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The queer Queen of Arendelle in Frozen might have been an accident, but Frozen 2 goes all out.

How Much Did Frozen Make

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From Snow White To Encanto: The Evolution Of Disney Princesses

Elsa goes on another adventure in Frozen 2. But will the adventure bring her a girlfriend??? (No.) Disney

Emily St. James was the senior correspondent to cover American identities. Before joining in 2014, he was the first TV editor of the A.V. Logs.

When these ugly things first appeared, I was confused; I don’t remember the scene where Captain Marvel kissed a girl (and they liked it) or the scene where Groot declared that he only loves trees or the scene where Captain America turns his chair around to remind kids that gender is not binary. But the lesson made clear the details, to be sure;

The MCU developed the first openly gay character. He just didn’t have a name or a personality, and he only appeared in one scene.

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Dubbed “The Sad Man” and played by director Joe Russo, the character is involved early in the film, in a support group attended by Captain America. The whole character is a grieving man: he lost someone to Thanos, who eliminated half of all life in the universe, and after working his way through the ensuing pain, he started again. He says plainly that he marks a man.

All this is good and honest. If you’re going to use a random peripheral character to illustrate how the world is working to get past this traumatic event, why not a cheerful guy? But the triumphalism surrounding the “first openly gay character” headlines put me off and many others. “The original cheerful character” does not imply “random peripheral reasoning.” At least the name indicates.

This is often the way it goes when it comes to Disney and its many subsidiaries. The company dominates the entertainment press, as the 2010s proved particularly fruitful for two types of stories in the entertainment press: stories that are major developments in new projects based on major pieces of intellectual property (surprise

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Star Wars, Disney animation, etc.), and stories that suggest important developments, have been represented both in front of and behind the camera.

Book Review: The Art Of Frozen

That’s how we end up with indicators like “previous behavior openly gay”, or those confirmed Lefou gay in 2017

— technically, what these headlines say is true, and celebrating milestones seems like a big deal. But really, they really aren’t. They represent a representation on the screen where the precise figure of “any meeting is required”, because it only points to the queer precision and asks you to dig around for it. The works themselves make the chicken something meaningful, wooing you in favor and nudging you in the ribs, daring you to pick up possessions where there is none.

From Frozen, a bunch of people decided Elsa was a queer character. It’s usually just not expressly correct. Enough!

Elsa meets a lil salamander who seems to be competing with potential customers, as are all her friends. Disney

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Before we go much further, I would advise you that there are a bunch of spoilers below

(2013 Disney films that dominated the box office, won two Oscars, and “Let It Go” was a safe haven for parents) and

— if you are concerned about robbers, describe this story for after you have seen the engines and go back to your palace until the ice. If you’re (ahem) “cool” with a pirate, let’s move on.

Canonically, Elsa of Arendelle, who sits on the small throne of the northern kingdom at the end of Frozen, is not queer. Canonically, he is not romantically interested in anyone. And don’t be surprised if that meaning of Elsa is asexual or aromantic, neither of those are canon. There is nothing canonical when it comes to sexuality.

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Elsa’s characterization contrasts directly with her younger sister Anna, who is so starved for love and affection (after essentially growing up without even in a large, empty palace) that she flaunts herself to the first man who lays eyes on her; the small time Prince Hans At first the film turns out to be a villain, the first thing you see is cold, then it feels less and less the more you think about it.

Anna’s big arc in that first movie is learning about the nature of true love and the effects of time and work, a relationship between two sisters who have known each other for years and years is more likely to appeal to true love than having anything to do with some guy she’s barely met.

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A lot of Disney movies Elsa guy could fall for too. For if we look

Like a classic Broadway musical (the format is more like a Disney princess movie — in fact, it basically has to be adapted as a stage), then a secondary romance is pretty much required. In the traditional version of this story, the darker love triangle between Anna and the two guys vying for her heart is balanced by the lighter love triangle with Elsa at its center.

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For, Elsa has no love. Her lack of a suitor could be a function of the production process of the first film, which required a lot of retelling of the story, as it was left for under a year before it was released. In at least some versions of the story, Elsa was going to be the villain, and the more complicated story was going to be one of the two sisters’ relationship. (It is, however, inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen,” where the Snow Queen is more villainous than she said.) But Elsa is also a gal who sings “Let go.” She cannot be the last criminal, even if she is redeemed in the end.

So Hans changed Elsa’s arc and twisted it into something else entirely. But it also meant that her sexuality was left undetermined, a queen — and finally a queen — without a prince.

You’re probably familiar with internet conversation trends, and you probably know a number of LGBTQ people as well. “Not yet confirmed as correct”? We’ll be mad to take it. We’ll take it and run with it, baby.

And Elsa’s role in the movie started appearing on social media shortly after the movie was released in November 2013, but in reality it was in early 2014. It was stolen. In particular, San Diego State University professor Daniel Matos, who studies the intersection of queer narratives. and children’s literature, he wrote a January 2014 article in which he argued that Elsa has made a lot of sense when viewed through the lens of literary theory.

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Queen Elsa is approached by some viewers as a queer or gay character, not only because she does not have a romantic relationship in the film, but also because she was forced by her parents to suppress and hide the powers she was born with. . Although the movie implies that Elsa’s parents are desperately hiding her powers because of the danger they pose to themselves and others, this does not justify the extent to which they prevent Elsa from having any human contact. In addition, the fact that Elsa’s parents saw the suppression and isolation of the solution brought further ideas about the queer closet.

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I would also like to go one step further. It’s been an unfortunate trope for far too long that if a movie or TV show featured an LGBTQ character, that character would often be the villain of the story. Look, for example, Silence of the Lambs Look at Buffalo Bill’s Killer, a character the movie turns out to insist is not actually trans, even though it’s portrayed as pretty darn trans; he himself, after killing many women, had a suit of skin made for him to transform himself into a lady. (Bill! Take some estradiol already geez!) As a result, scores of “criminal” tropes are also attached to LGBTQ characters and vice versa. A scar from the original

Villain, exhibits many of the characteristics that we associate with LGBTQ characters, rightly or wrongly. He shuts himself off from society. She can scarcely understand the majesty of these things. To those who love, he beats. She’s kind of like one of the X-Men, and the X-Men have also always welcomed queer readings.

Critically, Elsa is not the villain of the film. His love for Anna and Anna’s love for him is what saves the day at the end of the film, and he learns to rejoice in his powers once he discovers that he can rule through love (awwwww). Elsa is afraid of what will set her apart, and is encouraged by her parents to do so. At last, however, he grasped that difference and that

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