you think about your project, you should consider what services you think you need or want, and then assemble a team capable of bringing all of these services together. Carefully analyze all the parts of your home that you want to work on beyond the basic design, and learn what your consultant can do and how they will be billed. (Architecture and interior design services usually charge slightly different rates). If you think ahead, it will be a much better project that looks cohesive and brilliant.

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Have you ever heard of someone who bought a house only to find out that their remodeling dreams couldn’t be realized? Until you get the full picture, a competitive real estate market can add to the pressure to buy a home. That’s where we come in! An architect can help you understand your home’s potential before you make an offer.

Send us your questions about design, architecture, interiors, landscaping, LEGO rooms…anything, really. We are always eager to meet new people and we would love to get to know you, your projects and your goals.

Thank you for reaching out to us and for being patient while we review your inquiry! We will be in touch with you shortly. Ci Design is an international architectural design firm providing award-winning planning, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and graphic design services for a wide variety of projects. Our practice spans retail, office and residential complexes, as well as the complexities of life sciences, technology, industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

For more than 30 years, our principals have worked uniquely with clients around the globe to create unique and sustainable projects that serve and resonate with their target audiences, create value for homeowners, and tell stories in their communities.

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Our offices are located in Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Raleigh, NC; and Washington, D.C., but our reach extends throughout the world.

We understand that a project has multiple goals: to effectively serve those who will work, live or play in it, reflect the spirit of its location, and achieve the owner’s business goals. Our mission is to deliver custom, innovative, cost-effective design solutions to our clients through collaborative, dynamic, and respectful partnerships.

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We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, cutting-edge solutions, and our global experience and expertise to create stunning, functional facilities that delight communities and homeowners.

Architecture Mixed Use Retail Entertainment Hospitality Industrial Residential Workplace Professional Design Science & Technology Interior Design Landscape Architecture Graphic Design We believe that great architecture is contextual, timeless, and has the ability to stimulate the intellect and uplift the human spirit.

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G&HA is a small, women-owned, nationally recognized architecture, interior design, and planning firm founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1965. We are a firm of over 50 architects, interior designers, historic preservationists and support staff. Comprising nearly 60 architects, interior designers, historic preservationists and support staff, the firm has a diverse, comprehensive portfolio demonstrating expertise in a wide range of market segments including higher education, cultural, municipal, hospitality and residential expertise. Whether the project involves new construction, building extension, renovation or adaptive reuse, we provide our clients with a comprehensive service.

Our firm is a leading practitioner of contextual design, inspired by the specific culture, history and context of a specific community or location. We share our passion for architectural planning excellence with our clients through a collaborative design process, with a desire to achieve design solutions that are both beautiful and functional. Throughout our company’s history, we have cultivated an architectural aesthetic based on clarity, innovation and resonance. We seek to design buildings and spaces that connect with the traditions of other buildings and places, touching the past, the present, and even the future.

Our firm sees architecture as the art of serving the highest and best wishes of people. It is the most arresting and useful of all the arts, as well as the most complex and enduring. From start to finish, success lies in working with

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