What Is Industrial Style Interior Design – Industrial interior design is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after styles today. In particular, rural industrial decor is gaining great popularity. What makes this style so special is its seemingly unfinished nature combined with more polished elements – making for a great mix! When it comes time to put this into practice, it can be difficult to recreate this combination of high and low in a way that is harmonious… but we are here to help! Read on for tips and tricks from design experts for creating the perfect rustic industrial interior.

Originally, industrial interior design refers to old warehouses that are transformed into urban lofts. These transformations left the architectural elements of the buildings exposed. Think iron or wood beams, brick walls, cement floors, ductwork and large windows. All this formed the basis of a rough but beautiful style.

What Is Industrial Style Interior Design

And, of course, these understated features fit perfectly with rustic decor, creating a favorite mix of industrial decor styles – rustic industrial interior design. The rustic industrial style looks casual and cozy, starting from a traditional neutral color palette and ending with a preference for old materials. And because imperfections are a desirable quality, it’s also a style that’s easy to recreate – no attic storage required.

The Epitome Of Modern Rustic Industrial Home Decor

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Give some of the following tips from our lead designer to easily add this style to your home!

One of the main elements of interior design in the industrial style is certainly a rich color palette that combines neutral brown, white and black. So let’s see how to reproduce it. For starters, combine different shades of brown and brown to make the space feel casual. Then add white elements to give the room a clean look. Last but not least, add black accents to create contrast and add character.

In addition to colors, textures also play a very important role in the combination of high and low that is typical of industrial interiors. For example, an old leather chair is great for adding texture and a few shades of brown. An ordinary white wall will be an ideal background for it. And it will create the mix of high and low that makes rustic industrial decor so special. Finally, black metal accents here and there will add character to the space. In addition, they can be used to emphasize certain features of your home. To summarize, we can say that the ideal palette for a rustic industrial interior is a mixture of many natural colors that will create a unique calm atmosphere in the space. Plus, with so many different colors, it’s a really easy palette to achieve and maintain!

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Bobby Breaks It Down: What Is Industrial?

As we have already mentioned, a typical element of any interior in an industrial style is a combination of modern and rustic elements. It is also important to note that there is no absolute rule regarding the ratio of tall and low elements that should enter the space. So you are completely free to create a style that leans more towards the modern or rustic side.

For example, you can create an equally stunning industrial living room interior design with either a sleek black leather sofa or an old leather sofa. Alternatively, you can leave the walls rough or paint them a plain white… You get the point: a mix of modern and rustic is essential for any industrial interior, but how much of each to add is up to your own taste!

When thinking about industrial style, an urban loft immediately comes to mind. One of the main features of urban lofts is their open floor plan, which you should try to replicate as much as possible. In fact, an industrial-style living room is not complete without a kitchen island that connects it to the cooking area. In addition, the dining table fits perfectly into this industrial layout, creating a perfect open plan in the living area.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can leave the night area open. Placing a bed on a raised floor is a classic way to make a bedroom part of an open plan in a modern industrial living room. But if you can’t build a mezzanine, you can still use other elements besides the wall to “close” the bedroom. For example, a curtain, a bookshelf that opens on both sides, or a sliding barn door are perfect industrial rustic ideas that will add privacy to your bedroom while blending in with your new industrial interior design.

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Industrial Design Style: The Essentials

As a side note, open floor plans are also a great strategy to make a space feel larger than it actually is. So, if you live in a small apartment, knocking down all the interior walls will really help you make the most of your square footage. Plus, it will make your home a lot brighter as natural light comes in everywhere!

Another important factor of any house is functionality. And even in an open plan concept, it is still important to create a separation between different functional areas. How do you ask? Large area rugs, room dividers, movable dividers, and carefully placed bookshelves are just some of the strategies for creating visual separation without using a single wall!

Each interior style has its advantages when choosing lighting. And if you’re looking for industrial-style lighting, you’ll find plenty of options, too. But there is one thing that makes industrial interior design special: its ability to transform the simplest light bulbs into spectacular lighting!

Because this style has become so popular, there are now many different and beautiful bulbs on the market. The shape of the bulb itself is the primary choice: thin, big, small or large, there is something for every taste! The thread inside has also become a decorative element and you can find many options for this as well. And last but not least, a cable that can be hung directly from the ceiling or used to draw more complex shapes, creating a real spectacular chandelier on a very small budget!

Industrial Style 2.0

Other elements that are ideal for industrial-style lighting are wooden or black metal details and unconventional objects (such as pipes and chains) repurposed as parts of a lamp. So, if you want to make your own industrial lamp with your own hands, all you need are some light bulbs, a cable and some unconventional objects to repurpose!

If you’re looking for industrial living room decor ideas, you’ll find many different interiors that have one thing in common: large loft windows. And indeed, these windows are a typical sign of rustic industrial decor! Large skylight windows let in a lot of natural light, and their metal construction makes them a decorative element in the space. So, if your renovation includes some window work, this is definitely the one to go for! Even if you can’t increase them, changing the structure to a loft (it’s even better if the frame is black), your space will look much more industrial!

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But don’t worry if you rent or can’t replace your windows! If you follow our other tips for choosing the right furniture, finishes and decor, you can still achieve a beautiful rustic industrial look in your home!

When choosing wood for industrial interior design, texture is key. The best choice you can make is damaged wood with visible knots and a slightly rough feel. Also, the color of your wood parts doesn’t have to match perfectly. In fact, it’s even better if it doesn’t match! Indeed, mismatched details will add a variety of colors and add a sense of relaxation to the space. Plus, of course, it makes your job easier!

Industrial Style Dining Room Design

Given the popularity of this style, you will find many pieces of furniture for sale that already come with an old finish. But you can also make your own! With relatively basic DIY skills, you can turn a simple piece of reclaimed wood into a side table or shelves. And – if you have access to more materials – you might even decide to take on an entire wall!

Thrift stores and garage sales are also great opportunities to find damaged wood furniture. The best advice we can give you here is to keep an open mind when shopping. Perhaps at first glance, the item looks too old or dated, but when combined with more modern items and in the context of the finished interior, it can be just the right choice! To help you decide, try taking a picture of this object and placing it next to the other images you have collected. After seeing everything together, you will definitely be able to choose! Finally, don’t forget that furniture can be changed! A coat of paint and new drawer handles can make a huge difference and save you money!

In industrial interior design, metal details are often used to introduce a black accent. So, black

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