The Great Interior Design Challenge Series 2 – Total Disclaimer: When I watched the finale of The Great Interior Design Challenge last night, I was a) drunk (I watched the recording at 11pm after Dishoom Edinburgh’s heavy opening party). ) And b) bias.

I am a huge fan of Oliver Thomas’ style, the latest member of GIDC, following his colorful Instagram profile even before his GIDC engagement was announced. As the program progressed, Essex-based Daniela Tasca-York seemed to like the smallest monochrome and taupe-tastic shapes ever made for me. So #teamoliver me.

The Great Interior Design Challenge Series 2

Keeping up with the theme of honesty when the finale reached my conclusion, I still want Oliver to win – his clever use of color in the study along with the luxurious bedroom design (plus Memories of a great room before – a special mention to his use of Matthew Williamson posters for Osborne & Little) made me mention my uncomfortable help on screen. Daniela’s design is also minimal

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But this does not mean that I do not respect Daniela and her commitment to interior design, even though we have a unique style, the girl works hard! Plus, she’s a mother of two, so you know: sisterhood. Chat with her this morning, I want to know who

Thoughts should win whether she thinks the judge does not agree with the winner if she believes GIDC is a true reflection of her talent and whether she is committed to white supremacy. Read more for her confusing response…

Hey Daniela – Congratulations on winning GIDC – and congratulations on keeping it a secret for such a long time!

Thank you! Yes, I had to keep quiet about my winnings for six months – it wasn’t easy!

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I’m not sure. If I was completely honest, I think they should have chosen Oliver. Most countries think so too. But I think I tried to do something more beautiful, dare to take risks and do other things. I bow to Oliver. I still do not believe I won.

I just got into a joke. I never thought I would attend the event. I’m the kind of person who likes to say yes to every opportunity and this seems like a good challenge to define. You. Then when I went I thought I was just making it through the first round – especially the program This might get me another customer to take pictures. I am not optimistic. Now my life is going in a completely different direction. Never thought of winning in my nightmare!

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I originally worked in fashion – I had a degree in fashion textiles and wanted to be the next Alexander McQueen! I then retrained as a photographer and moved to Ibiza, where I focused on wedding photography. But the inside is my childhood love since the show was revived.

The wedding photography I was doing worked great when I was in Ibiza, but it wasn’t very good here. Photography has just become a way to complete accomplishments rather than hobbies. But the interior has always been imaginative – I now hope to transfer my fashion success to interior design.

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As a pink lover, I have to ask if you got the pink leather jacket you wore to the finals at Where?

It’s from Zara – it’s not real leather – just pleather! I got it recently; I bought it especially for the finals.

I have had a pink sensation since I was a little girl [Daniela BB’s daughter was two years old. Her 4-year-old son Palmer] came along. She is a beautiful woman into pink and a princess and everything.

Pink is not necessary for girls. I buy pink stuff for my other half too. I try not to be gender-neutral – is that a word?

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The two colors I really want to play against are pale pink and rust – you know – rust orange. I especially like this combination in the mattress cover. I also like wild greens, although I’m not very interested in Pantone Greenery. And I do not think I’m going to stop liking black and white.

Personally, I see white on the walls a little cold and tight. What do you like about white?

I think my use of white comes from living in Ibiza, where it creates a clean base in hot weather. When GIDC started, I just got back from Ibiza so still in white mode. Here you need more colors. The rooms I whitewashed in the show were more detailed – canvas. My love for white is really evolving.

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They really eased my style. Before the kids came along, everything was white, American Psycho-style, but it is not obvious now. So my house is more colorful. I also found the wallpaper has a good pattern to hide dirt as well.

The Pink House Meets The Great Interior Design Challenge Winner Daniela Tasca York — The Pink House

No, I’m not saying it is unanimous, but you know, I probably know on a personal level that while they all like the view and dislike the view, they all agree on who should win. Kelly is really a fair person; After the show, she told me what she hated and what she liked about my room. I think she is a great supporter for women in business.

Do you feel that this show is a false representation of what you can really do? After all, working in such a tight time and with such a limited budget is not true for life.

Yes – 100%. That’s not me knocking the app – I just won it so it was definitely not a bad thing for me, but it showed only two percent of my style, my quality level, what I could do. It’s completely untrue, but it makes the TV great. And it is not like you do not know what you are doing. I think the design of two rooms at the same time, because one room at the end also lowered the standard. I always try to achieve as much as possible in the short time available – I have to be conscious! I’m too ambitious, but about 90 percent of what I try you see is not because there is no time to show Everything.

Your gift for giving it all Daniela Congratulations again and good luck with your new career. Thanks for chatting with me! We are pleased to interview Jordan and partner Russell from BBC2’s hot interior showcasing a great interior design competition.

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Known as GIDC, TV shows are a challenge for interior designers looking for the next step in their careers. Week-to-week competition The 2014 series of the show reached the grand finale, which saw Jordan Cluroe and Sarah Moore redesign the interiors of two Georgian homes.

Even though he was announced that day, Jordan’s love for bold colors and his experimental design really appealed to us, the design community, and we still want more.

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Since the show, Jordan and partner Russell have developed their own interior design practice, 2 Lovely Gays, and are currently receiving awards for successful TV shows.

Hello Jordan and Russell, thanks for chatting with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

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Jordan: We are interior designers. And husband. We have been living together for eight years and have been married for almost three years.

Russell: Originally, we both trained as actors, so we came to interior design from a unique background. We are always obsessed with good design and I think when we meet it just ignites that fire.

J: We have spent the last few years gaining experience and this year we launched ourselves into interior design as ‘2 Lovely Gays’.

R: We bought our first apartment together in southeast London over 6 years ago and the postal code ended up being ‘2LG’. Our friends started calling us “two gay men” and the name stuck – now we’re here.

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J: We take design very seriously, but there is no reason why design can not be enjoyable – hopefully we do the right balance. It always brings a smile when people ask for our business name!

You both have a passion for interior design and design – is this something you both experience as a child or develop over time?

R: I mean, it developed. We both had art from a young age, but as we grew, our passions developed and evolved.

R: A few years ago we opened a stall at Greenwich Craft Market. We designed our own textiles by experimenting with screen printing and animal designs (strongly inspired by our mini dachshund, Buckley), which I would say is the beginning of a joint design.

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J: Actually, I said everything, and even though I was young, I redecorated our house on every occasion. I have. My uncle taught me how to put wallpaper when I was 13 years old.

Jordan We love to see you and the beautiful rooms you created on the BBC Great Interior Design Challenge series. Do you enjoy your time on the show?

A: Absolutely! We originally applied

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