Best Interior Design Schools World – Considering a creative career is an exciting prospect. But before diving into the fascinating course material, you need to choose your school. The best way to find yours is to research the best interior design schools. To narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in North America.

Identifying the best interior design schools near you can be difficult. But once you know what to look for, the process can be simple. First, consider your criteria. Think about what you want from your studies and go from there.

Best Interior Design Schools World

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career in interior design. Once you’ve finished your studies, submit your portfolio and apply to one of the best online interior design companies!

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Whether you’re looking for an associate degree or an interior design degree, the best schools know the industry. You will learn how to call up design trends and get to grips with essential aspects such as the process of hiring an interior designer. So let’s go to the best private and public schools in the USA.

At theNYSID, all courses are based on the principle that successful interior design “enhances human well-being.” For this reason, private college interior design and decorating courses are thorough. The faculty ensures students can take on any career in the industry and be an asset to any team. In fact, NYSID boasts an impressive placement rate of 90% for undergraduates and 96% for graduates.

In addition to its degrees, NYSID offers off-campus degree programs and pre-college courses. The first takes students abroad to experience diverse built environments.

Academic Programs: Certificate in Basic Interior Design, Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Interior Design. There are also five graduate (M.F.A. and M.P.S.) programs available.

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Student Opportunities: NYSID helps students prepare for their careers in several ways. This includes workshops, networking opportunities and annual portfolio reviews.

The Design Institute, a private interior design college, offers small class sizes to ensure students get the most out of their studies. His courses are said to turn a passion for interior design into a successful career. It also focuses on sustainable design practices and social responsibility. You can look at the assignments of previous students to get an idea of ​​the caliber required.

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Students who complete their studies are looking for job opportunities soon after graduation. In 2018, 84% of students found employment in interior design within six months of graduation.

Price: B.F.A. tuition starts at $925 (full-time students) and $1,134 (part-time students). M.I.D. tuition starts at $1,400 per credit.

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Opportunities for students: The Institute of Design has an externship as part of the third year of undergraduate studies. It allows students to get a taste of the professional environment and build a network of contacts and trade resources.

The Academy of Art University offers many degrees and has a huge campus spread across San Francisco. This means that studies are accompanied by lively student life and higher education.

Future interior design students will attend the School of Interior Architecture and Design. Here, conceptual, theoretical and practical teaching is equally important. Graduates can succeed in many careers, including becoming visualization specialists and project designers.

Academic programs: Associate of Arts (A.A.), B.F.A., Master of Arts (M.A.) and M.F.A. degree and a 4-year interior design certification program.

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Opportunities for students: Sometimes, practical assignments are real-world projects that students have to complete. They are often for business clients with tight deadlines.

DesignIntelligence and Red Dot Design Rankings rank SCAD among the best (if not the best) interior design schools in the US. The College of Interior Design programs also provide students with access to SCADpro, an in-house consultant. Here, students can get first-hand real industry experience.

The courses open the door to many careers, from interior design to the design of healthcare facilities. Students can also start their preschool program early.

Student Opportunities: SCAD helps students in many ways. They include resume preparation, mock interviews, self-promotion instruction, and help finding internships.

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Despite its name, Parson’s Interior Design has been around for a while. It began in 1906 and in 1970 joined The New School, a progressive institution known for its social research. As a result, an intensive curriculum was born. It ensures that students take into account all aspects of the built environment.

The New School of Parsons delivers a comprehensive and diverse learning experience. Students often need to work with other minors to develop critical thinking. The Parsons School of Interior Design also offers intensive studies for pre-college students and an academy for students in grades 3-12.

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The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a public university that offers a number of creative degrees. The interior design, however, is a favorite. Here, students broaden their approach to innovation, equity, diversity and sustainability.

FIT has two interior design programs that follow each other consecutively. This means that you will need to complete it before applying for a degree in interior design. Students can then look forward to places in a number of specialist areas including furniture manufacturing and real estate.

Best Interior Design Schools In The Us

Online Learning: Yes. Students can customize their interior design degree by selecting required credit courses. They will still have to write the exams through a proctor.

Opportunities for students: Students have many networking opportunities. In addition, FIT graduates enjoy high employment rates due to the school’s reputation.

Over the past few years, all of Auburn University’s interior design graduates have found employment. For this reason, acceptance is highly selective. Once students enter, they must complete a pre-planning academic year before being assessed. And only then are the best accepted to complete the interior design certificate program in nine semesters.

Students can expect a multidisciplinary education that teaches communication and teamwork. Recruitment companies certainly appreciate and admire this method. And DesignIntelligence rated Auburn University highly for this.

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Academic Programs: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interior Design and Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Consumer and Design Sciences.

Online Learning: No. Auburn is one of the interior design schools that does not offer online courses because their curriculum is labor intensive.

Student Opportunities: Auburn University’s excellent reputation certainly counts. Students usually receive no less than one job offer after graduation.

“Ambition can’t wait!” urges the Drexel University website. Due to their rigorous curriculum, they focus heavily, especially with a mandatory co-op program. Students must complete two semesters of work for top employers in their chosen field.

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Intensive practical exercises structure the interior decoration and design lessons. And the hard work culminates in a final project in the final year of undergraduate studies. Drexel also has many study abroad opportunities that allow students to expand their education.

Degree programs: B.S. in Interior Design with the option of adding an accelerated degree. This includes M.S. in interior architecture, design research or urban strategy. A Master of Interior Architecture and Design is also available.

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Cost: Tuition starts at $1,273 per credit hour for part-time students, while full-time students can expect about $18,865 per term.

Student Opportunities: Undergraduate studies require fieldwork hours. Accordingly, students must complete six months of work experience in collaboration with a reputable design firm.

Best Interior Design Courses In The World [updated April 2023]

The School of Architecture and Interior Design (SAID) offers a range of programs in architecture and interior design. Whatever their choice, students learn to take risks in their approach to design. The goal is to expand innovation in the built environment and improve how students solve problems.

In short, students develop many skills for school and real-world projects. These include integrating research, addressing the unexpected and promoting ecological design.

Degree programs: B.S. of architecture, B.Sc. in Interior Design, M.I.D., Master of Architecture (M.Arch), M.S. of architecture and dr. in architecture.

Cost: Hourly tuition starts at $266 for part-time students and $3,182 per semester for in-state residents.

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Student Opportunities: Like a Drexel degree, SAID also has mandatory co-op programs. This encourages students to gain first-hand industry experience and get their foot in the door.

Arizona State University’s School of Design has a fast pace to prepare students for the challenges emerging in the industry. As one of the best interior design schools in the country, this design school has certainly earned its reputation.

After completing their undergraduate studies, students can continue with the two-year Master of Interior Design (M.I.A.) program. However, if you have a degree in another field, you can apply for a three-year M.I.A. program instead.

Online Learning: Yes. Although an interior design degree is not available online, there are a few design short courses open.

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Student Opportunities: Students are well equipped and likely to find internships. Ultimately, design school students become transformative thinkers.

If you want to put your interior design degree to the test, become a team member. We are always looking for fresh and skilled design talent. So, once you’ve finished your studies, submit your portfolio today!

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