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How To Roast Raw Peanuts

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How To Roast Raw Peanuts

There’s no need to wait for carnival or hunt down a street vendor to come to town—you can easily make roasted peanuts at home. It’s incredibly easy to make and it’s hard to beat the flavor right out of the oven.

There really are no tricks to roasting nuts. The biggest concern is timing, as you’ll need to roast the in-shell peanuts a little longer than the already-shelled peanuts. Either way, it takes about 30 minutes and you’ll be crazy in no time.

All you need is peanuts and a shallow baking dish. Raw, dry peanuts are best for roasting. If you only have green peanuts—ones that aren’t dried—you’ll want to boil them instead.

Your dried peanuts may be shelled or unshelled. When using peanuts in the shell, sort them before you start. You only want to roast those that have clean, unbroken and unblemished shells. Also, they shouldn’t shake when you shake them.

Basic Oven Roasted Peanuts Recipe

As a convenient snack, these peanuts are perfect to take with you on road trips, hiking adventures, or at the beach. Once you learn how to roast peanuts, you can see other possibilities: it’s a great prep step before making amazing homemade peanut butter. All you need is a food processor and something to sweeten the mixture. Make the most of your buttery dessert by simply serving it up with the freshest peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with homemade jam, of course).

“This recipe destroys the flavor of store-bought roasted peanuts. It’s worth roasting at home! Online stores may be your only source of dried, raw peanuts in the shell; supermarkets may have shells available. It’s easy and time to make. Perfect. The only mess was dealing with the shells, but it’s minimal.” .” – Colin Graham

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Inside the shell, the peanut flesh is covered by a thin, papery skin. If you want to remove it, it will save you a lot of time and hassle if you wait until the peanuts are roasted because the skins dry out and fall apart. Once the peanuts have cooled, they should pop right out of the skin when squeezed between your fingers. Remove the skin from the whole batch at once and shake the roasted peanuts vigorously in a covered bowl. The agitation removes the skin and you just have to pick out the peanuts.

Many people prefer the taste of roasted peanuts in the shell. It softens the shell and makes them a little harder to open. If you plan to use peanuts in a recipe or snack, consider shelling the peanuts before roasting. The best of both worlds, part fried in the shell with an extended cooking time.

How To Make Roasted Peanuts From Raw Peanuts

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By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and assist our marketing efforts. Roasting peanuts or any nut is easy. Place your nuts on a baking sheet in an oven set to 325°F to 375°F and wait until you smell toast: the nuts should be slightly golden and nicely crunchy after cooling.

Some roasted peanut recipes call for using fresh, raw peanuts still in the shell, but here we choose to use a few shelled peanuts. One, raw, shelled peanuts are more readily available wherever you are and are not dependent on seasonality. Using shelled peanuts also means faster roasting: because the shell is no longer there to prevent steam from escaping, it results in crispier peanuts in a shorter amount of time. (This recipe only takes about 30 minutes, while roasted peanuts can take an hour and a half or more!)

Seasonings are of course optional, but strongly recommended, especially if you plan to eat the peanuts as a snack. I love salt and vinegar fries and salt and pepper sweet potato fries, and I’ve mixed the flavors here with our roasted peanuts: a little vinegar to coat, then season with salt and black pepper.

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Oven Roasted Peanut Butter

For salt and vinegar lovers, note that the vinegar flavor is not as pronounced here as it is on your chips, and for those who hate salt and vinegar, you can easily replace the vinegar with water. A little moisture from the vinegar helps the salt and black pepper stick better to the peanuts.

After you make a batch, let us know in the comments below how you liked and ate them!

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Jun Xi is a former senior food producer where he hosted recipe videos and the hugely popular YouTube show, Budget Eats. She previously worked at numerous restaurants throughout New York City before first joining our Test Kitchen Assistant and Chief Baking Expert with bread dough, peanut butter, whipped cream and gluten-free cookies. He also likes to watch alpacas. If there is one ingredient that screams West African cuisine, it would be peanuts. Our well-known West African groundnut stew, commonly called groundnut soup. They can be present in almost every meal and eaten in all forms. Fresh, fried, boiled.

Best Homemade Roasted Peeled Peanuts Recipe

One of my favorite ways to enjoy peanuts is by roasting them. I remember growing up eating these amazingly delicious and crunchy roasted peanuts. Vendors will have roasted peanuts and corn in these small carts that they drive through the busy streets and markets. Maize and groundnuts. Those who grew up in Cameroon will understand how precious this food was. They don’t clean the nuts until the customer orders. They put on quite a show, let me tell you. Once you order, they scoop the roasted peanuts into a bowl. The next thing you see is a boy throwing peanuts in the air and catching a bowl like a circus act. Oh, and not a single peanut profit is wasted. Yes, I said boy, because every time I’ve bought this, the seller has been male. During the last two or three air throws, you can see the husk fly and the clear catch of the cleaned peanuts. I swear it’s magical, you have to see it.

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I like to make this at home because I can control the saltiness and crunchiness. It is a wonderful dish that is very easy to prepare. First, you need to use the right peanuts. After trying several other varieties, the Spanish style peanut is my favorite. You can buy raw peanuts online or from your local grocery store. If you don’t make this at home once, you’ll seriously reconsider ever buying salted peanuts from the store. No more “lightly salted” for one person and “too much salt” for another. Eliminate this confusion and decide to add salt or add other flavors of your choice.

As mentioned earlier, we are talking about raw Spanish peanuts. Soak in a little salt water overnight. It’s like cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. Peanuts soak in salted water. Taste raw peanuts, they are delicious even before they are roasted. This gives you an idea of ​​how salty they will be. If they taste too salty, soak them again for a few hours in plain water. This should help somewhat if you don’t really take it with a grain of salt.

Oven temperature and time will determine how crispy they will become. I’m at home with my baby all day, so I’m not in a rush. This batch took about an hour and a half. Starting at 250, then increasing to 300 degrees. You can definitely go for shorter times and higher oven temperatures. You can ge with overnight soak, low start slowly cook peanuts, drying out the water. Shake the cookie sheet a few times to brown evenly. Its quite interesting tasting at different stages of roasting. I’m amazed that so many of my tastings are left.

Boiled Peanuts Recipe

At one point you get the taste of boiled peanuts. You want to keep roasting until they are dry enough (noisy shaking…..use oven mitts, no burns!) Some of the nuts will split and some will start to lose their skins. Remove from oven and set aside

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