How Many Interior Designers In Usa – While we love women at Love Happens, we love men too! And regardless of gender, we love innovative and inspiring designs! So, in celebration of male design talent around the world, we’ve selected a list of 25 of the most handsome male interior designers and architects. Not only are their designs beautiful, so are they :)!

One of our top picks for luxury men’s underwear designers, Ray Booth and his partner at McALPINE. Ray splits his time between Nashville and the New York office, keeping one foot in the city and the other in the south.

How Many Interior Designers In Usa

Another Southerner, William Rankin McLure IV was born in Louisiana and raised in Alabama. An artist in his prime, William’s talents were first noticed when he was just 4 years old. Today she runs her own interior design company and creates inspirational paper designs.

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Founded in 1996 as the Marcel Wanders brand, today, two of the most beautiful men’s interior designers, Marcel Wanders (man) and Gabriele Chiave, lead its 52-person team of designers and interior designers. With the aim of bringing back the human touch to design, and creating romantic spaces, Marcel Wanders has completed more than 1,900+ experiences worldwide for private clients and top brands such as Baccarat, Hyatt, Louis Vuitton, and Pumaamong many others. of others.

VIP Center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, interior design by Marcel Wanders for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 2020

The youngest designer to appear on the AD100 list, Ryan Korban started his career as an interior designer without any training. With his unique aesthetic, characterized by a blend of luxury, international romance, and urban cool, Ryan offers the best products with his KORBAN brand and amazing interiors to his customers.

Founded in 2007 Kris Turnbull and his talented team are recognized as one of the most important and respected studios in the UK and across Europe & the Middle East. From construction to interior design, the company provides a comprehensive solution to ensure that customers’ expectations, dreams, and desires for their homes are fulfilled.

Parisian Apartment Interior Design New York, Usa 🇺🇸

Senior designer and founder of Jordan Hilton Interiors, Andre Jordan Hilton is known for his eclectic style. Through layers and unique pieces, Andre creates rooms that he often calls “cities”. “There are so many places you want to see in any city you live in. I want my clients to want to touch, sit, feel, see, and enjoy everything around them, as if they could do it in their city of choice.”

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One of New York’s leading menswear designers, Jordan Carlyle represents modern beauty at its finest. The Alabama-born designer began his career working in the antiques market. Then in 2005, he started his art career – creating Carlyle Fine Art and selling his Pop Art to Crate & Barrel and Cb2. A successful home line – sold in London department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols – soon followed. Then came Carlyle Designs, an architectural and commercial real estate company.

Ferris Rafauli is an award-winning and renowned architect and designer who imagines, designs, and produces high-end homes and lifestyle products for elite clients around the world. Designing everything, from the exterior design to the interior to the furniture to the landscape, each Ferris Rafauli home is its own collaborative project.

After a degree in economics, Baptiste Bohu’s passion for design and construction began. In 2008, he created his own company and thanks to a strong family background in real estate and construction, he was well versed in the field. Today his style is sought after by A-list clients around the world. Inspired by Art Deco, French classicism, and contemporary design, Baptiste enjoys mixing different eras to create unique and whimsical spaces.

Stylish Homes With Modern Interior Design

Shawn Henderson’s first design job came at a young age when he refinished living room furniture in his home. From then on, she knew she wanted to be an interior designer in New York City. Born in New York, Shawn’s aesthetic is laid-back, rich, and relaxed. Encouraging his clients through innovation, collaboration, and differentiation, every space Shawn Henderson creates feels like home.

Rafael Kalichstein, a Chinese healer, incorporates Black Hat Feng Shui into his creative work, while Joshua Rose, an Emmy-winning artist, brings his knowledge of photography and design to film and television. The result – an unprecedented view of design, complete and intelligent adaptation, without neglecting the aesthetics or the desires and personality of the client.

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Their global and inspirational work thrives from constantly challenging each other to the next level, and fulfilling every aspect of their collective power. Not setting limits but the need to be ‘fun’.

Ramzy Alaa launched his own interior design machine in Egypt Ramzy Alaa Interiorsin 2017. Fascinated by art as a concept, Ramzy searched for a way to create technology before finding a way to create interiors.

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Ramzy Alaa’s style is also evident throughout his career. His signature is related to the belief that mixing modern design with the ideas of ancient architecture is not an impossible task. Inspired by classic art, Ramzy believes that mixing generations helps create spaces that everyone can appreciate.

March & White Design is an international design company of forward-thinking professionals who create interiors for the way we live today. Founded in 2010 by architects Elliot March and James White, MAWD has offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles. Their content inspires ideas and enhances quality of life for generations.

Raymond Jimenez and Shannon Scott, Co-founders of RS3 Designs (Yes this article is about handsome men – but when said handsome man has a beautiful female partner you’d better believe we’re including him!)

While the focus of this article is on the designers of beautiful men’s underwear, in the case of RS3 Designs we are happy to share beautiful women’s underwear as well. Raymond Jimenez and Shannon Scott founded their company with the ethos “think different, create different.” And fittingly, RS3 represents the relationship between executives and their customers (hence the number 3).

Most Popular Interior Design Styles In The U.s

David Bromstad’s combination of energy, creativity, and dedication to every project distinguishes him as a unique artist, design personality, and television presenter. After becoming the first “HGTVDesign Star” winner, David went on to host several shows where he created his own.

Famous art and furniture, creating amazing interiors. David’s paintings and drawings show his sharp and sophisticated eye for color and style.

With a refined vision and a strong hand, New York interior designer Brad Ford has created modern jewelry with a warm spirit. Originally from Arkansas, he moved to Manhattan and founded his firm in 1998 with an emphasis on real estate. opportunities. Its interior design shows signatures that are minimalist yet sophisticated, clean, elegant, and functional.

In 2014, Ford held the Field + Supply event in the Hudson Valley. Field + Supply is a modern interpretation of the arts and crafts. For the 2020 edition, the event will be visible, check it out!

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Interior Design Style Quiz

Dutch luxury designer Eric Kuster who lives under the label Metropolitan Luxury. There cannot be two words suitable to be side by side and describe its incomparable style, which depends on the correct balance of the past and the present, in Europe, and in other countries.

The Dutchman said of his work: “There is a signature, but every job is as distinct as making a long-sleeved dress or a tailored suit.” It should be a good fit. I don’t copy and paste.”

A native of Los Angeles, Ryan Saghian knew he wanted to be an interior designer since he was fifteen. He enrolled himself in the Art Institute of California’s CIDA Design School and quickly became LA’s top designer.

For decades, Vicente Wolf has been at the top of the world of interior design, known for its residential, hospitality, and commercial interior design. his photography group, he takes pictures, gardens, goes to theaters, visits museums, and travels to remote parts of the world.

Interior Design Trends 2023

“Vicente is fun and interesting, hardworking but on the run, political and naive, political and sensitive – all mixed inside the Latino and covered with a New York shell.”

Martin Brudnizki’s love for painting began at an early age. His mother was a stylist and his father was a mechanical engineer; The combination of these elements combined a deep understanding of beauty and functional stability. Following degrees in finance and interior design and several successful placements at well-known interior design firms, Martin established his own well-known studio in London in 2000 and New York Studio. in 2012.

Yuriy founded his Kyiv-based studio fifteen years ago. Today, Zimenko specializes in interior design and decoration, architectural design, custom-made products, and art selection. The studio is distinguished by several prestigious awards. And in 2019 Yuriy launched unique handmade rugs with VandraRugs, a Stockholm-based brand made in southern Ukraine.

Last but not least when it comes to our favorite men’s interior designer, Alan Tanksley

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