List Of Home Improvement Projects – I don’t think I’ve spent that much time at home. Our family is usually very active, with a to-do list a mile long, but the pandemic has changed the way we live and play. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to insulate at home and invest in our living space. That weird light in the entryway ceiling lights? Actually having to grab a ladder and change a light bulb now bothers us. Yellow linoleum in our daughter’s bathroom? We spent a few hours with a few planks of paint to create a quick makeover that brightened up the entire space.

And then we have bigger projects that we put on. With the money we save by not eating out or traveling as much, we chose to reinvest in our home. In particular, our kitchen has received a facelift that enhances its beauty and functionality. We weren’t alone in our home improvement projects!

List Of Home Improvement Projects

I talked to some of our editors about their favorite home improvements of the past year. Despite the chaos of pandemic life, our team felt fortunate to have the resources and opportunities to make the most impactful changes in our respective homes. Below, our editors talk about the best home improvement projects, from kitchens and basements to stunning accent walls and decor updates.

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When we moved into our house, we had metallic silver banners and black walls. No shame in silver banners, it was actually quite impressive. But we wanted something a little more calming and neutral that could give a sense of the sacred in our work. As foodies, the kitchen was a priority for us, but it took some time to save up for a major renovation. This meant we lived with our current kitchen for two years, which really explained what the ideal design meant for our family.

We consulted with our contractor to come up with a plan that was temporary and functional but still had some personality.

Fortunately, this all happened before the pandemic, so we didn’t have to worry about social distancing from workers. We consulted with our contractor to come up with a plan that was temporary and functional, but still had some personality. The rustic backsplash, brass fittings and farmhouse sink are what excite me the most. Those details bring me such joy every day, but nothing is so precious that we can’t use the kitchen to its full potential. From messy baking adventures to elaborate and ill-advised meals, we settle into our kitchen with much joy and excitement for more memories to come.

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When we bought our place (in the middle of the pandemic!), we knew we had to do some things to make it more comfortable. After spending so much money to buy a house, we wanted to wait for any big project. My husband is a big DIY fan, so we decided to start on his (and mine) mobile home. The previous owners painted the entire condo a beautiful gray color, so we wanted to add some statement walls to add a personal touch to the rooms. While doing my research, I stumbled upon and fell in love with pencils. It gave wallpaper a vibe and spoke to my intense love of patterns without learning how to learn how to wallpaper.

Home Improvement Projects To Put On Your To Do List For 2021

We also needed more kitchen storage and we weren’t ready to do anything major like a bunch of new cabinets. I’ve always loved the look of hanging pots and pans, but we just didn’t have a good place for them in our setup. I’m particular about where they hang because I don’t want them near my stove because that’s when I clean them constantly. We decided to paint one of our walls in the kitchen the same color as the rest of the room. Instead of a pencil, we fell on hanging sticks.

I loved Julia Chail’s peg board, but my husband was against it, so we decided to do rows of wood as supports instead. I looked for meat and found some nice copper hooks so I knew they would be strong enough to hang my cast iron on, and we bought some pre-packaged colored wood from Home Depot. It was an hour-long project on a Saturday morning and a huge change for the room. I was happy with the result. I love things that are both functional and beautiful.

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Like Tao, we lived in our home for a few years before tackling a major renovation project and finished our kitchen renovation before everything closed. So with a big new build project, I’ve been focusing on the smaller areas of our home for this long time at home.

Our most recent renovation was turning our sunroom/kids playroom into a home office. The room gets great natural light; has shuttered French doors; it actually features a play kitchen, mini trampoline, craft table, and baskets of toys. It was almost always a mess, but it was a special place, where my girls “played” for the first time, the youngest on the playmat, the oldest petting the head of her new baby nest.

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No longer did I need a mini trampoline on my main floor to release my pre-school energy, one of my favorite places in our house was turned into the dog’s room with a rarely used bed and rarely played piano.

But when my kids outgrew their bigger toys (ie the play kitchen), we moved some of their stuff into the basement, their bedrooms, or the charity pile. No longer did I need a mini trampoline on my main floor to release my pre-school energy, one of my favorite spaces in our house became a new dog room with a rarely used bed and a rarely played piano. So, this last Saturday in January, my husband and I decided to turn the room into a home office.

The resulting bed went up on Facebook Marketplace with a price to sell (and it did that day). We bought a table at Costco and set it up with surprisingly little fuss. I found a rug at World Market and moved the West Elm light fixture from another room to replace the one I hated after we moved. I am writing this paragraph from my new office chair.

I’m not the type to believe in love at first sight, but when I first laid eyes on this funky, old house, I knew what the fuss was all about. I wandered through the quiet, silky beauty of its rooms: round rooms, beamed ceilings, leaded glass and heavy oak pocket doors. Everywhere you look, it’s a bit of fun, like my husband and I are used to, and vice versa. Ever since we bought this late 1800s house five years ago, we’ve lived in a constant state of repair, taking jacquard to the 90’s floor tile, cornices for the inevitable plaster, and hand painted trim layers. But of all the things we’ve done so far, the biggest impact has been what we’ve done in our bedroom this year.

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Keeping A Home Improvement Projects To Do List

Once an overgrown and ugly place, our room was full of plaster and broken windows. Adding to its charm, over the years someone has walked across the floor on the roof, leaving an undeniable footprint. No one can blame you for closing the door and staying away.

But the day my husband matched his breath and disappeared behind the plastic covers was the start of something good. He painted the walls, built custom closets, divided the room into two (the art studio is now hidden behind French doors) and hung the wallpaper of my dreams. When you love an old house, even if it’s far from “finished,” that word isn’t really part of your vocabulary.

When my husband and I moved into our three-bedroom condo in downtown Chicago in the summer of 2019, we immediately began a series of renovation projects, including refinishing our floors, painting, and updating our kitchen, and decided to tackle most of them. small, “would be nice” projects. Fast forward a few months, enter a global pandemic, and spend more time at home, and we’re finally ready to take on a few “projects” that seem manageable and now more valuable than ever.

The first was expanding our tiny third bedroom, turning it into a simple but fun work from home. We already had a desk, chair, lamp, filing cabinet, and printer, but now this tiny, window-less office needed some love. After the stores opened, we made a safe trip to our local HomeGoods and picked up a soft rug, a large piece of art on the desk, and some office supplies to finish off the room. Under $150

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