What Interior Design Shows Are On Netflix – A good place for you to find inspiration is Netflix The streaming platform offers a wealth of content that can help influence your next design There are five Netflix shows to do just that! 1. The Art of Design A show to get your creative juices flowing is Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design. In each episode of this series, you get a glimpse into the mind of a new designer Various disciplines are presented in abstract You can watch episodes with sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, conceptual artist Olafur Eliasson, architect Björk Engels and more. If you want an episode specifically on interior design, check out the episode on VectorWorks user Else Crawford. “We spend 87% of our lives inside buildings,” the iconic designer says in the episode. How they are designed actually affects how we feel, how we behave ” This is, perhaps, our favorite line of the entire episode, because it emphasizes how important good design really is. These episodes are so inspiring because they provide an opportunity to see and hear creatives at the height of their industry. Every creative has their own style, and each is trying to say something different This is what Abstract: The Art of Design is such a rewarding watch for designers; The show allows you to be inspired by someone else’s masters through you 2. Queer Eyes This incredibly popular and heartwarming Netflix series has a little something for everyone. If you’re going to cook, you look for Anthony Self-improvement? Karamo Style? Tan Grooming and a good smile? JVN. We would, however, love to see a place completely transformed by the talented Bobby Burke At each stage, the “Fab Five” helps a person to accept themselves and improve their life Burke has an uncanny ability to balance these internal changes through his designs 3. Amazing Interiors As it says in the teaser trailer, Netflix’s Amazing Interiors is about the juxtaposition of things that are “ordinary on the outside” and “extraordinary on the inside.” What makes Amazing Interiors such a fun watch is how passionate the subjects of the series are about their designs. Sure, some designs are too “out there” to try and reference But, they are sure to encourage you to take risks in your next project And, with only one season, Amazon Interiors is an easy show! 4. Master of None You don’t have to watch non-fiction shows to fuel your creative fire. Some of our favorite designs come from comedies and dramas One Netflix show that features incredibly stylish interiors is Master of None. In the first two seasons, the show’s main character, Dev, had an enviable apartment in New York City. The bright apartment features a high-end kitchen, beautiful French doors and a huge bookcase that spans most of the living area. All these elements (and a wonderful Eames chair) make the apartment burst with personality. 5. Tiny House Races Netflix has great shows that can fuel your passion for creative interior design. But there are smaller shows too… Tin House Nation follows John Weisbart and Jack Griffiths as they travel the US “helping families prepare for the tiny lifestyle and create hypercustomized mini homes”. And just because these houses are smaller, their design is no less important For us, beautiful design happens when beauty and function intersect A beautiful space that you can’t comfortably live in is useless, and a practical space that isn’t aesthetically pleasing might as well be a tool shed. Tiny houses are essentially design puzzles Therefore, they are a great way to practice the dialogue between beauty and function If you’re looking for more inspiration – and workflow tips – click the button below and browse our in-house webinars.

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What Interior Design Shows Are On Netflix

Request your free trial to start using VectorWorks From 2D drawing to 3D modeling to fully integrated BIM, we offer innovative solutions to help you work faster and smarter. Whether it’s renovations, home improvement, interior design or just spying on other people’s homes – we’ve got your home’s design kinks. You’re covered with our complete (and very unofficial) ranking of the best home design shows on Netflix.

The Best Home Design Shows On Netflix: A Complete Ranking

Our main criterion is whether the show is actually enjoyable to watch As a result, this list includes both frog-watching joy and popcorn-throwing criticism in this criteria

(whether it actually provides useful home design advice). We’ve personally watched at least two episodes of each of the shows listed below However, not all shows will be available in every region (some are only available in the US and not in Canada, for example).

Our team will be waiting on the other side to help you with all your furniture needs Velvet sofa? Check Hammock chair? Check The best home design shows are just the beginning of your journey

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Oh, and want a free interior design video consultation? Then head here to schedule a 15-minute slot with our designers All you have to do is show your home with your smartphone, and we’ll give you actionable design tips to improve your space.

House & Home

First of all, this is a perfect show if you are interested in architecture and travel It’s the perfect way to start your home design binge with some inspiration Each episode features a top-down exploration of four unusual houses around the world. The unique angle of this show is that the architect is interviewed along with the owner So, you get a glimpse of the jungle home of famous cinematographers, and the ocean dwellers of reclusive designers. Piers Taylor (architect) and Caroline Quentin (comedian) host the show, and it’s a real pleasure to explore and enjoy them in each new place. This is definitely one of the best home design shows on Netflix

Now that you’re all fired up and full of pretty pictures, it’s time to change your reality again What better way than the lovely, gentle Marie Kondo? In each episode, Kondo helps someone clean up their house, and their life in the process As a result, it’s surprisingly poignant, and a great way to spark curiosity and empathy for your stuff. From a grieving widow in a huge messy house to a family torn apart in a tiny apartment, you’ll find tears and sobering tips in every episode.

Amazingly, the show started production in 1994 and is still going strong It is hosted by Kevin McLeod and each episode follows people in the process of building their dream home. Additionally, the show features a variety of locations and designs, and is a great look at the challenges and triumphs of managing a renovation process. However, McCloud can be a bit boring to watch, especially in the earlier seasons But it’s worth it to pull the family, solve the problem, and know that the process of building their home is truly one

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It is an American reality TV show With that in mind, this show is a really sweet reminder that it’s okay to let yourself loose in all your weird senses. First, each episode features three different spaces that look normal on the outside, but hide a special quirky interior inside. Second, there’s something for everyone, baseball aficionados, medieval LARPers, and cat lovers. Homeowners are full of enthusiasm, and most have no design training Plus, there’s no host or narrator so it’s easy to skip ahead and scrub the bits you really want to see.

Cozy Up With The Best Renovation + Home Design Shows On Netflix This Winter

Reality TV show, so expect a little more refinement than its American counterpart It’s so fun and stressful to watch! Aspiring interior designers compete against each other for a chance to win a commercial design contract. There’s such a great diversity in personality and skills, and watching them collaborate and try to complete the room within the deadline is nail-biting. It’s an elimination series, so at the end of each episode they send a designer (or two) home. The briefs are always interesting, and the hosts are enthusiastic but critical This is a great show to spark your inner designer Make sure the freezer is stocked before you start this series, as you’ll want to see them consistently.

. Most competitors are influencers, not designers If you like a little drama with your designs, you’ll love this show It’s worth watching to immerse yourself in a completely different world, where the coveted prize is a luxury apartment in Kuala Lumpur. The details are less important than the drama of this series For that reason,

It’s fun to watch with friends or to have in the background while you do other stuff It usually does not fall below a

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