How Long Did Er Run – Do you realize how many letter combinations I can use for similar themes? I can choose a band that ends with “at”, for example. I can make bands that end in “th”, “ed”, or “on”. Alternatively, I can go with the group

With certain letters. “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, “F”, up to “Z”. Or a large number of combinations of 2. Or even 3! I swear to you; I will do each one until I get some suggestions.

How Long Did Er Run

If you don’t think I’m going to hand over Mammoth Grinder you’re an idiot with poor predictive abilities. “Moral Crux” is a big riff that punches your dick with your own arm and asks you mockingly “Why do you keep punching yourself with your own arm, dork??”. It starts at 0:19.

F1 Canadian Grand Prix: Vestappen Earns Fourth Straight Win

Many classic bands will be submitted and one of them will probably win. However, no one can deny the power of this young band’s opening riff. One of the greatest finds from our “Best Unsigned Band In The US” contest.

Is one of the best grindcore albums of all time that still holds up today. The riff that starts at :30 matches Pete Sandoval’s menacing explosive beat. This combo is on another level of intensity that is only found in the upper echelons of the grind game.

I’ve always loved my own cultural heritage, and the Einherjer from my neighboring town always delivers. The first riff is a riff. Is there better music? yes. Is this riff still great? yes.

Angered some longtime Satanic Warmaster fans with its polished production values, but there was no denying the quality of the riffs on display. The riff starts during the thunder at 0:00.

Riff Ov The Week: Bands Whose Names End With The Letters “er”

As I was going through my music library, it occurred to me that I have more bands that end in “or” than “er…” and I thought about submitting one, like Kreator, and pawning it off as “I PRONOUNCE IT ‘ER !’” …But I digress. How about this soulful lick from one of the best power metal bands in the business? Nice blue streets behind Nina Osegueda’s Dio-esque vocals. [

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I was tempted to go back to the well and submit another Enforcer track. Then I remembered the riff at the end of “Eyes Bleached” by God Mother. I recommend you start listening from about 3:30, but the actual riff starts at about 3:43 and continues until the end of the track when it breaks down (not THAT kind of breakdown) into a mess of terrible white noise and distortion. Listen. [

At once both lord and master, Tuan Guru means all things metal and hates peasants. It is said that he mumbled from the split skull of a slain poser as if it were a trophy. There’s plenty of exciting new television to debut in 2018, but arguably the most exciting additions to the streaming landscape are shows that have actually debuted. back in 1994. Thanks to Hulu,

Is now available to the public in its entirety for the first time this year, and a whole new audience is discovering the groundbreaking drama for the first time. In celebration of the show’s new life, here are 25 things you never knew

The Golden Princess Alexander Baron — The Gardner Francis Fox Library

Carol Hathaway’s suicide attempt in the pilot was a surprising and sudden twist, but in the original version of the episode it was also supposed to be fatal. Test viewers responded so positively to Carol that the idea was scrapped, so even though Margulies was credited as a guest star for the first episode, she went on to become one of the show’s most beloved and important regular characters.

The show earned a total of 124 Emmy nominations over its 15 seasons, and won 22 of them, including an Outstanding Drama Series award for season 2, and an Outstanding Supporting Actress award for Margulies in season 1. More performers on the show have received Emmy Nominations—across categories main cast, supporting cast and guests—from any other series.

3 The romance between Dr Benton and Dr Corday was cut short for a very specific reason.Getty Images

Eriq La Salle and Alex Kingston have insane chemistry, and many fans were disappointed when their characters’ romance was cut short. But La Salle asked producers to end the relationship because he was unhappy with the fact that Benton’s romance with Corday, a white woman, was portrayed far more positively than his previous relationships with two black women on the show (Gloria Reuben Carla’s Jeanie and Lisa Nicole Carson). “As an African American man, it becomes quite offensive if negative things are all you show,” he said. “Because in real life, we make love and get mad at each other and laugh and do all the things that any other race does.”

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The Dangerous Talent (1920)

Ever notice that Doug Ross spends a lot of time looking down—at patients in their hospital beds, at clipboards—or hanging his head? That’s because Clooney developed a technique to “remember” all of his complex medical dialogue, which involved writing his lines on props so he could refer to them during scenes. According to PBS

, written by Michael Crichton as “a documentary-style film about what happens over 24 hours in an emergency room.” No one would make the film, finding it too “technical, too chaotic and too fast,” according to Crichton, and so the script was shelved for two decades until NBC came along.

6 Although the pilot was written in 1974, only one significant change was made when it was filmed in 1994.Getty Images

Had been sitting on the shelf for a long time by the time it appeared on television in 1994, what ended up being filmed was almost word for word Crichton’s original script from 1974. One very noticeable change, however, was in the casting, as Crichton’s script centered on five white male doctors, so Dr. Lewis became a woman and Dr. Benton became a black man.

Trade My 10′ Shaft For Your 8.5′ Or 9’er

The addition of a basketball hoop outside the ambulance bay at County General ended up creating an important new location for the show, but originally, George Clooney had the idea simply because he liked to shoot some hoops to relax between takes. He had the loop installed on the Burbank studio lot, but it ended up in an area where it could be picked up by the camera, and so it was included in the show.

Both shows were part of NBC’s highly successful Thursday night lineup in the mid-’90s, and the network took advantage by having Clooney and Wyle make appearances as doctors in the first season.

, in the episode Rachel switched identities with Monica to use her health insurance. Even if it’s not a true crossover—

Is in New York—it’s great news for fans of both shows. There are some more subtle ones

Dark Academia Spellbooks I Did Upon Request ♡ I Let The Clay + Faux Leather Run Trough A Pasta Machine To Achieve The Texture.

Easter eggs are buried through offerings; David Schwimmer played the doctor in the third season premiere, although his face is never seen, and Dr. Greene’s daughter’s name is Rachel Greene—one letter away from

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Some time, that is. Although portions of the show are filmed at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California, filming will move to Chicago several times each season. During this tour, enough exterior scenes will be shot for several episodes, including famous Chicago landmarks such as the “L” rapid transit system and the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

10 Julianna Margulies is against the idea of ​​her character changing from a nurse to a doctor.Getty Images

Producers were keen for Carol to make the transition from nurse to doctor, and the character was shown seriously considering the possibility in the third season, even taking the medical school entrance exam. But Margulies objected, arguing that Carol had always been so proud of being a nurse that the change felt out of place for her. A few seasons later, Maura Tierney’s character, Abby, became a doctor after being a nurse.

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But the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike reduced the number of episodes so much that the producers knew they wouldn’t have enough time to deliver a full show. For that reason, NBC agreed to carry

Both appeared in 13 of 15 seasons. Dr. Carter Wyle was a series regular from the beginning of season 1 until the end of season 11, but he returned for several episodes in season 12 and in season 15. Dr. Weaver Innes first appeared in season 2, and remained a regular until the middle of season 13, then returned for several episodes of season 15. Both actors returned for the series finale.

, which is also set in the emergency room of a fictional Chicago hospital. Mary McDonnell joined in

Writers visit several hospitals in the Los Angeles area to get inspiration for new medical storylines, and will often adapt real events with a more dramatic twist. The episode where a baby has a clothes hanger stuck

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