Questions To Ask Interior Design Clients – First, did you know that you don’t have to accept every potential client that comes your way? You can screen clients to make sure your partnership will be a good fit. You can qualify them to make sure they are looking for what you have to offer. You can interview them to make sure they have noble intentions.

Interior design projects are personal. They are demanding and emotional and stressful. You want to make sure that when you enter into a relationship with another person that you both have your needs met and respected.

Questions To Ask Interior Design Clients

Because when we accept projects and agree to work with someone just for money or out of desperation, it can create a deep project headache. Often the designer or the client ends up unhappy. When we jump into a project quickly without taking the time to evaluate whether it is the right project, we may later realize that it is not a good fit and then it will be more difficult to extricate yourself from that project. We may have to give more than we want to have a happy client.

Ways To Get Local Clients For Your Interior Design Business

Here are 5 powerful questions that will help you determine if a potential client is a good fit. Listen to what they say and what they don’t say. Read between the lines. Listen to your gut. Respect the vibes you get from the client. Be interested.

This question provides insight into any past experiences the client may have had. Maybe they got through the 7 designers and 5 contractors already. Maybe someone with them is not delivering, maybe that designer is not delivering because the client’s expectations are not clear. If they’ve worked with a designer before you can ask them what they liked, what they didn’t like and really see some of their expectations for you come out. Maybe they’ve never worked with a designer before and you need to hold their hand more or explain the process.

This speaks to the client’s motivation. Why do they want to hire a designer, why now? What about their situation now that they looked for a professional? Did their contractor push a designer on them? Are all their friends getting one and they want to be with the “in-crowd”? Do they watch home improvement shows religiously and want the same experience? Did they try it and realize it wasn’t in their wheelhouse? Find out why they are hiring the services of a designer and make sure they are aligned with the work you are doing.

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Being direct from the start will set the tone for open communication. You also want to make sure that what they’re looking for is something that you can (and want) to provide. This question may be answered when you ask question 2 above, but if not make sure you ask. It also helps if during the project their expectations change to what they want. Then you can take it back to when they answered this question.

Questions Your Interior Designer Should Ask You — The Little Design Corner

In our first conversation, you told me you were looking for creativity, but I feel like we’re copying this image from Pinterest.

This is a good place to watch out for people who are only taking you for your designer discount.

Talk to the client about how they want to participate in the project. Do they just want to approve proposals? Or do they prefer to go shopping with you? Do they expect to do some work themselves? Do they want to see a bajillion options or will your choice be enough? Will they weigh their spouse? What about their friends, co-workers, neighbors, in-laws, and entire book clubs? If their answer fits the way you work! Or you might avoid working with a client who wants to be your shopping buddy or doesn’t give feedback.

I am a HUGE advocate of setting appropriate expectations with your clients. I believe this is the main reason why projects fail and clients are unhappy. It starts with asking early and often what clients expect. A potential client’s expectations of the project may be very different from how you work or what you see to be done. They may expect you to be available 24/7, they may think you’ll give them a room that looks exactly like their favorite inspiration photo – right down to the same furniture. They may expect that when you give design presentations it will look like TV. Or they expect the budget to be a TV budget. Having this conversation early on allows you insight into the client and whether their expectations are reasonable and doable or if they need to be let go.

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What Questions Should An Interior Designer Ask A Client? By M4a Designs

If you find yourself in a project that isn’t right for you check out these articles: New to Interior Decorating? A homeowner looking for questions during a consultation? We’ve got you covered! No more endless searching. In this article you will find a Sample Interior Decorating Questionnaire that KH Home Design and Furnishings uses for all of our consultations.

If you are someone who has been in the industry for years and looking to change your questionnaire or just starting your business… click here.

In Interior Decorating Consult: 3 Steps to be Prepared, I discuss five aspects of an Interior Decorating consult. Not all topics are included in the Questionnaire. If you haven’t read the article yet, here’s a brief overview:

Items #2-#4 are covered in the Sample Interior Decorating Questionnaire however items #1 and #5 are not. This is because these are verbal or physical things that happen within the space. Introductions are a naturally occurring aspect as you enter the space.

Tips From Successful Pros On How To Run An Interior Design Business

I hope this article has helped you gain a basic understanding of the questions asked in a consultation. Know what questions to ask so you can prepare. Whether you’re new to the industry or simply fine-tuning your questionnaire, I hope these questions will be of added value.

Hi, I’m Kimberly, the owner of KH Home Design serving Connecticut. With my streamlined process, exceptional customer service, and impeccable sense of design, I’m here to make your home a stunning reflection of your personal style and needs. As a multi-award-winning Interior Designer with a passion for design and a deep understanding of psychology, I create spaces that not only look amazing but also feel amazing upon entering. Book a Complimentary Call today to get started on creating the home of your dreams.


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Printable Interior Design Client Questionnaire Templates

If you’ve just hired an interior designer, or are thinking about doing so, there are some important questions you should be prepared to answer at your first meeting. No matter how big the project, an interior designer or decorator can help you get a good result and often come up with ideas you never thought of that will improve your lifestyle and possibly save you from making costly mistakes. If your designer asks most of the questions below it is a good sign that your design collaboration will be a positive experience and you will have a good result.

You may want to prepare by writing a list about things that are currently working well and things that frustrate you. These can be big things (not enough bathrooms, not enough storage, kitchen layout) to small things (color of the walls, feel of the master bedroom). List everything in two columns as something to start your thinking. Next prioritize from most important to least important the items on the hate/dislike list. There are probably things on the list that are really easy to change that will start to have a big impact (eg you can get new linens for the bedrooms, paint the house individually, put in some new window dressings, change the light fittings in more modern ones). This list will also help your designer understand your priorities and where the budget should be spent to begin with.

For example, your master bedroom is obviously for sleeping, but what about the lighting in the room, do you want a TV (if so, where? as cable placement needs to be considered), would a USB help point next to the bed charging pictures? Do you need a chair to sit on?

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