Do Dyson Fans Go On Sale – You’ll spend a pretty penny on the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier, however, you’ll appreciate the clean air and cool breeze from its 10 speed settings. Plus, the MyDyson app makes it easy to monitor your air quality so you can see in real time what the composition of the air around you is.

As someone who lives in a small apartment, I’m always looking for ways to improve the air quality. Usually, I just turn on a fan and hope for the best, however, I recently decided I wanted to get an air purifier because I get sick so often. Not that an air purifier is going to be the end all, but I have found that it can help get some of the germs and dirt out of the air that may be causing my frequent colds.

Do Dyson Fans Go On Sale

The Dyson Purifier Cool air purifier (opens in a new tab) is advertised to “purify the entire room and cool you down.” It looked great to me, especially as someone who runs hot.

Dyson Am11 Pure Cool Purifier Tower Fan

The brand’s latest TP07 model is an upgrade from previous models with its advanced filter system and smart sensing capabilities. In addition, there are many other advanced features of this model that we will get into.

Like the TP04, this Dyson Pure Cool has a hollow elongated shape, where the base draws in air, then expels the purified air from the top “sink” with ductless Multiplier Air technology. Using its HEPA filter, the cleaner senses, captures and captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Whether you’re looking to help remove allergens, gas, dust, or debris, this air purifier does it quickly and effectively.

I have tried my fair share of air purifiers in the past and I never know if I am actually using them correctly. Normally, I would just press the power button and hope for the best. However, the Dyson Pure Cool is very intuitive both in terms of assembly and navigation.

If there’s one thing I hate it’s instruction – I don’t have the patience to sit there and read through a long instructional book. For the sake of this review, I just made sure I had everything working properly, but I could have figured it out without it because the parts were self-explanatory like completing a puzzle.

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This 3 In 1 Air Purifier Is A Fully Integrated Filtration System

After placing the filters and clicking them into place, nothing more was needed than opening the device. The remote has the following buttons: power, information menu, air flow speed, auto mode, air direction, oscillation, air direction, and night mode. And so you don’t lose it, the remote stays magnetically on the machine for easy storage.

The application is also very self-contained. On the home page, there are icons showing AQI (air quality index), indoor temperature, RH (relative humidity), particulate matter (PM2.5), particulate matter (PM10), volatile organic compounds (potentially harmful odors). , are there. combustion of fuel, perfumes, cleaning products, etc.) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide and oxidizing gases.)

According to the brand, the Dyson Purifier Cool projects more than 77 gallons of air per second. I’m no scientist, but I couldn’t say for sure if that was the case or not. As an average person, I can’t really say what 77 gallons of air feels like, but I can say that it was a strong and steady flow of air through the machine.

I liked how there is the option to adjust the fan speed both via the app and remotely. This made it easier when I was in bed and wanted to change settings on my phone without having to get up and do it manually.

Dyson Air Purifier Deals

At top speed, there is a bit of noise, but nothing crazy. I would compare it to white noise or your traditional high speed fan which provides a constant rhythmic sound during use. However, on the lowest settings, I couldn’t hear it at all. Dyson says it’s 20 percent quieter than the previous model, so that’s a plus.

Using the remote, you can also set the air purifier to rotate up to 350 degrees (45, 90, 180, 350), so it distributes the purified air all over the place – if you really want to take advantage of the machine is ideal.

One thing you don’t want is for an air purifier to be big, bulky and take up a lot of space in your home. This was very important for me in my small apartment, which is why I chose the Dyson Pure Cool in the first place.

This one is very thin and narrow and can be stored in a corner or against a wall to keep it out of the way. I put mine in my bed right next to my bed so I can get cool air blowing on me – I live in Florida so this has been a beneficial way to clean my air when the heat hits.

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Best Cooling Fans Of 2023, Tested By Editors

It is available in two colors – white/silver and nickel/black. I have the white/silver one and I absolutely love it. It looks very high-tech and stylish, which makes sense because of the price tag of $570.

At the time of writing, I have been using the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier for about two weeks. The device itself really works and the app works well together.

I didn’t know how to really see if it worked, but I decided to do a few different tests. First, I gave myself a manicure at home near the cleaner. She picked up those coins as the number on the app increased significantly. It was still in the “good” category, but at the high end. The same result happened when I accidentally set my cheese curds on fire and a little smoke drifted around my kitchen.

Fortunately, my setting never reached a level where it was “very poor” or “poor” on the rating scale, however, it was reassuring to know that it was that high.

Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Hp07 Review

I couldn’t use its voice control capabilities because I don’t have Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Honestly, I’m not a fan of volume control, so it didn’t really affect my experience.

Regarding performance, I was very pleased with how well this air purifier worked from start to finish with easy setup and control. Plus, as someone who runs hot, the cooling effects were amazing. It was a 2-for-1 deal which I loved. There was even the option to keep the cold air away from you if you had enough.

I liked the night mode because I’m sensitive to light and sound when I sleep, and it helped a lot when the scene dimmed the brightness and the sound to a super quiet level.

For $570, it’s hard to say whether the Dyson Pure Cool TP07 (opens in a new tab) is worth it. However, I think it comes down to what you value. For example, if you value a living space with clean air that is also kept cool, then it is worth it. Also, if you value ease of use and sleek design, you’re at an advantage there, too.

Dyson’s Pure Cool Tp01 Purifying Fan Keeps Air Fresh

However, if all you want is a simple air purifier, then you can probably find something similar without all the technological features that add to the price. And although the filters last about a year depending on the brand, they will eventually have to be replaced at $80 which isn’t cheap. So, if you have the cash, the Dyson performs surprisingly well.

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We tested this product because an air purifier and fan combination is especially useful during the spring and summer allergy season. Dyson Pure Cool air purifier (opens in a new tab) was used daily for two weeks.

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