Black Interior Designers Near Me – Navigating the world of design is a predominantly white industry that brings its own set of challenges when you’re a designer of color. Beyond the commitment to excellence in design projects, obtaining meaningful opportunities for recognition is equally difficult. But despite the undeniable struggles that exist in the business today, black designers continue to deliver iconic design designs that deserve no less.

Organizations like the Black Artists + Designers Alliance, founded by ceramic and carpet designer Malene Barnett, have boldly voiced the need for more black representation in the industry, but there is still much work to be done.

Black Interior Designers Near Me

For Black History Month, we’ve selected a group of outstanding black designers to candidly share their experiences of walking the profession and how their culture is reflected in their work. Amplifying the voices of black designers like this group of talented professionals is critical not only for Black History Month, but for the success of the industry for years to come.

Kesha Franklin’s Metamorphosis From Backstage To Interior Design

“In a field where there are few faces like mine, the sense of responsibility to be both my best self and to present myself as a positive role model for aspiring and future color designers is remarkable. I always recognize my ability to pave the way for the next generation of black and female creatives, and I take this opportunity seriously.” —Bregan Jen

“New York City itself has been significantly shaped by James Baldwin’s essays and novels as a designer, 1970s fashion, the sights and sounds of Greenwich Village, and many other influences. Although the city was always inspiring, at the beginning of my career I lacked artists and role models who looked like me. As a black designer today, I know people are watching and I have an important responsibility to be a role model for the younger generation.” —Rayman Boser

“In my day-to-day design practice, I don’t think about being a color designer. I think about creativity and beauty. Enables the aesthetic design of my clients. But I know that my Black Girl Magic makes me sensitive to the world’s culture, history, and people’s contributions and talents, and I try to incorporate that when I design.” —Delia Brennen

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“Our culture has always been boldly proclaimed, and so has our approach. We embody and inspire our own vision of African embroidery and weaving. “Being a black designer today means being on the cusp of changing the direction of our industry by being a role model for young people of color who represent an industry filled with vibrant creators.” —Tavia Forbes and Forbes + Master Coin Masters

Harlem Based Interior Designer Making Strides In Harlem

“To be completely honest and candid, black artists and interior designers have not had the same recognition, visibility and opportunity. We’ve been a creative, colorful, high-powered group of people influencing the arts throughout history, yet we often have to take a back seat, or fight to claim our place at the table. Now we have platforms like social media that make it harder for publications and media outlets to continue to reject us and ignore us. What it means to be a black interior designer today is to recognize our worth and embrace the moment. “There’s no better time than now to be authentic and unapologetic in our design perspective and vision.” – Know Lee

“Black designers have never sought special treatment in the design industry because we are black. We are just treated equally and recognized for our work. Although the industry has long lacked diversity, we have continued to be overlooked as designers, and now we are embraced in the industry for the tenacity, talent and broad style we possess as creatives. By increasing representation, we’re sharing new perspectives, inspiring others, and making design more accessible to a diverse group of consumers who feel left out of the art and design worlds. It’s an exciting time for black designers! “. – Good deal

“As a designer, I am an amalgamation of my training, travel, experience and heritage, including age, time and place. I am proud of the rich Trinidadian heritage that has been and will always be a part of seeing and experiencing the world. “As a black designer today, I live in a creole existence where culture and technology become a fusion of modern and ancient identity.” –

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“I was born on the South Side of Chicago. In the early years of my life, all I knew were African American family homes. As far as I can remember, almost every house has a piece, a piece of cultural significance. Paintings, pictures, chairs, sculptures. Be proud of who you are and hold your head high – take it with me everywhere. I have never let the color of my skin stop me from doing anything! My color has nothing to do with my design skills. Because my client sought me out before calling my company, I never felt prejudiced against them. If someone doesn’t want to accept me because I’m African, I don’t want to work with them either. My home brings joy and happiness! When I design, I like to add African pieces, chairs, bowls or fabrics, or sculptures. Those places are touching, warm and heartwarming, and tell a story to us all.” —Brigette Romanek

Interior Designer Highlands

“My company is Black House, from inception to design, only influenced by my heritage. My culture’s truly beautiful, depressing fantasy is why I decorate my clients’ walls in black. The beauty in the strength and resilience behind the struggle we can display in our cotton houses in ways that make me proud. It is our mission to take these signature elements of Black House and combine them with the richness that we embody as a people. As black designers, we have the power to represent our stories through home design. We see our stories being told through fashion and art, yet home design is just as important, but precious.” —Neffi Walker

“What binds us together as a partnership is our resource management, thoughtfulness and respect for our environment and our influence on our design thinking, aesthetics and processes. These traits are a direct result of our upbringing, shared heritage and experiences as Jamaican-Guineans living in New York City. Our approach is always to consistently produce our best work, never settle or compromise, and let the work speak for itself and capture the world’s attention year-round.” —Interior design by Anishka Clark and Nia Bascom

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“It’s amazing to be a black interior designer in this day and age. The public’s desire for diverse perspectives in interior design has skyrocketed. Rewarding clients with diverse cultural backgrounds, both professionally and personally, who can provide interiors with a unique global impact. Although there are some barriers, mostly because of some old guard attitudes that exist on the fringes of the industry, the field of opportunity and success is more visible than it was a few years ago. I am grateful and excited to be an African American interior designer at this time. More than a faint or passing thought, my involvement in this industry is a force to be reckoned with as a talented and talented designer.” —Christopher Charles

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